Faculty Senate Minutes

July 16, 2008-2:00 PM, Pellissippi Campus

I.          Call to Order

Meeting was called to order by Tom Gaddis.  Senators in attendance:  Joe Zitka (BCT), Denise Reed (BCT), Joan Easterly (Liberal Arts), David Gilbert (EMT), Daryl Thomas (Math), Wanda Scarbro (President), Tom Gaddis (DS, Business Officer), Mark Fuentes (President Elect), Charles Miller (Liberal Arts, Parliamentarian), Susan Thomas (English), Dave Vinson (TBR Sub-Council Rep), Lawana Day (English), Kathy Byrd (BC), Linda Streebeck (Math), David Key (Liberal Arts), Cathy Clay (NBS), Jane Stribling (Magnolia Ave.), Ken Swayne (EMT, Communications Officer), Brad Rose (NBS), Nina McPherson (Library Services, Recording Secretary).  Visitors:  Lisa Bogaty (BCT), Sydney Gingrow (English), Linda Ellams (BCT), Judy Fethe (Math), Caroline Best ( tentative TS senator).


II.        Suspension of Rules

Tom Gaddis recognized President Scarbro, who made a motion to suspend the rules so that Dr. Anthony Wise, Vice President of Learning, and David Walton, Director of Facilities and Safety and Security could discuss various issues with faculty senators; motion was unanimously passed.



III.       Question & Answer Period  Anthony Wise and Dave Walton

Dr. Wise discussed several issues with Senators – budget, registration and advising, enrollment, inservice, the bookstore, late withdrawals, and the add deadline.


Budget and funding:  The college did not receive a funding increase from the state; the only new money will come from the 6% tuition increase.  The college used carryover funds to balance the 2008-2009 budget.  The college has 49 unfilled positions.  The college did hire six new faculty this year (math, two English, photography, music, and history).  No hiring freeze exists, but each position request will require a lot of justification.  The salary equalization plan will not be possible this year because of the budget problem.  The complicated funding formula for the college was discussed in comparison with other TBR colleges. No changes in the funding formula are forthcoming.


Registration and advising: Everyone is concerned about registration and advising since the college will use the Banner system for the first time. 


Enrollment is starting to pick up.  The college is being more proactive by contacting students who did not register early to come in for registration now.  New student applications have increased.


Inservice schedule:

  August 11 and 12 (Monday and Tuesday) - New faculty

  August 13 (Wednesday) – All faculty

  August 14 (Thursday) – Registration

  August 15 (Friday) – All faculty 

A walkthrough of registration in the ERC building on the Pellissippi campus and also at the site campuses will take place.


Bookstore:  A new company got the bid to operate the bookstore.  The transition seems to be going well.


Late withdrawals:  Students need to have a legitimate reason to request a late withdrawal. They should be directed to the Student Assistance Center first. Students also need to understand that a late withdrawal means that they are withdrawing from all classes, not just the ones they want to select. Late withdrawals are available only for serious situations such as family or medical crises.


Last day to add a class:  Wednesday, August 27th, is the last day to add a class.  After that date, Dr. Wise must approve the late add based upon faculty recommendation.


David Walton discussed security issues with Senators.

TBR does not have a system wide weapon policy; each college develops its own.  Three college staff members are licensed to carry guns – Dave, John Ruppe, and Bill Galyon.  Currently, two full time security officers work a split shift between 7am and 10pm on the Pellissippi campus, supplemented by additional part time contract personnel.  Full time security personnel are not available on the site campuses, only part time contract personnel. It is difficult to justify a request for additional full time security personnel because the college crime statistics are very low and are minor offenses. In an attempt to provide more timely assistance from the Knox County Sheriff Department, the college has offered space that they could use on the Pellissippi campus.  As property around the Pellissippi campus continues to be developed, security issues will be monitored.


IV.       Approval of Minutes: Tom Gaddis

            Minutes of the April 16, 2008, meeting were approved with no changes.


V.        Officer Reports


            Secretary: Nina McPherson – no report


Communications:  Ken Swayne The Faculty Senate web site will be updated with new

Senator and officer names soon


TBR Representative:  Dave Vinson

Dave attended the TBR Faculty Sub-Council and will provide his written report soon.


            President:  Wanda Scarbro

Financial Aid Disbursement:  Federal laws require the disbursement if the student is eligible on the first day of class to receive money, thus the college’s process cannot change at this time.  A calculation tool is used to figure future eligibility if a student withdraws from classes; this tool figures the amount of financial aid, loans, lottery money, Pell grants, other federal grant money, and some state grants.


            Salary information is available in the Human Resources office.  Copies can be made but    the Faculty Senate budget does not have money for this task.


President Scarbro will discuss recycling possibilities with Kim Thomas. Perhaps this drive could be a joint effort with a student organization.


The Senate discussed conducting Faculty Senate meetings with technology to save people gas money.  The possibility of using conference calls or TWAV was considered.  However, the format will stay the same for now.


