Faculty Senate Minutes

Meeting April 25, 2007

3:30 p.m.



I.                    Meeting was called to order by Bob Stern at 3:30 p.m. Senators in attendance: Caroline Best, Carol Brenner, Lawana Day, Judy Fethe, Mark Fuentes, Katherine Harper, Sami Ghezawi, David Gilbert, Sydney Gingrow, Mai Jean King, Anne Kinggard, Jonathan Lamb, Anita Maddox, Nina McPherson, Charles Miller, Mary Monroe-Ellis, Jonathan Morrell, Rick Patton, Garry Pennycuff, Paul Ramp, Denise Reed, Trish Roller, Yolanda Sankey, Wanda Scarbro, Bob Stern, Jane Stribling, Anne Swartzlander, Ken Swayne, Daryl Thomas, Donnie Thomas, Susan Thomas, Dave Vinson, Pat Zingg.

II.                 Minutes were approved as corrected.

III.               Officer Reports:

a.       Secretary: no report

b.      Communications Officer: no report

c.       TBR Representative:

-         Faculty Forum went well with plans to continue with regional meetings

-         Subcouncil report will be sent soon via email

d.      President:

- Report from Learning Council: COSA is investigating the possibility of reducing the number of places on campus to smoke

IV.              Committee Reports:

a.       Adjunct Faculty: Trish Roller will be faculty advisor for a student chapter of Amnesty International on campus. Pat Zingg volunteered to work with her.

b.      Student Scholarships: Final total from book sale: $10,326.50

c.       Rules: no report

d.      Nominating Committee: no report

e.       Promotion/Tenure: P/T went well. There may be a few wording revisions in the policies for clarity.

f.        Faculty Emeritus Committee: Mark Fuentes will be meeting with Dr. Edwards on Friday, April 27, 2007.

V.                 Unfinished Business:

a.       Constitution Changes:

The Rules Committee proposed the following changes to the Faculty Senate Constitution.


Article IV, Section 1

C. Term of Office: The term of office for an elected member of the Senate will be two (2) years. Terms will begin in April and continue through July 1, two years hence.


1.      Upon establishment of the Faculty Senate: Initial elections of the academic department representatives will include one representative who will serve a one-year term and two representatives who will serve two-year terms. Terms will be determined by drawing lots. Library Services will elect one representative for a two-year term. Following the initial term limits, all Senate Representatives elected in the future will serve two-year terms, rotating off after the two-year term is completed. Thereafter, one or two department representatives will be elected each year at the annual election.


Resolved that the sentence in boldfaced type be removed



Section 1. Eligibility


A.     Any member of the tenured full-time faculty is eligible for the office of the President of the Faculty. However, the President and the President Elect may not represent the same department.


Resolved that the words in bold type be added and that all references in this document to the Senate President be changed to Faculty President.


VI.              New Business:

Faculty Office: We, the faculty senate, request that any new offices created for faculty, whether space in a new building or a modification of an existing space, have a lockable door.
This passed by unanimous vote


VII.            The next Senate meeting will be July 18th 3:00 pm Faculty/Staff Dining Room

VIII.         The meeting was adjourned at 4:45 p.m.