Faculty Senate Minutes

Meeting – March 19, 2008

Blount County Campus, Room 104

3:30 p.m.


I.  Call to Order 

Meeting was called to order by Don Thomas (in the absence of Business Officer, Mark Fuentes) at 3:30 p.m. Senators in attendance: Wanda Scarbro,  Nina McPherson, Ken Swayne, Donnie Thomas, Dave Vinson, Mae Jean King, Sami Ghezawi, Dave Gilbert, Lawana Day, Charles Miller, Anita Maddox, Anne Kinggard, Caroline Best, Daryl Thomas,  Yolanda Sankey, Garry Pennycuff, Kathy Byrd, Jane Stribling,.  Guest present:  Dr. Anthony Wise.


II. Suspension of Rules

Don Thomas recognized President Scarbro, who made a motion to suspend the rules so that Dr. Anthony Wise, Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs, could respond to questions from the Faculty Senators; motion was unanimously passed.


III. Question and Answer Period

Dr. Wise expressed concern that at times it may seem that senators and/or faculty in general seem out of the loop when decisions are made.  He said that deadlines and pressures from outside often hinder obtaining input from the Faculty Senate consistently.  In an attempt to keep the lines of communication open, he will come to Faculty Senate meetings from time to time to address faculty concerns directly. Other issues he discussed:


He thanked the Faculty Senate for its continued operation of the book sale to provide funding for the Faculty Scholarship.


He asked for faculty patience during this time of significant changes with Banner, DSP redesign, etc.


He stated that there is uncertainty about the budget for next year.  Currently, it looks like it will be a rollover of this year’s budget.  It appears that there will not be any new money from the state; additional revenues will come from enrollment increases and a possible tuition increase.  If there is a tuition increase, it will probably be less than 10%. 


A new campus has been approved for Blount County.  The college will have to pick up funding for parking and other campus needs.  Approval for a nursing program at the new campus has been requested; this program will be in addition to the nursing program at the Magnolia Avenue campus. 


He noted that Banner training is ongoing and some supplemental training in a more individualized setting will happen prior to early registration.


Issues presented by Senators:


Division Street faculty want to know if there is a possibility of having an acting dean for the Division Street campus appointed.  Mike North has to spend most of his time in his acting position of Vice President of Student Success and Enrollment Services.  Dr. Wise said that a search committee is reviewing applicants for the vice presidency and that a decision should be forthcoming. 



Faculty are upset about the lack of faculty input into decisions about the new school calendar.  It was stated that TBR had distributed the general template for a new calendar at least a year ago but faculty discussion was not invited until recently, at which time the printing schedule limited the amount of discussion available.


Faculty questioned whether TBR might decide to return to the old version of transitional studies, i.e., the old version of a developmental studies department.  Dr. Wise did not think that would happen.


When questioned whether the words “cost saving measures” is code for the elimination of faculty positions, Dr. Wise said there have not been discussions about any downsizing at the college.


            When questioned whether faculty receive any communication when a student has received approval to add a class “late,”  Dr. Wise said that faculty usually receive some communication,            time permitting, from Ann Burgess but faculty do not receive any official paper work.


IV. Approval of Minutes – Don Thomas

Minutes of the February 20, 2008, meeting were approved with no changes.


V. Officer Reports

Secretary – Nina McPherson had no report.


Communications – Ken Swayne had no report.


TBR Representative – Dave Vinson

A Faculty Sub-Council is scheduled in three weeks; please send agenda items to Dave.  Dave sent an email to the other TBR colleges requesting information about their drop and add schedule.  He has received responses from 13 of the 19 saying that they have five days of drop and add during which students can change classes at will.


President – Wanda Scarbro

President Scarbro reported that the representative for the student insurance will talk with TBR about the possibility of health insurance for adjuncts.  Once the insurance carrier contacts President Scarbro, the Senate’s Adjunct Faculty representatives will poll adjunct faculty about their interest in purchasing health insurance if it can be made available to them.


