Pellissippi State Faculty Council

December 3, 2003

Distance Learning Classroom


   I.           Call to Order                                        The meeting was called to order by Immediate Past President

 Lisa Bogaty at 3:05.


  II.          Approval of Minutes                            The minutes of Oct. 15 were approved as written.


 III.          Officer Reports


                Communications Officer                     Cindy Alexander                  No report

                Secretary                                               Carol Luther                         

                                Amendments to the FC Constitution that were approved are being added to the

                                constitution and a revised version of the constitution will be posted on the web.

                TBR Representative                            Dave Vinson

                                Report of TBR Sub-council will be written soon.

                President                                               Lisa Bogaty, Immediate Past President


·         The new adjunct representative, Kelly Waldrop, was introduced

·         President Edwards does not intend possible 5% budget cut to result in letting any employees go.

·         Changes in selection of Outstanding Full-Time and Adjunct Faculty will be made.  Candidates with the highest number of votes will be the winners.

·         Faculty Council Evaluation Committee has been formed and has the following members: Wanda Scarbro, chair; Judy Ahrens, George Cox, Kathryn Nowell, Paul Ramp, and Anne Schwartzlander.

·         Learning Council news

1.        Performance Funding: PSTCC’s score was higher than last year.

2.        Sub-Committee on lack of academic progress has been formed. Kathy Byrd is the faculty member. Other members are Berta Ward and Leigh Ann Touzeau.


   IV.        Committee Reports


                Steering                                 Lisa Bogaty


                                The following motions that were passed by Steering were presented:

·         That Faculty Council consider the documents supporting SPH 2400.

       The motion was postponed.

·         That the idea of exploring a Faculty Senate at PSTCC be sent to the Rules Committee.

       The motion was sent to the Rules Committee.

·         That a statement concerning the privacy of instructors’ addresses be written to be considered by Faculty Council.

        The motion was postponed.

·         Because the final exam period is not mandated by TBR or SACS, the faculty reserve the right to use their professional judgment to determine the manner in which the final exam period should be used.

        The motion was postponed.


                Adjunct Faculty                                                   John Fairstein, Kelly Waldrop

                                Information about adjuncts’ concerns continues to be collected.

                Promotion/Tenure                                                Don Thomas, Janice Rowland           No report

                Faculty Forums/High Performance Teaching                  Paul Baxter, Elaine Oswald

                                No report

                Student Scholarship                                                            Karen Cornell

                                Books, etc., are needed.

                Rules Committee                                                                  Donn King                            No report

                Evaluation Committee                                                         Wanda Scarbro                    No report


   V.         Unfinished Business                          None


  VI.         New Business                                     

                                Clarification of fire drill/emergency drill procedures is needed.  When can classes

re-enter buildings?


 VII.        Announcements                                   None


VIII.        The meeting adjourned at 3:20 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Carol Luther

Recording Secretary