Pellissippi State Faculty Council

3:15 p.m. September 22, 2004

Distance Learning Classrooms


   I.       Call to order                              Business Officer Ely Driver


  II.       Approval of minutes                  Ely Driver


 III.      Officer Reports            

                        Secretary                      Jonathan Fowler

                        Faculty Council Nominating Committee for 2004-2005 are as follows:

                                    Jonathan Fowler (Chair)

                                    Ashley Boone

                                    Bill Brewer


                        President                      Kathy Byrd


·         Promotion-tenure documents

o        New TBR P/T Policy to go into effect in 2005.  Major changes include more documentation for candidate packets, a restriction that a candidate may apply for tenure one time only, and, in certain fields of study, promotion to Full Professor with a non-terminal degree

o        Issue of promotion for administrative personnel was discussed and the following motion passed.

o        MOTION:  That the College follow the state policy for Promotion and Tenure this year, including for those who have been serving in administrative positions.

§         Motion passed

o        MOTION:  That we include Student Perception of Faculty under “Category A: Teaching” and that it not get a separate category in our evaluations.

§         Motion passed

·         Learning Council

o        After final expunge, it was learned that enrollment  was down by ca. 1%, and that PSTCC has ca. 700 students on Lottery Scholarships.


  IV.     Committee Reports


            Standing Committees


·         Steering Committee                   Kathy Byrd


1.      Introduced Jonathan Morrell as adjunct faculty representative to Steering Committee


2.       New schedule concerns (no discussion)


·         Adjunct Faculty                         Kelly Waldrop

1.       The pursuit of fee waivers for adjunct faculty to take classes at PSTCC is still being pursued but not at the TBR level.  The possibility of Group insurance for adjuncts is also under investigation

·         Promotion-Tenure                     Don Thomas/Janice Rowland     No report

·         Student Scholarships                  Math Department                     

1.       Announced dates for FC Booksale:  March 2-3 on Parkway Campus; February 21-23 at Blount County Center; and February 22-23 at Division and Magnolia Campuses.

·         Rules Committee                       Don Thomas                             No report

·         Evaluation Committee                Wanda Scarbro                         No report


Ad Hoc Committees


·         Faculty Forums                         Paul Baxter/Elaine Oswald        No report

·         Summer Semester Issues           Don Thomas                            

o        Looking for volunteers, and welcomes suggestions by email


   V.     Unfinished Business


VI.              New Business

·         MOTION:  That Faculty Council form a committee to investigate RODP and other distance learning courses.

The motion passed

Paul Ramp to Chair the RODP committee.


 VII.     Announcements            None


VIII.     The meeting adjourned at 4:20pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Jonathan Fowler