President Scarbro reported that the rumor of a time extension for a promotion/tenure packet was incorrect.


President Scarbro discussed with Dr. Wise some faculty concerns about student disciplinary procedures.  A student filed a lengthy complaint this semester against some PSTCC faculty.  While the issue was being investigated, faculty could not legally bar the student from class.  Faculty were extremely uncomfortable with this situation and felt that some clarification was needed as to what their rights entail.  Even though this situation was eventually resolved, faculty are concerned about future incidences and what their rights are as opposed to student rights.  Additional discussion concerning this topic is in section


VI. Committee Reports

Adjunct Faculty – Jonathan Morrell/Jesse Wilkerson had no report.




Student Scholarships – Sami Ghezawi

Book sale is underway at the site campuses and is scheduled for March 25 and 26 at the Hardin Valley campus.  Volunteers are needed to help with the set up.  Prices at the Hardin Valley campus are 50% more than last year but prices will be reduced 50% on Wednesday.


Rules – Don Thomas

Don Thomas met with Nina McPherson and Wanda Scarbro at 2:30 today to discuss possible constitution changes.  Changes discussed were to clarify voting and election procedures.  Proposed changes will be presented at the next meeting.  If they are approved, they will go into effect in July.


Nominating Committee – Nina McPherson had no report.


Promotion/Tenure – Anne Kinggard

Anne Kinggard reported that one person who was eligible for peer review did not submit his packet on time.  Anne informed the department dean that it was late and that the department dean did not have the authority to allow the packet to be turned in late.  Anne reported that the peer departmental meetings were conducted in a professional manner and that one faculty member was denied tenure by the peer vote.  Anne will meet with Dr. Wise week after next to share with him ideas that he needs to address with academic deans.  Susan Thomas will chair this committee next year and Lori Stapleton has agreed to be on the committee.


Faculty Emeritus – Wanda Scarbro submitting for Mark Fuentes

This policy was discussed at the March 11th Learning Council Meeting.  There were several questions about the policy, and it will be discussed more fully at the next Learning Council meeting.



VII. Unfinished Business

Efficacy of online courses

President Scarbro again discussed concerns about the web classes with Dr. Wise.  She continues to receive emails from faculty about this subject.  She distributed statistics she received from IERP that show non-success rates of distance learning classes and traditional classes for each academic department.  (Attachment 1) Further research and discussion will follow.


New drop and add procedure – Day One idea

After discussions between Dr. Wise and Dr. Edwards, the proposed new policy will not go into effect.  The existing procedure for drop and add will continue to be used except the timeframe for drop and add will be shortened.


Delivery of in-service

The ad hoc committee working on this will meet before the next Faculty Senate meeting in April.


VIII. New Business –

Discussion about faculty concerns regarding recent student disciplinary actions continued.  Faculty questioned the administration’s rationale for returning a student to the classroom, putting everyone in very uncomfortable situations, when everyone knew what the outcome would be. Faculty were concerned that there seemed to be no clarity by the administration on what the appropriate process is and seems to have pushed all of the issues to a Behavioral Intervention Team.  After much discussion, to address faculty concerns about their rights, specifically in regards to student disciplinary issues, President Scarbro made a motion that an ad hoc committee be established to develop a Faculty Bill of Rights; the motion was unanimously approved.  Anita Maddox was appointed to chair this ad hoc committee.



IX. Discussion

School calendar

This item was discussed with Dr. Wise in Section III, Question and Answer Period.  Faculty were not overly upset with the final decisions about the calendar since there is not a solution that is acceptable by all academic departments.  Their overriding issue was the lack of faculty input into the decision.


Faculty input on college decisions

The college administration basically believes that the faculty representatives in Learning Council constitute faculty input in college decisions.  Faculty does not agree with this sentiment.  Faculty want more collaboration with administration on issues related to academic matters and faculty welfare, and they want input on a more timely basis in the future. 


