Faculty Council

December 5, 2001

I.Business Officer Leon Jones called the meeting to order at 3:00 p.m.

II.The minutes of the Oct. 3, 2001 meeting were approved.

III.Officer Reports

TBR Representative Dave Vinson reminded faculty who have items they want Faculty Sub-Council to consider to submit them to him as soon as possible since the Sub-Council prepares its agenda a month in advance of meetings.

President Lisa Bogaty reported that it appears the common calendar for TBR institutions will go into effect in 2004. Issues regarding the timing of Spring Break are still being worked out.

The policies regarding the faculty’s right to unionize are addressed in TBR Counsel Heidi Zimmerman’s report, which can be found on the Faculty Council website.

IV.Standing Committee Reports

Steering Committee

Faculty workload issues: With regard to calling students enrolled in cancelled classes, departments handle the chore in different manners. Steering Committee suggested that the announcement that a class has been cancelled be posted on the web.

Final exam period: The mandatory use of the final exam period has been questioned and the following motion introduced:

Motion 1

Faculty Council debate at a future meeting whether faculty should be required to hold finals during the scheduled exam period.

Motion carried.

High Performance Teaching

A workshop will be held at noon Jan. 16, 2002 in 129 McWherter, featuring 10-minute presentations by faculty members Robert Boyd, Allen Farvin, Elaine Oswald, and Rick Patton, followed by a presentation by Donn King on “Speaking Skills for Instructors.”

Faculty Forum

A seminar conducted by Fulbright scholar Irina Naoumova, a professor at Kazan University in Russia, was scheduled for Dec. 6. Co-sponsoring the forum with Faculty Council were the International Student Task Force and Students in Free Enterprise.

Student Scholarships

Planning for the booksale is well underway. 2002: A Book Odyssey will be held on the main campus March 6 and 7 and earlier at each of the site campuses. Information about donations and drop-off sites can be found on the Faculty Council website.

Faculty After Hours

The next gathering will be Friday, Dec. 7 beginning at 3:30 at the Cedar Bluff Holiday Inn.

The first meeting of 2002 will take place the first Friday of February.

Adjunct Committee

Wanda Sellars reported that the volunteer pansy planting was a success. Faculty members donated funds, flowers, and/or time and effort into the project, which resulted in 43 flats of pansies being planted at the main campus. Expenses totaled $309.46.

The committee is conducting an adjunct survey and will report on its results at a future Faculty Council meeting.

Rules Committee

Committee chair Donn King reported and offered two motions.

Motion 2

Faculty Council adopt as a special rule of order the following: No main motion may be passed in the same meeting in which it is introduced.

Motion failed.

In the discussion of Motion 2, Donnie Thomas made the following motion:

Motion 3

The vote on the motion [Motion 2] be conducted by e-mail.

Motion failed.

Motion 4 [First reading]

That Faculty Council amend its constitution in the following manner: Substitute the following for Article VIII, Section 4, subsection B: “The steering committee is composed of the officers of the Faculty Council, the department representatives, the at-large representatives, the chairs of standing committees, and the adjunct faculty representatives. All members of Steering Committee, whether elected or appointed, shall have the right to vote.”

Motion automatically postponed until next meeting per constitutionally mandated procedure.

V.Unfinished Business

Equalization Update: Vice President Peggy Wilson, who was in attendance at the meeting, stated that she would schedule a meeting with Dr. Edwards to discuss reinstating the Mercer study data to the web.

Student Perception Date: The student perception of faculty will be conducted the 11th week of the semester.

VI.New Business

Workload Study:The idea of Faculty Council conducting a workload study has been suggested. Questions arose concerning its purpose and the level of administrative support it would be given, especially since no release time will be granted to the faculty member in charge. President Bogaty will discuss these issues with Dr. Edwards.

Vice President Peggy Wilson reported to Faculty Council that as a part of the required Geier implementation of settlement report filed by the college, evidence of the ways faculty and staff support Affirmative Action and diversity activities is needed. She made the following motion:

Motion 5

In the faculty evaluation documents, the criteria under the heading college and community service be expanded to include the efforts of faculty in the areas of Affirmative Action and diversity.

Lacking a second, the motion died.

Regarding education funding, Donnie Thomas made the following motion:

Motion 6

Resolved, that the Faculty Council of Pellissippi State formally accept the statement from the University of Tennessee and sign its website indicating that we pledge to vote for candidates for General Assembly in primaries and general elections who promise to support and fully fund public education in Tennessee.

Motion carried.

Regarding administration-faculty communication, Luanne Dagley made the following motion:

Motion 7

Faculty Council Steering Committee take up the issue of faculty having input into policies that impact them directly (such as the recent reassignment of load hours for web and distance-learning courses) prior to any decisions being made.

Motion carried.


Donn King has resigned as parliamentarian. A new parliamentarian will be appointed before the next meeting.

Faculty Council will meet on Tuesdays rather than Wednesdays next semester. The 2002 spring semester meeting dates are as follows: Feb. 5, March 5, and April 2. The meeting time will remain 3:00 p.m.

VIII.The meeting was adjourned at 4:13 p.m.