Faculty Council 

November 6, 2002

I. The meeting was called to order by Business Officer Leon Jones at 3 p.m.

II.Approval of MinutesLeon Jones

III.Officer Reports

Communications OfficerRick BowerNo report

TBR RepresentativeDave VinsonNo report

SecretaryCata FolksNo report

President ElectKathy ByrdNo report

PresidentLisa Bogaty


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Adjunct pay

Motion 1:

If there is any new money for salaries, the percentage raise should be the same for adjuncts as for full-time faculty.

Discussion: Would this be added to adjunct base pay?Lisa’s response:Yes.

Kathy Byrd raised concerns that asking for this kind of raise might undermine efforts currently underway to give adjuncts a larger raise in base salary, because Dr. Bruns has already stated that he thinks a raise for adjuncts should be given priority over a raise for full-time faculty.

Rasey Feezell responded that he would still like to put forth the motion, making clear that it does not preclude adjuncts getting other types of raises.

Motion 1 tabled.

Discussion included the point that even if adjuncts got a larger raise this year, they might not get another raise for another 10 years, as was previously the case.

Kathy Byrd raised the same objection.

A new motion was proposed:

Motion 2:

If there is any new money for salaries, the percentage raise should be at least the same for adjuncts as for full-time faculty.

Motion 2 carried.

Mercer Study

Follow-up to this motion continues in discussions with administration:

Faculty Council recommends that the College continue to strive to implement the Mercer Study recommendations.

Division Street Summer Closure

Faculty Council official position is that we do not want Division Street closed next summer or at any time in the future.See the list of concerns raised by faculty, staff, and students.Among these are several of particular importance: 1) If Division Street closes in summer, will there be sufficient classroom space available at the main campus during prime hours?2) What can be done to accommodate lab classes when those labs are closed, particularly the photography lab? What will happen to the hazardous materials in those labs?3) Where will faculty locked out of their offices all summer be able to obtain computers and storage facilities on the main campus or Magnolia Ave.? 4) How will Division St. closure impact minority recruiting and retention and overall headcount?

Course load determination

Follow-up:This F.C. motion is in process of being implemented for S03:

Faculty council recommends that the date for determining enrollment in TWAV and Web classes be moved from the last day of official registration to the last day of drop and add.

Overload compensation

Learning Council has proposed allowing load hour carryover from semester to semester until credit equivalent to a regular class (3 hours, at least) could be accumulated and used for a load reduction.

Motion 3:

Faculty Council supports the idea of carrying overloads until a full load of 3 hours is reached, when a class may be deleted.

Motion carried.

IV.Standing Committee Reports

Adjunct FacultySellers, Feezell

R. Feezell expressed appreciation of F.C. for passing the motion on adjunct raises.

Promo/TenureJean Jackson/Toni McDaniel

Complaints about the overly social and unbusiness-like manner in which some peer reviews have been conducted have led to the following request by the P/T Committee:All faculty need to cooperate in maintaining a professional atmosphere until the questioning and discussion of candidates are over and the votes taken. Anonymous questions should be limited to matters related to the candidate’s job description, not irrelevant matters. If there are still problems with this process in the coming Peer Review, the P/T Committee may have to move beyond seeking voluntary cooperation from faculty in resolving this important issue.

High Performance Teaching*Elaine OswaldNo report

Faculty ForumPaul BaxterNo report

Booksale/ScholarshipKinggard, Maddox

Anita Maddox has received donations of book bags from Barnes & Noble, as well as other items.

Volunteers will soon be needed to help out at all 4 campuses.

Faculty After Hours**Anita Maddox

On December 6, volunteers are needed to help with the party at Lisa Bogaty’s house.

A list of new activities is available from Anita.

Rules CommitteeChuck WrightNo report

V.Unfinished Business

Mold survey:D.G. Walton and Chad Becker have announced that rooms can be checked on an individual basis, if there is a true need, to determine whether there is actually a problem with mold. If anyone feels qualified to do a presentation on this issue, Lisa would welcome assistance.

VI.New Business

Faculty Council Scholarship recipients

Sale of Woodcuts (to date, 13 have sold)


Faculty Forum: Semester at Sea Slideshow, November 21, 3 p.m., Goins Auditorium

Faculty Council Scholarship winners will be honored on November 17.

VIII.Meeting was adjourned at 3:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Cata Folks

Recording Secretary