Faculty Council 

December 4, 2002

I.The meeting was called to order by Business Officer Leon Jones at 3 p.m.

II.Approval of MinutesLeon Jones

III.Officer Reports

Communications OfficerRick BowerNo report

TBR RepresentativeDave Vinson

Dave will post new Faculty Sub-Council report on F.C. Website next week.

SecretaryCata FolksNo report

President ElectKathy ByrdNo report

PresidentLisa BogatySee below.

Division Street Summer Closure

The decision to close Division St. next summer has been made. The building will be open for limited hours on two days per week, with no air conditioning, to allow faculty to access their offices. 

Heartwarming Housewarming

Bring donations of new or good-quality household items to Goins Student Lounge by December 9.


Twenty woodcuts sold to date.Gay is offering a new edition with new colors in the spring.

Business Officer Candidates

Ely Driver is our new Business Officer in training.

Learning Council Report

·Foundation Scholarships:Encourage students to apply, as some Foundation Scholarships have not been utilized.

·Flag bypass for registration starts after classes end.

·All faculty will now serve 7 hours total in official registration & drop/add advising.

·All engineering tech programs under TBR review have been re-approved.

·New model for Institutional Planning is posted on Institutional Effectiveness Website. 

General Education Requirements Update

·Curriculum Committee will continue to play a major role.

·Requirement of grade of C or higher for transfer credit to be dropped.

·Forty-one hour core approved.

·Computer literacy requirement dropped.

·"Portfolio" effect--all classes that do not meet new requirements will need to be quickly revised through departments and Curriculum Committee.

·UT Articulation Agreements are being revised by Berta Ward and Cheryl Leach to fit new criteria.

·Please review curriculum to find more courses that may be taken by students who are still in DSP courses, so there will not be a problem finding 12 hours of credit for these students to take.

Testing Centers

·Testing Center is overwhelmed with the number of students using their services, especially during the last two weeks of the semester. 

·Could staffing be supplemented by allowing faculty who need to make up credit hours work as back up to the Testing Center staff? 

·Could math re-testing be cut back in the future?

IV.Standing Committee Reports

Adjunct FacultySellers, Feezell

Rasey Feezell has found from responses sent from other East Tennessee TBR schools that PSTCC is dead last in adjunct pay in this area of the state. He will continue to tabulate responses and seek ways to remedy this situation.

Promo/TenureJean Jackson/Toni McDanielNo report

High Performance Teaching*Elaine Oswald

Next workshop on January 15, 1-3 p.m.Please support this excellent program!

Faculty ForumPaul BaxterNo report

Booksale/ScholarshipAnne Kinggard, Anita Maddox

Setting up collection sites with sorting boxes at McWherter Faculty Lounge.

Faculty After Hours Anita Maddox

Christmas Party at Lisa's December 6—please come even if you didn’t RSVP.

Rules CommitteeChuck WrightNo report

V. Unfinished Business

VI.New Business

Motion 1:

PSTCC Faculty Council proposes to study the impact of web delivery on the effectiveness and efficiency of student learning and faculty teaching.

Motion 1, after discussion, was resolved by F.C. agreeing to set up an online discussion of issues pertaining to online courses. This action was agreed to without a formal vote on the motion.

Proposal for free courses at Pellissippi for adjunct faculty

Rasey Feezell proposed a motion to request that Pellissippi allow adjunct faculty to take one PSTCC course per semester for free, in order to upgrade their skills, as full-time faculty are already allowed to do. Discussion followed as to whether this decision was under PSTCC or TBR policy, so the wording of the motion was re-phrased as follows:

Motion 2: 

Faculty Council moves that PSTCC look into the possibility of allowing adjunct faculty to take free courses at Pellissippi and to raise the issue with Faculty Sub-Council if the decision must be made at the TBR level. 

Motion carried.

Toni McDaniel asked that F.C. extend thanks to Dr. Leon Jones for his dedicated service.

VIII.Meeting was adjourned at 3:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Cata Folks

Recording Secretary