Faculty Council Steering Committee

Oct. 22, 2003

Goins 208, Main campus


Members Present:  Cindy Alexander, Lisa Bogaty, Bill Brewer, Sharon Burlingame, Kathy Byrd, Karen Cornell, Lawana Day, Ely Driver, John Fairstein, Jonathan Fowler, Donn King, Carol Luther, Yolanda Sankey, Wanda Scarbro, Donnie Thomas, David Vinson



I . The meeting was called to order by Business Office Ely Driver at  3  p.m.


II. The minutes of Oct. 1 were approved.


III. Officer Reports

            Communications Officer Cindy Alexander                     No report

            Secretary                                 Carol Luther                          No report

            TBR Representative             Dave Vinson

D. Vinson will send full details of TBR meeting later.  The 5 % cut in the state budget will work out to about $900, 000 for PSTCC.


            President                                 Kathy Byrd

Learning Council – Changing to the common calendar in Fall 05 will result in a loss of some days for PSTCC.  There is discussion about doing away with exam week.


Other – The term “Faculty Senate” is used in the TBR Promotion /Tenure documents to refer to bodies representing the faculty.  Most TBR schools have a representative body, a senate, rather  than a council, as does PSTCC. 


D. Thomas made the following motion:

That the idea of exploring a Faculty Senate at PSTCC be sent to the Rules Committee for consideration.


The motion passed.


                        Committee Reports

                        Adjunct Faculty                                     John Fairstein

                                    Kelly Waldrop was introduced as the new co-representative for adjuncts.

                        Promotion/ Tenure                                Don Thomas/ Janice Rowland

                                    Send any comments about the new promotion/tenure policy to Dr. Bruns

                        by Oct. 27. The calendar for P/T has been sent to Dr. Bruns. Persons

                        eligible for promotion/tenure have been notified and have been sent

                        information about the portfolio.

                        Faculty Forums/High Performance Teaching

                                    A follow-up discussion of Parker Palmer’s The Courage to

Teach will be held in the spring.

                                    Paula Short, Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs, may be invited to meet

                                    with faculty in the spring.


                        Student Scholarship (Booksale)            Karen Cornell             No report

                        Rules Committee                                Donn King                 No report


                        Evaluation Committee               Kathy Byrd

                                    Representatives from all departments but one have been found.


IV. Unfinished Business            None


V. New Business

D. King presented a letter to TBR advocating the use of SPH 2400 to fulfill a gen. ed. speech requirement.  TBR has not allowed this course to serve as one of the accepted courses.  D. King asked that Faculty Council consider supporting his position. He made the following motion:

            That Faculty Council consider the documents supporting SPH 2400.

            The motion passed.


            Lisa Bogaty raised concerns about a decline in enrollments in Career/Tech programs. 

            She will present further information at a later meeting.


VI.  Announcements                         None


VII. The meeting was adjourned at  4:10  p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Carol Luther

Recording Secretary