Faculty Senate Minutes

Meeting – January 24, 2007

3:30 p.m.



I.                    Meeting was called to order by Mary Monroe-Ellis at 3:30 p.m.  Senators in attendance:  Ashley Boone, Rick Bower, Carol Brenner, Bill Brewer, Lawana Day, Judy Fethe, Mark Fuentes, David Gilbert, Sydney Gingrow, Anne Kinggard, Jonathan Lamb, Mary Monroe-Ellis, Rick Patton, Garry Pennycuff, Paul Ramp, Wanda Scarbro, Bob Stern, Anne Swartzlander, Donnie Thomas, Dave Vinson, Pat Zingg.

II.                 Minutes were approved as corrected.

III.               Officer Reports:

a.       Secretary:  no report

b.      Communications Officer:  no report

c.       TBR Representative: 

- Sub council will be meeting 1/25 – 1/26.  There will be discussion on overhaul of the Developmental Studies Program.

d.      President: 

-  Report from Learning Council:  Enrollment is up about 6% this semester.  Dr. Edwards discussed looking for land for more parking and expansion at the Division Street Campus.  Funds have been requested to purchase an additional portable building at the Pellissippi Campus.  

-  VP Selection Committee:  All resumes are in human resources for the applicants for the VP position.  The position is being advertised again.  As of now there are about 21 applicants.

IV.              Committee Reports:

a.       Adjunct Faculty:  no report

b.      Student Scholarships:  The dates for the book sale have been announced.  We are still desperate for books, so please donate!  Posters will be placed in various locations between now and the book sale, stating the top 10 reasons to buy books.  Sign up sheets will be available soon to sign up to help with the sale. 

c.       Rules:  no report

d.      Nominating Committee:  no report

e.       Promotion/Tenure:  Promotion tenure packets are due to supervisors by Jan. 29

f.        Calendar Committee:  no report

V.                 Unfinished Business:

a.       Constitution Changes:

The motion was made to change the wording of senate term limits to be that no senator could serve more than 2 consecutive terms.  There was much discussion on this topic, the motion was not passed. 

A second motion was made that the rules committee examine the constitution with the intent of making corrections and clarifications instead of having individuals send in specific items to be looked at.  After discussion, the motion was not passed. 

Individuals agreed to volunteer for the rules committee.  The committee will look at the items submitted and will bring suggestions back to the senate.




b.      Promotion/Tenure Policies Changes:

A new promotion revision was distributed to clarify what a department should do if a candidate is not at the peer meeting.  The motion was made to accept the changes.  The motion was seconded, discussed and passed.


VI.              New Business:

a.       DSP Redesign:  There is a meeting scheduled at Austin Peay on Friday, Feb. 2 as an orientation to the DSP redesign.  The senate was briefed on the “Call to Participate” that was sent to all TBR presidents.

b.      Redesign of the Self-Evaluation Policy:  There was discussion on whether to leave how the self-evaluations are included in the packets or to change so that the information isn’t repetitive.  There was discussion on different options.  The evaluation committee will review and bring back to the senate at a later date.

VII.            The next meeting will be at the Pellissippi Campus on February 28.  Dr. Paula Short, TBR Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs, will be at this meeting to answer questions and discuss issues important to faculty.  She has requested a list of questions ahead of time, so that she will be prepared to answer them.  These questions should be sent to Mary Monroe-Ellis by February 14.  Dr. Short will also accept questions from the floor. 

VIII.         The meeting was adjourned at 4:45 p.m.