Faculty Senate Minutes 

July 13, 2011 Hardin Valley


I.          Call to Order

Meeting was called to order by Ron Bridges, Faculty Senate President.  Senators in attendance:  Sally Lighter (BCT), Linda Ellams (BCT), Trent Eades (English), Keith Norris (English), Lawana Day (English), Joan Easterly (LA), Charles Cardwell (LA), Mike Rose (LA), Jonathan Lamb (Math), Claire Suddeth (Math), Bob Stern (Math), Joan Jackson (NBS), Michael Lusk (NBS), Amy Tankersley (TS), Pam Smith (TS), Rick Bower (LS), Ashley Boone (BC), Leigh Moore (Adjunct Faculty), Ron Bridges (President), Brad Rose (Business Officer), Nina McPherson (Secretary), Dave Vinson (TBR Rep).  Guests:  Lara Kajs, Alison Oakes, Bob Hasentufel, Marilyn Harper, Roxana Beach, Valerie Erickson.


II.        Suspension of Rules

Ron Bridges called for a suspension of rules in order to present his proposed slate of officers.  Senators approved the slate.


III.       Approval of Minutes: Brad Rose


            Minutes of the April 20, 2011, meeting were approved with no changes.


IV.       Officer Reports


            Secretary: Nina McPherson – no report


Communications:  Ken Swayne

President Bridges reported for Mr. Swayne.  Ken has added the new constitution changes to the Faculty Senate web page.  Ken is investigating why one link to the constitution works but another on the site does not.  Ken will add the names of new senators and officers to the web site now that they have been approved by the Senate.


TBR Representative:  Dave Vinson

Faculty Sub council will meet on July 22, 2011.  Agenda items include aspects of the state’s budget that are of interest to faculty and TBR’s proposed new academic freedom policy.  The proposed policy has been vetted with TBR’s legal staff.  Differences between TBR’s policy and Pellissippi’s policy were discussed.  The proposed TBR policy seems to be directed at faculty freedom of speech while PSCC’s policy is more focused on faculty freedom to choose how to teach within their courses.


            President: Ron Bridges

Bridges started his report by sharing his philosophy of being Faculty Senate President.  He sees the Senate as being representatives of the entire faculty, full time and part time, in all departments. And the Faculty Senate President as being the voice of the faculty on Learning Council, to the college president, and other appropriate venues.  He sees the Faculty Senate as a representative body for suggestions for improvements, primarily for issues related to teaching and academics.  He wants to ensure that faculty follows its own procedures as outlined in the Faculty Senate Constitution.


Included in the legislative wording concerning pay raises was reference to compensation studies.  Pellissippi State has conducted compensation studies but has not been able to fully fund the identified shortages due to financial reasons.  It will take $3 million to fund it.  President Wise will try to fund it next year, 2012-2013. 


President Wise is planning a raise for adjunct faculty of  3-5 % and is investigating funding to determine the exact percent of the raise.  They will also receive an increase in their office hour pay from 15 to 16 hours (from $150 to $160.)   He is going to appoint a committee to review the professional development bonus plan for adjunct faculty, including the design of the portfolio and possible changes in how the salary increase associated with the portfolio would be given.  The current pay scale and comparison with some area colleges are illustrated in Attachment 1.  While the base adjunct pay cannot exceed TBR maximum, the additional professional development bonus can be considered as supplemental.  Other adjunct faculty concerns will also be included in the committee’s work, such as tuition reduction or fee waivers to take classes.  Information about the makeup of the committee and timelines has not been decided.  Mark Fuentes is on a TBR committee that is also reviewing adjunct faculty issues. 


Bridges stressed that the expectation of treating adjunct faculty as “faculty” does not require any special action by President Wise or full-time faculty.  Full time faculty can (and most do) treat them as colleagues.  Adjunct faculty should be encouraged to participate in faculty development opportunities, share in decisions concerning textbook selection and syllabus changes, and encouraged to collaborate on other academic issues.


Bridges will discuss the employment process with Karen Queener.  Issues such as how candidates make the interview list, the development of questions used in the interview, the restrictive nature of the interview, and the timelines developed for the process were discussed by senators.  Some felt that good candidates were lost because of the lengthiness of the process.  Senators also questioned why the process used in the hiring of the president of the college was so different than what is required by Human Resources.  All candidates were not asked the same questions and there was discussion between the candidates and the selection committee members.  Faculty Senate approved the development of an ad hoc committee to be chaired by Charles Cardwell to investigate this issue further; Cardwell will recruit other members.


Bridges reported that TBR approved president emeritus status for Dr. Edwards.  He will use the red brick house for his office.  He will focus on fund raising for the college.  Bridges did not know the amount of pay he will receive.


The Faculty Development Committee is developing plans for fall inservice and adjunct inservice.  Inservice is scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday, August 17 and 18.  The program for both mornings will be held in the C-PAC and will be required of everyone at the college.  Some topics, such as safety and legal issues,  will be required of all employees.  The Un-service will be Thursday afternoon. (Special Note: Since the Senate meeting, the date for the Un-service has been changed to Friday morning, August 19.)


