Faculty Senate Minutes – Feb. 22, 2006



I.                    Call to Order – 3:30 by Jonathan Lamb



II.                 Approval of Minutes – Minutes from January 25, 2007 meeting approved as read.



III.               Officer Reports:

A.     Secretary – no report


B.     Communications Officer – no report


C.     TBR Representative:

*  E-learning strategic planning meeting next week (week of Feb. 27 – Mar. 3)

      *  Academic Integrity Meeting getting started after spring break

      *  Subcouncil is in April

      If interested in any of the above, then please contact Dave.  Dave will send an

email summary after meetings have occurred.

                  There was discussion on “E-learning vs. RODP”, a question on what the

difference is between the two.  Dave reported that RODP is now being publicized as ROCC.  TBR is trying to de-emphasize RODP.  RODP is meant to be an arm of the institutions, not the other way around.  E-learning is to now emphasize general online teaching as opposed to RODP.


D.     President:

Dr. Bruns met with Mary and the Department Heads after the last Learning Council meeting to discuss the following 5 issues:

1)  Campus Hours:  Clarification/correction of previous report regarding campus

hours.  Dr. Bruns has stated that every faculty member must spend a minimum of 15 hours per week on campus, whether the faculty member is teaching all online courses or not.  If you are teaching a full online load, then the 15 class hours would be taken off of the 30 hour campus requirement, which leaves 15 hours required on campus.  Also, all faculty members are to be on campus 5 days per week.  If a faculty member teaches a Saturday class, then they may take one of the other days of the week off.  However, a minimum of 5 days per week is required. 

2)      Final Exams:  Dr. Bruns again emphasized that all faculty are to give final

exams.  There are some not giving final exams and that can not happen.

3)      Student Evaluations:  Faculty can have any of their classes evaluated during

any semester.  The regular evaluations are scheduled in the fall because of yearly self-evaluations being completed in January.

4)      Leave Forms:  The statement was made that organizations can get out of

control if we are not careful.  So, remember to fill out the leave form if you are not going to be on campus.

5)      Low faculty turnout at graduation:  Faculty are encouraged to walk at

graduation.  There were a couple of ideas mentioned to improve faculty participation in graduation (possible rotation plan, department heads being asked to get a certain # of faculty to attend).  Senators are asked to ask their departments to make an effort to attend graduation.  This spring graduation will be on Friday, May 5.


IV.              Committee Reports:

A.     Adjunct Faculty:  Nothing new to report.  Mary will talk with Dr. Bruns about summer office hours for adjunct faculty.


B.     Student Scholarships:  No report


C.     Rules:  No report


D.     Evaluation:  The evaluation committee met with Dr. Bruns and Department Heads.  A two sentence statement was sent out to all faculty concerning student perceptions.  A clause was included to state that student perceptions should not keep a faculty member from getting a promotion.

There was discussion over promotion and tenure.  A revision will be made

to the self evaluation forms.  However, this will not be dealt with until after current evaluations are completed.  If anyone has thoughts as to the types of changes that need to be made, then please share them with the committee.  Promotion, Tenure and Self Evaluations all have separate sets of requirements.  Changes need to be made to mesh them together.

            Faculty are encouraged to complete the supervisor evaluations.

            Faculty are warned to double check their student perceptions when they have been received.  There has been at least one case of an instructor receiving evaluations from another instructor’s class because of a mistake in course code.


E.      Nominating Committee:  No report


F.      Promotion/Tenure:  Notebooks are currently available for faculty to read.  Everything is a go for the departmental meetings.  Absentee ballots need to be completed in person with one of the members of the Promotion/Tenure Committee.


G.     Calendar Committee:  TBR has approved the following changes.  All changes are to non-RODP classes.  Fall classes can be started the Saturday before the last Monday in August.  Spring classes can now start the Thursday before Martin Luther King Day.  Implementation will take place in fall 2008 in order to accommodate Banner.  Nothing about spring break has been changed at this point.


V.                 Unfinished Business:

Non-class time scheduling rules has already been covered in the President’s report.  No other unfinished business.

VI.              New Business:

A.     Pilot Programs Approval Process:  An overview of a recent pilot proposal in the mathematics department was given.  The concern by faculty is a proposal had been developed and taken directly to Learning Council and on without first being taken to the lead teacher, department head and department.  The issue was not necessarily about the proposal itself, but about the communication and manner in which the proposal was handled.  There has also been a decision made in another department concerning a program, without the input from those involved in the department.  The following motion was made, seconded, and passed:


Faculty Senate recognizes the changing nature of higher education and in this sensitive time, we respectfully request that the Vice President of Academic Affairs consult with the affected faculty, department head, and lead teacher about substantive academic matters before decisions are made.


                        Dr. Edwards will also be emailed with the motion. 


B.     Advertising Summer School as “Catch Up” or “Get Ahead”:  Emphasize summer school to students, both current and incoming, as a chance to catch up or get ahead.


VII.            Announcements:  None


VIII.         Adjournment:  4:50 p.m.