Faculty Council Steering Committee

July 13, 2001

The Faculty Council Steering Committee and members of the high performance teaching subcommittee met in retreat at Lisa Bogaty’s house from 2:00 to 7:00 p.m.

Present:Cindy Alexander, Lisa Bogaty, Rick Bower, Kathy Byrd, Candice Dendy, Joan Easterly, Allen Farvin, Jonathan Fowler, Ramzi Ghezawi, Vida Hashemian, Marilyn Hosker, Jean Jackson, Leon Jones, K.D. Lawson, Anita Maddox, Toni McDaniel, Mike Negahban, Rick Patton, Denise Penzkofer, Ann Preston, Dawn Roberts, Harold Rowland, Janice Rowland, Don Thomas, Wanda Scarbro, Dave Vinson

Topics of discussion

1.Review of the Faculty Council Constitution

2.The role and scope of the Faculty Council with regard to the College, the State, and SACS

3.Ideas for increasing attendance at Faculty Council meetings

Two suggestions generated considerable interest:

Communicating with new faculty, possibly during orientation, about what faculty council is and what it does;

Publishing a brochure listing Faculty Council accomplishments of the last few years.

Other ideas included extending personal invitations to come to meetings, asking department heads to refrain from scheduling departmental meetings during scheduled Faculty Council meeting times and to encourage department members to attend, offering door prizes, andincorporating short departmental presentations at meetings.

High Performance Teaching

This subcommittee reported on plans for three one-hour presentations on the following topics:

1.Techniques for handling disruptive behavior in the classroom

2.Incorporating Web technology in the classroom

3.What tricks can teachers do to keep students awake and self-motivated

The presentations will be promoted in a variety of ways, and although scheduling has not been finalized, the group hopes to present the first session during in-service in August.

Steering Committee Goals and Issues

Steering Committee members discussed what issues they believe the faculty faces in the coming academic year. The following topics were mentioned:

·Financial stability

In view of the recent bare bones budget passed by the state legislature, committee members expressed concern about the effect on hiring new and adjunct faculty, on reducing course offerings, and a number of related issues.

·Adjunct concerns

A number of topics relating to adjuncts were discussed, including a feared reduction in hiring of adjuncts because of the budget woes, support for benefits for adjuncts, and adequate credit for years of service when adjuncts are hired for full-time positions.

·Rules committee

A couple of constitutional issues, such as the current practice of making a motion and voting in the same meeting, may merit consideration by this committee.

·Faculty personnel records

Concern was expressed about the accuracy and organization of faculty personnel files.


Some committee members voiced concern that a lack of communication exists between the people who use technology and the people who order it.

·Six departments

A satisfaction study of the effectiveness of six academic departments was suggested.

·Changes to college policies

When policy changes are initiated by the college, the committee would appreciate a chance to review them before they are announced.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Byrd,