Overload credits

President Scarbro had a faculty question concerning the amount of overload credit that faculty members receive from web courses.  The question was whether overload credit was given for lower enrollment courses at the same rate as higher ones and if the overload was determined solely by students enrolled above the limit.  According to the attached document, a faculty member with a class limit of 24 would begin getting overload credit at 25 just as a 39 limit class would not receive overload credit until enrollment hit 40.  A copy of this document is attached. (Attachment 2)    


Class size

President Scarbro requested additional class size information from IERP, specifically standard deviation information.  She received statistics for average section enrollment by academic department for terms between Spring 1998 and Spring 2008, for only traditional instruction sections and excluding sections with less than 6 or more than 80 enrollment, showing the standard deviation. (Attachment 3)  There was little statistical difference.  She also received statistics showing the number of sections with 40 plus enrollment by academic department for terms between Spring 1998 and Spring 2008, for only traditional instruction sections. (Attachment 4)  All statistics are based on official 14 day enrollment.  Both reports are attached.


Pay equalization

A question about proposed informational sessions about pay equalization was raised since no such meetings have occurred.  President Scarbro will try to find out about the gatherings that Peggy Wilson was to conduct


Dr. Wise presence at Faculty Senate meetings

Dr. Wise’s offer to attend Faculty Senate meetings was discussed.  The consensus was that he would be welcomed.


X. Announcements – No announcements

Next meeting will be April 16, 2008, at 3:30pm at the Pellissippi Campus Faculty Staff Dining Room.  New Senators and retiring Senators should be in attendance.


XI. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 4:55 PM.


Summary of Distance Learning versus Traditional Classroom Instruction


ENGT=Engineering and Media Technology


Engineering Technologies=Civil Engineering Technology, Computer Integrated Drafting and Design Technology, Electrical Engineering Technology (Engineering Science), Mechanical Engineering Technology, Interior Design Technology (Retail and Consumer Science), Security Engineering and Administration Technology

Media Technologies with concentrations in Communication Graphics Technology, Photography, Video Production Technology, and Web Technology


FALL 2006


Distance Learning

36% with grades of D, F, I, NP, P, or W


Traditional Learning

22% with grades of D, F, I, NP, P, or W


FALL 2007


Distance Learning

35 % with grades of D, F, I, NP, P, or W


Traditional Learning

23 % with grades of D, F, I, NP, P, or W


BUIS=Business and Computer Technology


Business Administration with concentrations in Computer Accounting, Hospitality, Management, and Marketing

Computer Science & Information Technology with concentrations in Database Design and Development, High Performance Computing, Networking & Communications, Programming Office Systems Technology with concentrations in Business and Health Care Office Administration

Paralegal Studies


FALL 2006


Distance Learning

45% with grades of D, F, I, NP, P, or W


Traditional Learning

32% with grades of D, F, I, NP, P, or W



FALL 2007


Distance Learning

53 % with grades of D, F, I, NP, P, or W


Traditional Learning

31 % with grades of D, F, I, NP, P, or W




FALL 2006


Distance Learning

46% with grades of D, F, I, P, or W


Traditional Learning

34% with grades of D, F, I, P, or W


FALL 2007


Distance Learning

38 % with grades of D, F, I, P, or W


Traditional Learning

36 % with grades of D, F, I, P, or W


NASC=Natural and Behavioral Sciences


Agriculture, Anthropology, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Health, Safety & and Nutrition, Physical Education, Physics, Psychology


