October 15, 2003


    I.          The meeting was called to order at 3 p.m. by Business Officer Ely Driver.


  II.                Approval of minutes                           The minutes of Sept. 10 were approved.


 III.          Officer reports  


                Communications Officer                     Cindy Alexander                              No report


                Secretary                                              Carol Luther                    No report


                TBR Representative                     Dave Vinson

                                Kathy Byrd will be attending the next TBR Sub-council meeting.


                President                                               Kathy Byrd



 At the TBR meeting there were two issues of interest to Pellissippi State.

The Defining Our Future document that was completed last year by all of the institutions in the system will be followed up with another study, to be entitled A Vision of Excellence, which will focus on the future of education in the state of Tennessee.  A second item of concern to Pellissippi State is that at the December board meeting, the proposal that  Pellissippi State have a nursing program will be voted on.  This proposal affects Pellissippi State’s service agreement with Roane State.


·         From Learning Council

Learning Council approved the change from “excellent” to “exceptional” in the evaluation document.  It will not be put into effect for the 2003 cycle.


K. Byrd brought the motion to reconsider the 2004 summer schedule to Dr. Bruns, but the schedule has been decided and will not be revisited.


Faculty are reminded that the tables and large chairs for students with disabilities should not be removed from the classroom.




IV. Committee Reports


                                Steering Committee


                                Safety committee

                                Students making no progress


                                Motions from Steering Committee were presented.


                                Motion 1: That Kelly Waldrop be elected as the second faculty representative for adjuncts.

                                The motion carried.


Motion 2: That Article 8, section 4, subparts E3a be struck and the following substituted: “Adjunct faculty receive two seats on the Faculty Council Steering Committee. Adjunct faculty are defined as part-time teachers who are employed semester by semester. In order to represent the adjunct faculty and exercise a vote in Faculty Council business or on the Steering Committee, the adjunct must be teaching in the current major semester (fall or spring). One adjunct representative is elected each year and serves two years or until a successor is elected. Vacancies will be filled by election at the next Steering Committee meeting.”


                                The motion carried.


Promotion/Tenure                Janice Rowland/Don Thomas       The calendar  has been sent to Dr. Bruns.


                Faculty Forums                   Elaine Oswald/Paul Baxter           No report


                Student Scholarship                Karen Cornell                               A Magnolia St. representative is needed.


                Adjunct Faculty                   John Fairstein                             No report


                Faculty Evaluation                TBA                                                      

                                K. Byrd has asked department heads to help identify persons willing to serve on this committee.


Rules Committee                             Donn King                                       No report


   V.                Unfinished Business         

Second reading of amendment to Faculty Council Constitution: “That the phrase ‘or until a successor is elected’ be added to every term of office.”


The motion passed.

  VI.         New Business                                None

 VII.                Announcements                 None

VIII.                Adjournment                       The meeting adjourned at 3:25 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Carol Luther

Recording Secretary