Faculty Senate will attempt to run its meetings with a slightly less stringent version of Roberts’ Rules. 


Banner-CAPP or a new degree audit program is expected to be functional for spring semester advising.


Banner and D2L are fully integrated now so every course, whether online or face to face, has a D2L site that is active by default. Consequently, faculty are encouraged to place their syllabi and general information at the D2L site.


Academic calendars for Fall 2008 and Spring 2009 have been approved. The calendar for Summer 2009 has not yet been approved.  Learning Council discussed making each day the day that it is rather than switching to make a Wednesday a Monday, etc. Dr. Wise is open to input from the faculty. Faculty Senate discussed whether a calendar committee was needed.


Learning Council approved the online observation form with one change.  The wording of “college level knowledge” was deleted to accommodate the developmental programs.


The college would like to have an online perception form for students to use.  Banner Self Service will be used as a trial for fall semester for web classes and computer based classes only. All others will use the traditional pencil and paper variety. The online perceptions will use Survey Dig over a two week period, will be anonymous, and can only be completed once. Possible incentives to encourage student participation were discussed. This item will be discussed again.


The English department is responsible for student scholarship and the annual book sale for this academic year.


VI.       Committee Reports


            Adjunct Faculty:  Jonathan Morrell – No report


Student Scholarships:  English department – No Report


            Rules:  Charles Miller – No Report


            Nominating Committee:  Nina McPherson – No report


            Promotion/Tenure:  Susan Thomas – No Report


Faculty Emeritus:  Mark Fuentes  Some of the deans at Learning Council did not like the proposed policy since they had to be the required party to make the recommendations.  Mark has revised the policy to read that applications for this status will be sent to a newly-created, college-wide Faculty Promotion/Tenure Review Committee, and the Committee will make a recommendation.  Mark made a motion to approve this new revision. However, another motion was made to table this topic for future consideration.      


            In-Service Ad Hoc – Don Thomas

            Wanda Scarbro reported for Don.  The ad hoc committee met to discuss some options and            also had email discussions.  However, it became apparent that Faculty Senate assistance      was not needed by administration so no further meetings will be scheduled at this time.


            Faculty Bill of Rights Ad Hoc: Anita Maddox – No report                         


VII.     Unfinished Business - None


VIII.    New Business


            Constitutional changes-second reading

            Charles Miller made a motion to accept the proposed changes in the Faculty Senate           Constitution; the motion was passed unanimously.


IX.       Discussion


            Security concerns:

The senate discussed the security implications of posting full faculty schedules.  However, it was decided that not posting a schedule would not deter a student from finding the faculty person.


Web load hours and overload pay/release time

Some faculty still have concern about the inequality of enrollment numbers in web courses. RODP courses are capped at an enrollment of 25.  The RODP course enrollment limits are set by TBR and are much more autonomous.  Other web courses enrollments are set by presidents and individual colleges.  Dave Vinson said that TBR is working with a faculty taskforce to look at the entire issue of work load issues. As far as overload hours go, Dr. Yarbrough researched the number of faculty who received overload pay.  She looked at faculty loads with more than 30 hours.  Of the seven faculty in this category; only four received overload pay.  All of the four were in the math department with only one web based course. This situation occurred because no one else was available to teach the courses. 


            5 day a week, 30 hour campus rule for professors & 4-day work week

Current policy requires faculty to be on campus 30 hours per week, providing a combination of classroom teaching and campus hours, including at least one office hour per day (Policy 06:01:01).  Web classes complicate this policy.  Faculty Senate decided not to pursue the issue at this time until TBR completes its work load evaluation.


Four day work week

Implementing a four day work week would prove very difficult, but it might be piloted at some future time. Several problems exist with the plan such as a lack of available classrooms and scheduling difficulties. For example, if faculty taught two courses during one summer term, they would be teaching for 6 ½ hours per day. 


            DSPM student perception document

The evaluation committee needs to be resurrected in order to revise the student perception form for DSPM courses since the current form is not appropriate.  The form used for web based courses might be more usable for now.  Caroline Best, unofficial senator from TS, will chair the evaluation committee to investigate and propose a revised form later on in the year.


            Computer competency course

The college expects students to be computer literate when they graduate.  Other colleges, Volunteer State Community College and Nashville State Technical Community College being two examples in TBR, have a computer course required of students or a certain score on a computer competency test.  Several academic departments require students to have some level of computer competency.  Issues discussed were: does each department need to define      expected computer competency, when would students take a computer competency course or test, should students have to take OST 1211? Further work will continue on this issue.


            New department representation in senate:

            Changes in the just approved constitution will be required to include faculty senate           representation from the Transitional Studies department.  Charles Miller, chair of the         Rules Committee, will ask for volunteers to work with him to revise the constitution.



X.        Announcements-Next meeting-Wednesday, September 17-3:30 PM-Pellissippi Campus


XI.       Adjournment

            Meeting adjourned at 4:15pm