Faculty Council Steering Committee

Jan. 28, 2004

Faculty Dining Room, Goins


Members Present: Cindy Alexander, Brenda Ammons, Becky Blackwell, Lisa Bogaty, Bill Brewer, Sharon Burlingame, Kathy Byrd, Karen Cornell, Tony Crossland, Lawana Day, Jonathan Fowler, Vida Hashemian, Carol Luther, Toni McDaniel, Rick Patton, Yolanda Sankey, Wanda Scarbro, David Vinson, Kelly Waldrop



I . The meeting was called to order by President K. Byrd at 3 p.m.


II. The minutes of Oct. 22 and Nov. 19 were approved as written.


III. Officer Reports

            Communications Officer            Cindy Alexander           No report

            Secretary                                  Carol Luther                 No report


            TBR Representative                  Dave Vinson

                        D. Vinson highlighted a few items from TBR Subcouncil. A salary increase

            (suggested 3%) would have to paid from the PSTCC budget (not state funded). A 5%

            budget cut is likely.  At the Oct. and Jan. meetings, the summer pay of 1/32 full-time

            instructor’s salary per hour was upheld. Presidents are not to reduce summer pay for FT

            instructors. The need for an RODP Curriculum Committee is being discussed. A written

            report will be sent.


            President                                  Kathy Byrd

                        • Learning Council

                        Accuracy in attendance reporting is important.

◦ Fair Credit Reporting Act Disclosure and Authorization Form --

The college has gone to an outside agency to check employee references.  The agency requires that applicants fill out the Fair Credit Reporting Act Disclosure and Authorization Form that seems to imply that employees will have their credit rating checked.  This is not the cause.  Only employees who have a fiscal responsibility would have a credit check.

◦ HS Tech Students and the Lottery Scholarship

            The legislature is working to ensure that hs technical students will have   access to lottery scholarships.  The proposed solution is that hs students 

who have a 3.0 in the tech core courses would be eligible for the

scholarship. PSTCC is discussing methods of attracting these students to

Career Tech programs.

                        ◦ Enrollment numbers are down.


IV. Committee Reports

                        • Adjunct Faculty                                  John Fairstein/Kelly Waldrop

K. Waldrop reported that J. Fairstein and K. Waldrop met with adjuncts           during the spring adjunct in-service.  Web CT for adjuncts is up and        running.


                        • Promotion/ Tenure                             Don Thomas/Janice Rowland

                                    J. Rowland reported via e-mail that Promotion/Tenure packets will be

                                    available for reading Feb. 16-27.  Voting in departments will take place

 from Mar. 1-5.

                        • Faculty Forums/High Performance Teaching   Paul Baxter/Elaine Oswald

                                    K. Byrd has e-mailed P. Baxter about contacting Paula Short of TBR to

                                    come to PSTCC to meet with faculty.

                        • Student Scholarship (Booksale)          Karen Cornell

                                    Schedule for Booksale:

                                                Blount              Mar. 2-3

Div. St.             Mar. 2-3

Main                Mar. 10-11

                        • Rules Committee                                Donn King                    No report

                        • Evaluation Committee             Wanda Scarbro

                                    Presentations have been made to departments in meetings or via e-mail.

                        • Nominating Committee                       Carol Luther

                                    Names are being sought for next year’s officers.  Some departmental and

                                    site representatives will be rotating off, and new elections need to be held

                                    for their replacements.


IV. Unfinished Business

            Motions that were postponed from the Dec. 3 Faculty Council meeting were discussed. Many expressed concerns about the motion relating to the use of the final exam period.  Some had problems with the wording that referred to SACS and TBR expectations for the final exam period. Some felt that pressing this motion might lead to a negative outcome.  Discussion about wording in the Policies and Procedures statements on the final exam period led to the conclusion that departments at present had the discretion to decide what was appropriate for the final exam period within their subject areas. A consensus developed that the motion was not satisfactory.  It will be voted on by full council at the next meeting.


V. New Business

            Faculty are concerned that students on financial aid must wait a week to get textbooks because they cannot receive their checks until the end of the attendance reporting period.  D. Vinson is researching other schools’ methods of distributing financial aid checks.  Suggested solutions should be sent to D. Vinson.


VI.  Announcements

            Next Steering Committee meeting is at Blount Feb. 25.

            Career Fair is Mar. 3.

            A meeting of those interested in forming a student chapter of the American Marketing

                        Association is being held Feb. 18.

            TBR approved a joint agreement between PSTCC  and Roane State whereby RSCC will

                        offer nursing classes at PSTCC’s Blount and Magnolia sites for a five year period. 

                        At the end of the five-year period, TBR will reconsider the service area

                        restrictions on both schools.


The meeting was adjourned at  4:15  p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Carol Luther

Recording Secretary