FALL 2006


Distance Learning

39% with grades of D, F, I, P, or W


Traditional Learning

33% with grades of D, F, I, P, or W


FALL 2007


Distance Learning

33 % with grades of D, F, I, P, or W


Traditional Learning

31 % with grades of D, F, I, P, or W




FALL 2006


Distance Learning

68% with grades of D, E, F, I, or W


Traditional Learning

46% with grades of D, E, F, I, or W


FALL 2007


Distance Learning

64 % with grades of D, E, F, I, or W


Traditional Learning

46 % with grades of D, E, F, I, or W


FAAR=Liberal Arts


Art, Child and Family Studies, Foreign Language (Spanish, French, and German), History, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Social Work, Sociology, Speech, and Theatre


FALL 2006


Distance Learning

42% with grades of D, F, I, or W


Traditional Learning

29% with grades of D, F, I, or W


FALL 2007


Distance Learning

39 % with grades of D, F, I, or W


Traditional Learning

28 % with grades of D, F, I, or W





Web Load Hours

September 2003


If enrollment in a Web section is from the established minimum to the SIS maximum, award the same load hours as traditional sections that make.  If the instructor chooses to allow more than the SIS maximum into the Web section, then award additional load hours as indicated:


If SIS                                      Award 0.5 extra                Award 1.0 extra                Award 1.5 extra

max is:                                  hrs. if enrollment is:        hrs. if enrollment is:        hrs. if enrollment is:

22                                           23-25                                     26-27                                     28-30

23                                           24-26                                     27-29                                     30-32

24                                           25-27                                     28-30                                     31-33                    

25                                           26-28                                     29-31                                     32-34

26                                           27-29                                     30-32                                     33-35                    

27                                           28-30                                     31-34                                     35-37    

28                                           29-31                                     32-35                                     36-38

29                                           30-33                                     34-36                                     37-40                    

30                                           31-34                                     35-37                                     38-41

31                                           32-35                                     36-38                                     39-42                    

32                                           33-36                                     37-40                                     41-44

33                                           34-37                                     38-41                                     42-45

34                                           35-38                                     39-43                                     44-47                    

35                                           36-39                                     40-44                                     45-48                    

36                                           37-40                                     41-45                                     46-49

37                                           38-41                                     42-46                                     47-51

38                                           39-42                                     43-47                                     48-52

39                                           40-43                                     44-48                                     49-53

40                                           41-45                                     46-50                                     51-55                                                    

If enrollment continues beyond the maximums in column four, create an additional Web section. If the instructor chooses to teach the low enrollment section, the load hours may be reduced as follows:

-If the enrollment is 5-9 students, award 1/3 of the regular load hours.

-If the enrollment is 10-14, award 2/3 of the regular load.                                                                                                          

Typical load hours for regular section

Enrollment                          2              3              3.5          4              4.5          5              6


5-9                                          0.7          1.0          1.2          1.3          1.5          1.7          2.0


10-14                                     1.3          2.0          2.3          2.7          3.0          3.3          4.0




