Faculty Senate Minutes

Meeting – April 19, 2006

3:30 p.m. Division Street Campus



I.                    Meeting was called to order at 3:30 p.m. Present were: Mary Monroe-Ellis, Bill Brewer, Lawana Day, Kathy Byrd, Ashley Boone, Jonathan Morrell, Katherine Harper, Carol Brenner, Jonathan Lamb, Wanda Scarbro, Anne Swartzlander, Sydney Gingrow, Anne Kinggard, Matt Thompson, Bob Stern, Dave Vinson, Judy Fethe, Liz McCowan, Pat Zingg, Ken Swayne.


II.                 Approval of Minutes: Approved as read.


III.               Officer Reports:

a.       Secretary – none

b.      Communications Officer – reported that Wanda Scarbro had been elected as president elect of the Faculty Senate.

c.       TBR Representative – Dave Vinson will be attending the sub council meeting on April 20th. Agenda items will include: Payroll schedule with the new Banner system, Faculty Leave legislation pending, software licensing issues, American History requirements for Gen Ed.

d.      President - none


IV.              Committee Reports:

a.       Student Scholarship – The BCT department is next in line for heading up the book sale. The BCT department had asked if we were tied to the idea of the book sale for our fund raising. It was stated that the book sale had raised over $56,000 over the course of the years, raising $7,100 this year. It was decided we need to stay with this form of fund raising.

b.      Adjunct Faculty – There will be no office hour pay for summer adjunct faculty as the “extra” money from the state budget is apparently not going to materialize.

c.       Rules – none

d.      Evaluation – Wanda Scarbro made a presentation on the proposed updated Self Evaluation tool which is designed to bring it in line with the Promotion and Tenure guidelines from TBR. Discussion followed with some changes implemented. The completed document with changes, corrections etc. will be e-mailed to the Faculty Senate for approval.

e.       Nominating Committee – none

f.        Promotion/Tenure – All items for the year are completed with the exception of the request for Faculty Emeritus status. This request is still in the process.

g.       Calendar Committee – none


V.                 Unfinished Business:

a.       The part time student Deans List has been met with very positive response from the students. Two Deans List students were highlighted at the student awards ceremony.

b.      The Professor Emeritus issue was tabled in March. Dr. Bruns assured Anne Kinggard in an e-mail that the process was on going and not to be concerned.

c.       The Senate approved the following motion: Faculty Senate requests that a college wide committee be formed to review current policies and procedures for faculty evaluation and promotion and tenure in order to create clear guidelines for the process.

VI.              New Business:

a.       Faculty Senate is requesting a document be created for evaluating the Advisor Training sessions.

b.      Mandatory Saturday Orientation for Web Classes: Mary Monroe-Ellis will take this issue back to Learning Council for further discussion.

c.       It was discussed that in the future the process for nominating the president elect of Faculty Senate should be open to all faculty. The discussion was tabled until fall.

VII.            Announcements: none


VIII.         Adjournment: Meeting was adjourned at 4:59 p.m.