Faculty Senate


April 14, 2010, 3:30 PM                    Pellissippi Campus                                       AL 206



I.          Call to Order: Tom Gaddis

The meeting was called to order by Tom Gaddis. Members in attendance: Mark Fuentes (President), Wanda Scarbro (Past President), Donn King (Parliamentarian), Joe Zitka (BCT), Rick Barber (BCT), Ramzi Ghezawi (EMT), Ken Swayne (EMT), Trent Eades (English), Lawana Day (English), Sydney Gingrow (English), David Key (LA), Marilyn Harper (LA), Anita Maddox (LA), Ann Preston (Math), Linda Streebeck (Math), Meg Moss (Math), Ron Bridges (NBS), Michael Lusk (NBS), Brad Rose (NBS), Jean Jackson (Library Services), Pam Smith(Transitional Studies),Tom Gaddis (Business Officer/Division Street), Ashley Boone (Blount County), Jane Stribling (Magnolia Avenue), William Gwin (AF). Guests: Betty Bumgarner, Ed Francisco, Sami Ghezawi, Joan Jackson, Beth Long, Deanne Michaelson, Mary Monroe-Ellis, Mike Rose, Bob Stern, Amy Tankersley


II.        Suspension of Rules: Mark Fuentes

President Fuentes welcomed incoming representatives who will be joining Senate next year.


Amy Tankersley then addressed Senate on behalf of the Transitional Studies Department. A discussion followed about propriety of proceedings and the importance of professional and respectful discourse among faculty.

            President’s Note:        There was a mention of some information from a student’s                                                  academic record.  The person responsible agreed that                                                            disclosure of student information is inappropriate (in any                                                     forum), and has issued a letter of apology to the student.



§ Book Sale: 

Faculty have been invited to visit GN225 to select books from the many boxes left over from this year’s sale, and then deliver a donation to either Mark Fuentes or Marilyn Harper. The books must be removed from GN225 by the end of the semester and there is no storage space available. As the book sale is so labor intensive, and as there are always storage issues, President Fuentes is soliciting ideas for an alternate fundraising activity that would still allow Faculty Senate to make a sizable donation to the student scholarship fund each year.

§ Faculty Load Hours:

Wanda Scarbro summarized maximum enrollment figures from reports that she had gathered for classes delivered via the web and via face-to-face instruction. Discussion followed regarding a maximum cap for web classes to recommend to Dr. Wise. A motion will be presented during new business.


Another issue related to load hours was introduced by Ron Bridges. It concerns load hours for teaching labs, which varies among departments offering lab courses. The issue is whether action should be considered that would move toward an equitable policy for everyone. This issue will be discussed with Dr. Kelly and deans of other departments offering courses that include labs before it is pursued further.


III.       Approval of Minutes : Tom Gaddis

            Minutes of the March meeting were approved with no objection.


IV.       Officer Reports:

                  Secretary: Jean Jackson – No report.


                  Communications: Ken Swayne – No report


                  TBR Representative: Dave Vinson – No report


                  President: Mark Fuentes

§ Jamie Woodson, State senator from Knox County and a member of the Senate Education Committee, is interested in opening a dialog with faculty. Mark is composing a letter. This might be an opportunity that the proposed Faculty Senate Legislative Committee could use to begin dialogs with legislators. A chair is still needed for this committee.

§ Fall inservice is scheduled August 18 and 20. Activities on the first day are scheduled at the new Blount County Campus. The Faculty Development Committee will work with Lois Reynolds on other activities.

§ There is no further information on the textbook policies required to comply with the Higher Education Opportunity Act.

§ Changes are being made in health insurance coverage and the Optional Retirement programs. Human Resources and providers of benefits are sending information.

§ President Fuentes distributed the Faculty Senate meeting schedule for 2010-2011 (Attachment 1). He also distributed a listing of the members of senate for 2010-11, including the slate of officers offered for confirmation at the July meeting (Attachment 2).

§ Spring grades are due Friday, May 7 by 4:30 p.m.


V.        Committee Reports:

                  Adjunct Faculty: Jonathan Morrell/William Gwin – No report


                  Student Scholarships: David Key – No report


                  Rules: Donn King – No report


                  Nominating Committee: Jean Jackson – No report


                  Promotion/Tenure: Mae Jean King – No report

                  President Fuentes noted that a chair will be needed for this committee for next year.


