Faculty Senate Minutes

February 18, 2009-3:30 PM, Pellissippi Campus

I.          Call to Order

Meeting was called to order by Tom Gaddis.   Senators in attendance:  Wanda Scarbro (President), Martha Merrill (BCT), Denise Reed (BCT), Mae Jean King (BCT), Ken Swayne (EMT), Sami Ghezawi (EMT), David Gilbert (EMT), Lawana Day (English), Trish Roller (English), Sharon Reedy (English), David Key (LA), Charles Miller (LA), Meg Moss (Math), Linda Streebeck (Math), Daryl Thomas (Math), Yolanda Kirkpatrick (NBS), Nina McPherson (Library Services), Caroline Best (Transitional Studies), Tom Gaddis (Business Officer), Ashley Boone (Blount County), Jane Stribling (Magnolia Avenue), Mark Fuentes (BCT, President Elect), David Vinson (Math, TBR Rep).  Guests: Marilyn Harper


II.        Approval of Minutes – Tom Gaddis

Minutes were approved as written with no changes.


IIII.     Officer Reports

            Secretary: Nina McPherson – no report


Communications:  Ken Swayne – no report


TBR Representative:  Dave Vinson

Reported that TBR chancellor candidate information is posted on the TBR web site


            President:  Wanda Scarbro

Distributed a copy of the new Professional Standards policy.  The new policy is less specific than the previous proposed policy.  Faculty Senate will take no further action on this issue at this time. 


Distributed a copy of the Summary of DSP Redesign Results 08F document.


Reported that it appears that the TBR Chancellor’s new business model has been withdrawn based on an email from the Chancellor.


IV.       Committee Reports

Adjunct Faculty:  Jonathan Morrell – No report. 


Student Scholarships:  Trish Roller

At this time, $1,200 has already been raised.  Although a lot of materials have already been donated, additional materials for the sale are still needed.  One suggestion discussed was asking faculty to consider giving students extra credit for donating materials.  Additional advertising will be done.


            Rules:  Charles Miller – no report


            Nominating Committee:  Nina McPherson – No report


            Promotion/Tenure:  Mae Jean King

Departmental meetings have been scheduled.  The notebooks are available in Room 248 in the Bagwell building; a DF12 key unlocks the door.

Faculty Emeritus: Mark Fuentes – No report


            Faculty Bill of Rights Ad Hoc: Anita Maddox – no report


            Budget Ad Hoc Committee:  President Scarbro

Four faculty have volunteered to be on the committee thus far.  Ron Kesterson is willing to meet with the committee.


VI.       Discussion

            Budget issues – President Scarbro

Nothing new to report.  In President Scarbro’s discussion with Ron Kesterson about the budget, he said that the 12 hour cap is still being discussed, with one possibility being that the cap might stay in effect but that hours above 12 will be priced at a lower rate than the hourly rate of the tuition.


Add days – President Scarbro

The current policy was discussed at Learning Council but no changes were adopted.  There is a shortened time frame in spring semesters for students to add classes but nothing can be done to alleviate this problem due to TBR calendar guidelines.


Snow policy – President Scarbro

Snow days are not included in the academic calendar and the college cannot match the local school system in scheduling such days. 


Demonstrations policy changes – President Scarbro

The President’s staff has reviewed the Demonstrations policy, 08:03:13.  The following sentence was added:  The college may designate areas or spaces appropriate for demonstrations as necessary. The policy is being reviewed by TBR legal staff.  Senators were concerned about the added sentence being an infringement on free speech.  Demonstrators could be directed to remote and/or difficult to access areas of the college. Senators took no action at this time.   Depending on TBR legal staff actions, the issue might be revisited.


Tenure process for Transitional Studies Faculty – Dave Vinson

Discussion of tenure for faculty teaching in the Transitional Studies department was discussed.  Faculty cannot be granted tenure status in a department, only in an academic discipline.  Some faculty who are administratively assigned to the Transitional Studies Department also teach college level courses in their academic discipline, but some do not.  Mr. Vinson had reservations about voting on promotion and tenure decisions for faculty who teach transitional math courses since he might not know them or be knowledgeable about their teaching and other job requirements.  Other senators noted that faculty in departments that contain very different disciplines, such as Liberal Arts and the Business and Computer Technology departments, carefully read self-evaluation packets so that they can make informed decisions.   President Scarbro will discuss this issue with Dr. Wise and have a report at the next Faculty Senate meeting.


VII.     Unfinished Business

            Election of new senators in March – Wanda Scarbro

President Scarbro reminded senators of the need to elect new senators in March.  A list of senators rotating off at the end of this academic year was included with the January 28th minutes.  Names of new senators should be given to President Scarbro at the March meeting.  New senators should attend the April meeting.


VIII.    New Business - None


IX.       Announcements-Next meeting-Wednesday, March 18, 2009, at 3:30 PM at the Blount County Campus


X.        Adjournment

            Meeting adjourned at 4:12 PM