There are administrative changes for Testing and Learning Center services.  Marilyn Harper will be directing the Academic Support Centers (ASC) for college-level students, Supplemental Instruction, Student Success Coordinators, Student Success Mentors, and Smart Thinking online tutoring for all PSCC campuses.  The ASCs will remain in the same location as the previous Tutoring Centers except for Magnolia Campus where the Learning Commons and ASC will share a common area but have separate tutors for each.  Marilyn will report to the Interim Vice-President of Academic Affairs, Lois Reynolds


Bridges will talk to Vice President Ashford about faculty concerns with the Registrar Office actions with such issues as: dropping students from classes, odd billing statements, not supporting students who accidentally drop themselves from classes, multiple trips to campus due to immunization requirements changing.  Faculty also feel that they need clarification from Financial Aid about some issues so that they can properly advise students.  Faculty want better communication so that they do not create problems for students.


V.        Committee Reports


            Adjunct Faculty:  William Gwin/Leigh Moore

            Dave Vinson distributed a copy of concerns of math adjunct faculty.  (Attachment 2)


Leigh Moore asked for time to think about Vinson’s handout.  During adjunct inservice, she will discuss the selection process for the adjunct representatives on Faculty Senate to see whether they would like to recommend changing the current process as outlined in the Faculty Senate Constitution.  She also brought up the issue of more private office space for adjuncts and  the possibility of on-campus child care.  This has been considered in previous years but has never been supported due to financial and insurance issues.


Student Scholarships:  NBS Representative

Ron Bridges reported that Ann Kronk has agreed to chair this committee.  Other possibilities of fund raising besides the book sale will be discussed.


            Rules:  Donn King

            No report.


            Nominating Committee: 

President Bridges still needs to find someone to chair this committee.


            Promotion/Tenure:  Mark Fuentes

            No report.



Faculty Development: Ron Bridges

            Inservice plans are still being developed.


            Faculty Lecture Series: Trent Eades

The schedule 2011-2012 is still being developed.  Dates have not been finalized but presenters and topics are:

Fall 2011 Semester:

Larry Vincent “The Music of Revolution”

Joan Easterly “Heretic, Heroine, Saint: Joan of Arc”

Alex Fitzner “We Don’t Need No Education”

Spring 2012 Semester:

Susan McMahon “Stem Cells: The Hope of the Future”

Katie Lovett “Women in Film”

Tyra Barrett “Economics: the Musical:


VI.       Unfinished Business

            New Senate Officers were approved.


VII,     Discussion

            Adjunct Representation Selections

This was also discussed in the Adjunct Faculty section of Committee Reports.  The process to change the Faculty Senate Constitution dealing with this will be discussed with Donn King.


Wording in the Constitution concerning the length of term on Faculty Senate for each adjunct representative is confusing. That section is copied below.  The issue is that they can have 3 representatives and wording in the Constitution states that one representative is elected each year for a two year term.   Trent Eades proposed a motion, seconded by Charles Cardwell, that this be considered an editorial change that can handled without going through the Constitution change process.  The motion was approved by acclimation. 


Section 5: Adjunct Faculty Representation:


A. Adjunct faculty are entitled to three seats on the Faculty Senate with no two from the same academic department. During the college’s fall adjunct in-service meeting, information is distributed to all adjunct faculty regarding Senate representation. Interested adjunct faculty are encouraged to contact the Senate and/or a designated Senate representative. In order to represent the adjunct faculty and exercise a vote in Faculty Senate business, the adjunct must be teaching in the current major semester (fall or spring). One adjunct representative is elected each year and serves two years or until a successor is elected. Vacancies will be filled by election at the earliest possible Senate meeting.




Adjunct Pay

Also discussed in the President Officer Report section.  Other issues discussed were the possibility of being paid for travel between campuses.  Bridges will investigate this issue.  There was further discussion about the bonus possibility after completing a portfolio.  The current policy states that adjunct faculty can pursue the development of a portfolio for additional pay after six semesters.  There was discussion whether this should be changed to number of hours taught or number of courses taught.  Trent Eades made a motion, seconded by Charles Cardwell, that the Faculty Senate recommends that adjunct bonuses at Pellissippi State Community College be based on number of hours taught.  The motion passed unanimously.


            Storage of Book Sale books

This continues to be an issue.  Currently books are stored in the faculty lounge in the McWherter Building.  Getting rid of the leftovers after the book sale is also a problem.  Ann Kronk and others will investigate other options.  This topic was tabled for further discussion at the September meeting. 


VIII.    New Business:

The moderated Faculty Staff listserv was discussed.  There has been much less discussion on the listserv recently.  Faculty would like to have more communication with staff about issues.  The tight moderation prevents this from happening.


Parking issues were discussed.  Student population has increased over 50%.  Additional parking has been added to handle the increased student population.  The number of faculty and adjuncts has also increased to handle the student increase.  However, there has not been an increase in designated faculty/staff parking.  There have been times when it has been very difficult for faculty to find a parking spot.  Bridges will discuss with Dave Walton.


Computers in adjunct faculty offices (and other public places, such as classrooms) at all of the teaching sites are programmed to reset every evening such that any changes or loaded programs are deleted.  This means that many programs have to be reloaded every time you log on and that other programs require and update.  Bridges will discuss this issue with staff in Information Services. 



IX.       Announcements-Next meeting-Wednesday, September 14, 3:30 PM - Pellissippi Campus, Faculty-Staff Dining Room


X.        Adjournment

            Meeting adjourned at 5:30pm