Faculty Senate Minutes

March 15, 2006 Meeting

3:30 p.m.                                                                                                                                             Faculty Staff Dining Room


I.                    Called to order by Jonathan Lamb at 3:30 p.m. The following senators were present: Mary Monroe -Ellis, Bill Brewer, Katherine Harper, Anne Kinggard, Kathy Byrd, Lawana Day, Carol Brunner, Sydney Gingrow, Maggie Jenkins, Rick Bower, David Gilbert, Garry Pennycuff, Jonathan Lamb, Rick Patton, Ashley Boone, Wanda Scarbro, Paul Ramp, Matt Thompson, Judy Fethe, Dave Vinson, Patt Zingg, Bob Stern.

II.                 Approval of Minutes: The minutes from the February 22, 2006 meeting were approved with the following correction. Final Exams: Dr. Bruns again emphasized that all faculty are to give final exams during the final exam period. There are some not giving final exams and this cannot happen. (The highlighted text was left out of the original minutes).

III.               Officer Reports:

a.       Secretary – none

b.      Communications Officer – none

c.       TBR Representative – Dave Vinson reported that he and Dr. Bruns attended a TBR meeting and that a report will be forthcoming via e-mail. On Monday March 20, Dave will return to the TBR committee on academic integrity. Please submit any concerns, issues etc. to Dave for consideration by the committee.

d.      President – Dr. Bruns reported to Mary Monroe- Ellis that  we were expecting a 28 million dollar budget and a 6 1/2% tuition raise which would make us even next year. There are no plans at present to fund adjunct faculty summer office hours. Some members of Learning Council went on record as supporting the idea. In response to this issue Faculty Senate approved the following motion to be sent to Dr. Bruns: Faculty Senate makes the motion that additional funds earmarked for an increase in professional development should be redirected to pay for adjunct summer office hours. The motion passed unanimously. As for the issue of mileage for travel between campuses, your primary work site is the campus where you work every day. You can claim mileage only if you travel to another campus within the same day.

IV.              Committee Reports:

a.       Adjunct Faculty – none

b.      Student Scholarships – none

c.       Rules – none

d.      Evaluation – none

e.       Nominating Committee – The committee placed the nomination of Wanda Scarbro for president elect before the Senate. The full faculty will vote for the nominee. New department representatives need to be elected and new senators need to attend the April Senate meeting.

f.        Promotion/Tenure – The process went well with a few issues which the committee will deal with and report on at a later date.

g.       Calendar Committee – none


V.                 Unfinished Business: There are still some concerns with the scheduling of “other” activities in the faculty dining room and the lack of prior notice to faculty. This will be revisited with the persons responsible for scheduling activities in this space.

VI.              New Business: Some questions have been raised as to exactly what and how much information/materials etc. need to go in promotion/tenure packets. There seemed to be a wide discrepancy among packets submitted this year. The promotion/tenure committee will review and make clarifications.

VII.            Announcements: Mary Monroe – Ellis said that the Senate will be asked to be in a video being produced for fall in-service and that a crew will be filming us at the April Senate meeting.

VIII.         Adjournment at 4:50 p.m.