Faculty Senate


February 16, 2011, 3:30 p.m.            Pellissippi Campus               Faculty/Staff Dining Room



I.          Call to Order                                                


            The meeting was called to order by Tom Gaddis.


Members in attendance: Mark Fuentes (President), Ron Bridges (President Elect), Dave Vinson (TBR Rep), Donn King (Parliamentarian), Rick Barber (BCT), Deanne Michaelson (BCT), Joe Zitka (BCT), Sami Ghezawi (EMT), Ken Swayne (EMT), Lawana Day (English), Sydney Gingrow (English), Marilyn Harper (LA), Mike Rose (LA), Ann Preston (Math), Bob Stern (Math), Joan Jackson (NBS), Michael Lusk (NBS),  Brad Rose (NBS), Kimberly Wilks (Nursing), Jean Jackson (Library Services), Pam Smith (Transitional Studies), Amy Tankersley (Transitional Studies), Tom Gaddis (Business Officer/Division Street), Jane Stribling (Magnolia Avenue), Leigh Moore (Adjunct Faculty).


            Guest in attendance:  John Smith


II.        Approval of Minutes: Tom Gaddis

            The minutes of the January 26 meeting were approved as amended.


III.       Officer Reports:

                  Secretary: Jean Jackson – No report.


                  Communications: Ken Swayne – No report.


                  TBR Representative: Dave Vinson

                  No report. The next sub council meeting is in April.


                  President: Mark Fuentes

·         Dual Enrollment Students and Student Perception Surveys:

Increasing numbers of dual enrollment students are taking on-campus classes and are given the option of completing student perception surveys. There has been some concern that these students might tend to express immature views in their comments, as their experience of the college environment is limited and their views might be colored by their high school experience. This could produce skewed results. Such results might be given undue weight in such areas as adjunct faculty hiring and the promotion/tenure process which does include consideration of student perceptions. This could be an increasingly relevant concern because currently at Blount County Campus entire course sections are filled by or include a large percentage of dual enrollment students.


Mark will discuss this with Sharon Yarbrough.


·         Mark opened for comment a discussion of the issue of students who repeatedly register for classes, attend the first day of class in order to receive financial aid, and then do not attend the rest of the semester. On occasion, they might show up in the class near the end of the semester as well, just to justify continued financial aid eligibility. This practice results in repeated withdrawals and/or failures in the same course for these students.


Joe Zitka made the following motion and it was seconded:

Faculty Senate recommends that the administration adopt a policy that would place a limit on the number of withdrawals allowed per student overall and that would also limit the number of failures allowed per student for the same course.



At this time, this motion was tabled and the rules were suspended to allow Dr. Anthony Wise to address the Senate.


Dr. Wise spoke about

·         the coming changes in funding due to the end of federal stimulus funds and the change in the state funding formula.

·         the discussion at the state level of the possibility of an employee raise or bonus, pending funding.

·         the emphasis on graduation and certificate completion resulting from the new funding formula.

·         the planned opening of the Strawberry Plains Campus in August.


At the conclusion of Dr. Wise’s comments, Senate returned to consideration of the motion to limiting student withdrawals/failures. The motion was approved.


·         The Presidential Search Advisory Committee will meet in the PAC on February 23 at 1:15 p.m. to begin the process.

·         Mark commented on the following adjunct faculty concerns:

o   The departments are responsible for handling supply needs for adjunct faculty office space in the ERC. Mark will look into requests.

o   Last year Senate inquired about reimbursement for mileage between campuses for adjunct faculty. Ron Kesterson’s reply was that it was not College practice to pay such mileage.


IV.       Committee Reports:

                  Adjunct Faculty: Leigh Moore

                  The following concerns were discussed with Leigh:

·         There are privacy concerns in the ERC office space.

·         Parking.

·         Continuing education: The state does not allow fee waivers for adjunct faculty. Adjunct faculty are discussing the possibility of addressing this issue with legislators. It was noted that full-time faculty are not eligible for fee waivers during the summer.











                  Student Scholarships: Bob Stern

Contributions for the book sale are welcome. Dates for the sales are February 28-March 3 at Blount County Campus, March 2-3 at Division Street and Magnolia locations, and March 16-17 at Pellissippi Campus.


Mark Fuentes noted that Jane Cameron retired at the end of January. She handled the accounting and depositing of money for the book sale for the past 20+ years, so a new treasurer is needed for the book sale.


                  Rules: Donn King

Donn discussed the issue of changing the Constitution regarding adjunct faculty representation that was referred to the Rules Committee from the last meeting. He noted that there was no motion to change the Constitution during the January Senate meeting. In looking at the issue, he found that both Pellissippi State (06:01:01 and 06:01:02) and TBR policy (5-02-01-00), formally define faculty and adjunct faculty. He does not recommend changes to the Faculty Senate Constitution that would be in conflict with these policies.


Mark Fuentes noted that administration recognizes the role of adjunct faculty and that the policy is not meant to slight adjunct faculty.


Leigh Moore moved that the Constitution shall be amended to state that adjunct faculty are entitled to have an increased number of seats on the Faculty Senate, two  from each site.


Joe Zitka moved to amend the motion to read

The Constitution shall be amended to state that adjunct faculty are entitled to have up to three seats on the Faculty Senate. The amendment to the motion was approved.


Ann Preston moved that the amendment to the motion be amended to state …are entitled to have up to five seats on the Faculty Senate. This motion failed.


Dave Vinson moved that the motion be amended to add with not more than one of the representatives being from the same academic department.

                  This amendment to the motion was approved.


                  After further discussion, the motion was approved without objection, as follows:

The Constitution shall be amended to state that adjunct faculty are entitled to have up to three seats on the Faculty Senate with not more than one of the representatives being from the same academic department.


Joe Zitka moved that the motion be sent to the Rules Committee for further refinement of language. The motion was approved.











                  Nominating Committee: Jean Jackson – No report.


                  Promotion/Tenure: Jane Stribling

                  The process is on target. Packets are available for review in GN203H through  

                  March 11.


                  Faculty Development: Ron Bridges

Plans to develop an online venue for discussion of ideas for faculty development are being pursued.


                  Faculty Lecture Series: Trent Eades

David Brown gave an excellent presentation today. Ken Swayne is scheduled to speak on the topic of Photovoltaics on Wednesday, March 23, at noon in the Goins Building Auditorium.


V.        Unfinished Business: None


VI.       New Business:


            Bob Stern made the following motion:

Faculty Senate recommends that the administrative policy that governs payment of mileage for local travel between teaching sites be changed to allow any faculty member teaching at multiple sites during the same day to be reimbursed for travel between sites.


            The motion was unanimously approved.


(Editorial Note: The current policy is Policy 07:03:00 Travel Expenses for Multiple-Site Instruction)


VII.     Announcements –

·         The next meeting is scheduled for March 16, 2011, 3:30 p.m. at the Blount County Campus.  Room TBA. Note that this meeting may be rescheduled due to conflicts with the book sale and departmental promotion-tenure meetings.

·         United Campus Workers will meet Thursday, February 24 at 4:35 p.m. in McWherter 338.

·         A Career Fair for Pellissippi students will be held February 23, 9 a.m.-noon in the College Center.

·         The Presidential Search Advisory Committee will meet here on February 23. The final five candidates will be scheduled to meet with Faculty Senate, faculty, and staff.

·         The Science Bowl will be held at Blount County Campus on Saturday.

·         The Student Mathematics League competition will be held here on February 25.

·         A legal issues seminar sponsored by Human Resources is scheduled for February 21.


VII.     Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 5:20 p.m.