Faculty Council Steering Committee

April 28, 2004

Cafeteria Annex, Main Campus


Members present—Cindy Alexander, Brenda Ammons, Becky Blackwell, Ashley Boone, Sharon Burlingame, Kathy Byrd, Tony Crossland, Lawana Day, Jonathan Fowler, Carol Luther, Liz McCowan, Mary Monroe-Ellis, Rick Patton, Garry Pennycuff, Yolanda Sankey, Ken Swayne,  Dave Vinson, Kelly Waldrop


I.  The meeting was called to order at 3 p.m. by President Kathy Byrd.


II. Approval of the minutes of Mar. 17 was postponed.


III. New Steering Committee members were introduced and welcomed.


IV. Officer Reports


            TBR Representative                              Dave Vinson

                        A report will be sent via e-mail.


            President                                              Kathy Byrd

                        K. Byrd has discussed the summer school rule of having 21 students in class in

            order for a full-time instructor to teach the class with Dr. Bruns. There will be no change

            in the rule.


                        A Faculty Council Benevolent Fund has been set up.  Donating to this fund will

            be one of the choices on the new giving form.


                        In the Feb. 11 Faculty Council meeting, a motion was made that a resolution or

            motion on the privacy of instructors’ addresses be written to present to Faculty Council. 

            This has not yet been done.  Sharon Burlingame made the following motion:

            Motion: That the motion on privacy be tabled.

            The motion carried.


                        Learning Council News

                        Learning Council is discussing a stronger policy banning cell phones in the

            classroom with penalties for non-compliance.  Text messaging and picture cell phones

            make the likelihood of annoyance or cheating yet more likely, and PSTCC is trying to

            avert anticipated problems.


                        A new Retention Committee has been formed.


                        There is a proposal to change the time that self-evaluations are due.  Presently

            they are due at the end of  January.  New deadlines could be November or December.  Or

            there could be earlier deadlines for those going up for promotion/tenure or vice versa.

            TBR also wants more documentation.


V. Committee Reports

            Adjunct Faculty                                                Kelly Waldrop

                        John Fairstein is stepping down as adjunct representative.  His replacement will

            be found in the fall.

                        A way to ascertain the current adjuncts has been found so that a list may be


On the matter of adjuncts taking classes for free at PSTCC, Ron Kesterson’s opinion is that state law would have to be changed in order to allow this. However, professional development money allocated to each department can be used for adjuncts.

Office space for adjuncts is a problem for fall.  Much is still up in the air.  Some spaces

are being lost and it is uncertain where new offices will be.  Cindy Alexander made the

following motion:

Motion: That secured areas be designated and designed for adjunct faculty use at all

campuses and that these areas include adequate computer equipment and other

items necessary for adjuncts to do their jobs.

The motion passed.


Promotion/Tenure                     Don Thomas/Janice Rowland

A meeting has been held to be sure that PSTCC is in compliance with changes in TBR policy.


Student Scholarship                  Karen Cornell

No report.


Rules Committee                      Don Thomas

The Rules Committee needs some new members.  Several constitutional issues

            remain to be resolved.


Evaluation Committee               Wanda Scarbro

W. Scarbro sent a proposal to clarify the evaluation procedure to address what steps to follow if there is disagreement about the evaluation at different levels.

A motion is needed on this proposal.  The Steering Committee decided to postpone action

at the present and resume discussion of this issue in the fall.


VI. Unfinished Business                                None


VII. New Business


            K. Byrd presented the proposed schedule of meetings for Faculty Council and Steering Committee for 2004-05 and asked members to make suggestions if they foresaw problems. Because of changes in the course scheduling, meetings are set to begin at 3:30 p.m. next year.


VIII.  Announcements


            S. Burlingame reported on a new course format to be tried in the fall which will be partially web based and partially classroom based.  This experiment is in response to students’ not doing well in web classes.


IX.  The meeting adjourned at 4:00 p.m.



 Respectfully submitted,



Carol Luther