Faculty Council Steering Committee

February 25, 2004

Blount County Center, Room 104

3:15 p.m.


Members Present:  Brenda Ammons, Cindy Alexander, Becky Blackwell, Sharon Burlingame, Kathy Byrd, Karen Cornell, Lawana Day, Ely Driver, Rick Patton, Don Thomas, Dave Vinson, Kelly Waldrop


  I.        The meeting was called to order by Business Officer Ely Driver at 3:15 p.m.


 II.        Approval of the minutes was deferred to the next meeting.


III.       The rules of order were suspended to allow guest Berta Ward to present information of “proposed refinements to the college’s registration and advising systems.”  The principal recommendation is to allow students the option of self-advising or continuing to meet with a faculty advisor in the traditional manner.  Students would be asked to make an official designation of their advising status and agree to meet the responsibilities that accompany their choice.  They would retain the right to change their designation at a later date.


 IV.      Officer Reports


            Secretary                                  Carol Luther                             No report

            TBR Representative                  Dave Vinson

A task force is to be formed to examine procedural issues impacting faculty members in the RODP program.

            Communications                       Cindy Alexander                       No report

            President                                  Kathy Byrd

                        Meeting with Dr. Bruns:

Review of the new TBR promotion/tenure policies is almost complete at the state level.  Dr. Bruns and a small committee of faculty members will meet to discuss how the policies will affect the college.

The 2% raise will likely not affect summer pay, because faculty contracts start in August.


  V.      Committee Reports

            Adjunct Faculty                        John Fairstein/Kelly Waldrop

                        Kelly Waldrop shared some items from her meeting with Dr. Bruns:

She discussed with him the adjuncts’ need for access to a lockable storage space in which they could secure personal belongings, such as purses and books, while on campus.

She discussed with him the wishes of many adjuncts that they be allowed to share with full-time faculty the privilege of taking Pellissippi classes for credit without incurring tuition costs.

Kelly made the following motion:

Motion:  that full-time faculty support finding a way to allow adjuncts to take PSTCC classes for credit and for free.

                                    The motion passed.

            Promotion-Tenure                    Don Thomas/Janice Rowland                No report

            Faculty Forums             Elaine Oswald/Paul Baxter                    No report

            Student Scholarships                 Karen Cornell                                      

                        Planning for the booksale is progressing on schedule.

            Rules Committee                      Donn King

Don Thomas reported that the committee is in the process of researching the various faculty governing systems used in other TBR schools.  Information is already being received from many other colleges.  A survey will be prepared and sent out to solicit further information.

            Evaluation Committee   Wanda Scarbro                                    No report

            Nominating Committee Carol Luther                                         No report


 VI.      Unfinished Business


VII.      New Business


            Advising/Registration                Berta Ward

            Discussed earlier through suspension of rules of order.


VIII.     Announcements                        None


IX.       The meeting adjourned at 4:00.


Respectfully submitted,


Lawana Day

Acting for Carol Luther, Recording Secretary