Faculty Council

3:15 p.m., October 13, 2004

Distance Learning Classrooms, all campuses


   I.       Call to Order                            Ely Driver


  II.       Approval of Minutes                 Ely Driver

·        Minutes of the Sept. 22 Faculty Council meeting were approved pending the following revisions:

ü      Item 1 regarding the new promotion/tenure policy to now read

 “. . . promotion to Full Professor with a TBR recognized terminal degree other than a doctorate.”

ü      First motion to read: “That the College follow current PSTCC policy for Promotion and Tenure this year, including for those who have been serving in administrative positions.”


 III.      Officer Reports


            Communications Officer            Cindy Alexander                       no report

            Secretary                                  Jonathan Fowler                       no report

            President Elect              Mary Monroe-Ellis                   no report

            President                                  Kathy Byrd


·        MOTION:  Faculty Council moves that in our evaluation documents, that “Category B: Service / Outreach” have only one rating and not two.                       Motion passed.


  IV.     Committee Reports


            Standing Committees


·        Steering                        Kathy Byrd                                          no report

·        Adjunct Faculty            Kelly Waldrop/Jonathan Morrell           no report

·        Student Scholarships     Jonathan Lamb/Tony Crossland            no report

·        Promotion/Tenure         Janice Rowland/Don Thomas                no report

·        Evaluation                     Wanda Scarbro                                   

o       The committee is somewhat in a holding pattern pending outcome of current motion


            Ad Hoc Committees    


·        Faculty Forums             Elaine Oswald/Paul Baxter        no report

·        Summer Issues             Don Thomas                             no report

·        RODP/Online Courses Paul Ramp                                no report


   V.     Unfinished Business                              none


VI.              New Business

ü      MOTION:  That Faculty Council accept the proposed new Promotion / Tenure policy.           Motion passed.



 VII.     Announcements                                    none


VIII.     Adjournment                3:45pm