                  Faculty Development: Ron Bridges

The draft policy revision has been reviewed and it is currently with Learning Council for feedback.


                  Faculty Lecture Series:   Trent Eades

                  Ron Bridges will be presenting the final lecture for this year tomorrow.


                  Faculty Bill of Rights Ad Hoc: Anita Maddox – No report


                  Budget Ad Hoc: Wanda Scarbro – No report


VI.       Unfinished Business:

            There was no unfinished business.


VII.     New Business:

            Faculty Load Hours:

Wanda Scarbro made a motion that regarding a maximum enrollment recommendation to be sent to Dr. Wise, Faculty Senate recommends that the maximum enrollment for web courses should be the same as the maximum enrollment for face-to-face courses.


During discussion, Ron Bridges moved to amend the wording of the motion to read …maximum enrollment for web courses should be less than or equal to the maximum enrollment for face-to-face courses. The amended wording was approved.


After further discussion, the motion was approved, as follows:

Regarding a maximum enrollment recommendation to be sent to Dr. Wise, Faculty Senate recommends that the maximum enrollment for web courses should be less than or equal to the maximum enrollment for face-to-face courses.


VIII.    Announcements:


The next meeting is scheduled on July 14, 2010 at 3:30 p.m. at the Pellissippi Campus in the Faculty/Staff Dining Room.


Meg Moss announced that she will be leaving to accept a new position as chair of the Education Department at UNC - Ashville.


Donations may be sent to Jonathan Fowler for scholarship funds in honor of two Liberal Arts faculty members who are retiring this year.


IX.       Adjourned at 5:10 p.m.






















Submitted: 5/14/2010 jj
Attachment 1




Faculty Senate

Meeting Dates and Locations

Academic Year 2010-2011



Summer 2010:

            July Meeting – Wednesday, July 14 – 3:30 pm – Hardin Valley Campus


Fall Semester 2010:

            September Meeting – Wednesday, September 15 – 3:30 pm – Hardin Valley Campus

            October Meeting – Wednesday, October 20 – 3:30 pm – Division Street Campus

            November Meeting – Wednesday, November 17 – 3:30 pm – Hardin Valley Campus


Spring Semester 2011:

            January Meeting – Wednesday, January 26 – 3:30 pm – Magnolia Avenue Campus

            February Meeting – Wednesday, February 16 – 3:30 pm – Hardin Valley Campus

            March Meeting – Wednesday, March 16 – 3:30 pm – Blount County Campus

            April Meeting – Wednesday, April 13 – 3:30 pm – Hardin Valley Campus



















Attachment 2


2010-2011 Faculty Senate


Senate Officers



President                                             Mark Fuentes, Associate Professor, Business and Computer Technology


President-Elect                                    Ron Bridges, Associate Professor, Natural and Behavioral Sciences


Business Officer                                 Tom Gaddis, Professor, Business and Computer Technology


Secretary                                             Jean Jackson, Professor, Library Services


Communications Officer                    Ken Swayne, Associate Professor, Engineering and Media Technologies


Parliamentarian                                   Donn King, Associate Professor, Liberal Arts


TBR Representative                            Dave Vinson, Associate Professor, Mathematics





Department                                        Elected 2010               Elected 2009               Elected 2009



Business and Computer Technology               Deanne Michaelson            Joe Zitka                               Rick Barber


Engineering and Media Technology                Ken Swayne                         Vida Hashemian                 Sami Ghezawi


English                                                                   Lawana Day                        Sydney Gingrow                  Trent Eades


Liberal Arts                                                           Mike Rose                             Marilyn Harper                    Anita Maddox


Mathematics                                                        Bob Stern                              Ann Preston                          Linda Streebeck


Natural/Behavioral Sciences                             Brad Rose                             Joan Jackson                        Michael Lusk


Transitional Studies                                            Pam Smith                            Trish Roller


Library Services (1)                                                                                             Jean Jackson


Division Street Representative (1)                                                                    Tom Gaddis


Blount County Representative (1)                                                                   Ashley Boone


Magnolia Ave. Representative (1)                                                                   Jane Stribling


Adjunct Faculty Representatives (2)                                                               Jonathan Morrell                 William Gwen