  Dept of  Term          SECTN       STD.
  Record   CTF      NO.  ENRLLMNT    DEV.
  -------  ----     ---  --------    ----
  BUIS     1998F    181        21    1.62
           1998S    180        20    1.55
           1999F    198        20    1.50
           1999S    177        20    1.60
           2000F    187        20    1.56
           2000S    178        20    1.59
           2001F    175        19    1.53
           2001S    180        20    1.53
           2002F    150        19    1.65
           2002S    159        19    1.62
           2003F    146        20    1.73
           2003S    144        20    1.71
           2004F    134        19    1.78
           2004S    134        20    1.84
           2005F    124        18    1.77
           2005S    125        19    1.82
           2006F    111        19    1.98
           2006S    116        19    1.86
           2007F    114        20    1.99
           2007S    106        20    2.10
           2008S    105        20    2.13
  ENG      1998F    203        21    1.53
           1998S    180        19    1.51
           1999F    189        21    1.60
           1999S    170        20    1.61
           2000F    192        21    1.58
           2000S    166        21    1.71
           2001F    183        22    1.66
           2001S    167        21    1.72
           2002F    179        20    1.59
           2002S    173        20    1.60
           2003F    180        22    1.68
           2003S    170        21    1.69
           2004F    178        22    1.72
           2004S    154        22    1.84
           2005F    178        22    1.70
           2005S    135        22    2.02
           2006F    190        22    1.66
           2006S    140        22    1.94
           2007F    193        22    1.68
           2007S    154        22    1.84
           2008S    167        21    1.71
  ENGT     1998F     81        13    1.58
1 PAGE     2
  Dept of  Term          SECTN       STD.
  Record   CTF      NO.  ENRLLMNT    DEV.
  -------  ----     ---  --------    ----
  ENGT     1998S     67        12    1.56
           1999F    138        13    1.18
           1999S     74        13    1.63
           2000F    140        13    1.17
           2000S    142        12    1.11
           2001F    152        13    1.11
           2001S    147        12    1.09
           2002F    157        14    1.17
           2002S    149        13    1.14
           2003F    146        15    1.35
           2003S    153        14    1.24
           2004F    138        15    1.33
           2004S    157        13    1.15
           2005F    147        14    1.24
           2005S    148        13    1.16
           2006F    154        14    1.25
           2006S    152        13    1.16
           2007F    149        14    1.27
           2007S    160        14    1.14
           2008S    161        14    1.20
  FAAR     1998F    160        17    1.46
           1998S    176        15    1.26
           1999F    265        23    1.47
           1999S    160        16    1.39
           2000F    271        22    1.45
           2000S    262        22    1.46
           2001F    270        23    1.49
           2001S    254        23    1.53
           2002F    267        23    1.48
           2002S    274        23    1.48
           2003F    245        24    1.66
           2003S    269        23    1.47
           2004F    241        24    1.68
           2004S    246        24    1.65
           2005F    243        23    1.65
           2005S    236        24    1.66
           2006F    243        25    1.70
           2006S    238        24    1.66
           2007F    256        25    1.69
           2007S    245        25    1.69
           2008S    258        25    1.68
  HUMA     1998F    132        26    2.40
           1998S    134        24    2.26
1 PAGE     3
  Dept of  Term          SECTN       STD.
  Record   CTF      NO.  ENRLLMNT    DEV.
  -------  ----     ---  --------    ----
  HUMA     1999S    137        24    2.15
  MATH     1998F    163        23    1.85
           1998S    158        21    1.71
           1999F    157        23    1.89
           1999S    145        23    1.94
           2000F    166        22    1.80
           2000S    144        22    1.92
           2001F    164        22    1.83
           2001S    146        23    1.94
           2002F    160        22    1.83
           2002S    151        21    1.83
           2003F    155        23    1.95
           2003S    148        22    1.94
           2004F    157        22    1.86
           2004S    142        22    1.98
           2005F    156        22    1.83
           2005S    138        21    1.93
           2006F    158        22    1.85
           2006S    139        22    1.95
           2007F    177        21    1.68
           2007S    141        22    1.92
           2008S    138        21    1.91
  NASC     1998F    166        20    1.66
           1998S    169        18    1.56
           1999F    250        20    1.34
           1999S    143        19    1.70
           2000F    255        19    1.31
           2000S    232        19    1.35
           2001F    265        20    1.31
           2001S    249        20    1.35
           2002F    271        21    1.36
           2002S    256        20    1.37
           2003F    284        21    1.34
           2003S    269        21    1.39
           2004F    287        21    1.30
           2004S    290        21    1.34
           2005F    275        20    1.30
           2005S    274        20    1.33
           2006F    274        21    1.36
           2006S    267        20    1.35
           2007F    294        21    1.34
           2007S    257        22    1.45
           2008S    274        21    1.38
1 PAGE     4
  Dept of  Term          SECTN       STD.
  Record   CTF      NO.  ENRLLMNT    DEV.
  -------  ----     ---  --------    ----
  SOSC     1998F    146        21    1.83
           1998S    156        20    1.68
           1999S    141        21    1.86