Faculty Council 

October 2, 2002

I.The meeting was called to order by Business Officer Leon Jones at 3 p.m.

II.Approval of MinutesLeon Jones

III.Officer Reports

Communications OfficerRick Bower

Rick has posted CDC's final response about the new TBR general ed. requirements on F.C. Website.

TBR RepresentativeDave Vinson

Dave announced that there will be a TRB Sub Council meeting in 3 weeks.

SecretaryCata Folks

The minutes of previous meetings have been posted at the F.C. Website.

President ElectKathy Bird

No report.

PresidentLisa Bogaty


Motion 1

Faculty Council recommends that the 7.5% increase approved by the Board be used to increase salaries using the Mercer study as a proportional basis for individual increases.It is further recommended that the original increase (2%) be across the board.

Discussion concerned the fact that Dr. Edwards' memo had made this a moot issue, due to misconceptions created by the information in the News-Sentinel article about the availability of additional funding for salary increases. President Edwards made clear that there is no funding at Pellissippifor anything beyond the 2% state figure.

Motion 1 failed.

Motion 2 

Faculty Council recommends that the College continue to strive to implement the Mercer Study recommendations.

Lisa Bogaty termed the Mercer Study recommended increases an "accrued liability,"so that we should still press for funding whenever money becomes available. She indicated that Dr. Edwards agreed with this goal.

Pat Zingg proposed the following Amendment to Motion 2:

The Mercer Study is outdated and needs to be updated before implementation.

Amendment failed.

Motion 2 carried (without amendment).

Division Street Savings (attachment 1)

See chart for data on the savings resulting from the summer closure of Division Street campus.

Common Curriculum 

 Motion 3: Recommended: 

· That Faculty Council endorse the response written by CDC. We further urge the administrative bodies to make minimal changes to this document. In the event that substantial changes are made to the CDC document, Faculty Council wishes to endorse the College’s response BEFORE it is sent to Nashville. 

· That PSTCC administration prepare, publish and implement a plan to address the future status of faculty members whose curriculum areas may be sharply reduced or eliminated as the result of TBR General Education Core changes and that such policy be in place no later than three months prior to the implementation of new TBR guidelines.


Point 1 of the above motion: Toni McDaniel explained that concern over the very short time line between completion and approval of the CDC proposal on curriculum revisions prompted the sternness in the language of the above motion,rather than any real doubt about the adoption of the full proposal by Learning Council. Because of the painstaking nature of the work done by CDC, there was concern about the time allowed for it to be properly reviewed and considered.

Point 2 : Toni expressed the need for active faculty involvement; this need stems from the fear that faculty will be cut, with even Dr. Edwards unable to determine at this point to what extent those fears are to be realized.

Point 3: If faculty whose curriculum are severely impacted have to retrain to teach other courses or face possible unemployment, they need at least three months notice to prepare for such a major change. 

Despite the fact that the final implementation of the curriculum changes was under TBR jurisdiction, as pointed out by Pat Zingg,the need for Pellissippi faculty to continue to be heavily involved in such decisions was expressed, since the brunt of the impact will be on teaching and faculty, rather than administration. Anne Kinggard raised concern for students unable to complete requirements for their majors because of the increased potential of class cancellations due to low enrollment. The College policy's for handling decisions involving faculty affected should also be looked into as necessary.

Motion 3 carried.

TWAV/WEB Overload Compensation

Motion 4

Faculty council recommends that the date for determining enrollment in TWAV and Web classes be moved from the last day of official registration to the last day of drop and add.

Motion 4 carried.

IV.Standing Committee Reports

Adjunct FacultySellers, Feezell

The Adjunct and Full-Time Faculty lists have been updated and sent to all adjuncts.

Promo/TenureJean Jackson/Toni McDaniel

P/T Calendar was sent to all candidates this week.

High Performance TeachingElaine Oswald

Donn King will be speaking on October 22 at 3 p.m. in the Goins Auditorium on using oral presentations in all classes:how to assign, assess and create feedback.

Faculty ForumPaul Baxter

On October 23, Faculty Forum is presenting a seminar and panel: Business and Institutional Ethics.

In November, there will be a multimedia presentation: Semester at Sea program.

Other topics to be taken up include the future of higher education in Tennessee, information on retirement, faculty and student speeches and performances, creating better adjunct and community involvement at Pellissippi, and ways to promote the use of PAC for musical performances and speakers, within the current budgetary restrictions.

Booksale/ScholarshipKinggard, Maddox

Main Campus:March 12-13 in Student Lounge.

A storage facility is needed for the donated books until that time--let Anita Maddox or Anne Kinggard know if you find space for this purpose.

Faculty After HoursAnita Maddox

Friday, October 5 at Cozymel's.

Rules CommitteeChuck Wright

No report.

V.Unfinished Business

TBR Common CurriculumMcDaniel, Gingrow

See above.

VI.New Business

Programs under TBR ReviewCox, Wright, Ghezawi

All were recommended for retention, subject to TBR review.

Faculty Council ElectionsFolks

Seeking nominations for Secretary, TBR Rep and Communications Officer for Spring 2002 election.

Octoberfest Woodcut saleBogaty/Bryant

If you wish to purchase one of Gay Bryant's tulip tree woodcuts for the benefit of Faculty Council Scholarships,you will need to fill out a form and take it to the Cashier's Office. Orders will be filled as received.



Meets Thursday, November 7 at 3:30; Resource Valley Raconteurs.

Counts as professional development activity.

Case WorkshopBogaty

Using case studies in your classes.

VIII.The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Cata Folks

Recording Secretary