Faculty Senate Minutes

Meeting – September 7, 2005

3:30 p.m.


I.                    Meeting was called to order at 3:31 by Jonathan Lamb. The following senators were present: Bill Brewer, Mary Monroe-Ellis, Anne Kinggard, Ashley Boone, Ken Swayne, Luwana Day, Kathy Byrd, Anne Swantzlander, Sydney Gingrow, Maggie Jenkins, Carol Brenner, David Gilbert, Katerine Harper, Paul Ramp, Garry Pennycuff, Pat Zingg, Jonathan Lamb, Sharon Burlingame, Judy Fethe, Dave Vinson, Rick Bower, Matt Thompson, Wanda Scarbro, Rick Patton, Jonathan Morrell

II.                 Minutes from the July 20, 2005 meeting were approved as presented

III.               Officer Reports:

a.       Secretary:         none

b.      Communications Officer: The Faculty Senate web page needs updating, please e-mail Rick Bower with ideas. To send e-mail to the Faculty Senate use the following list serve address:                                                    fsenate-l@listserv.pstcc.edu

c.       TBR Representative:  Standardized overload pay at TBR institutions is being studied. Web CT contract re-negotiations are on going, address questions or concerns to Audrey Williams.

d.      President: Report from Learning Council – There will be no spring schedule changes from the established 68 days of classes and 4 days of exams because no one provided a viable alternative. Enrollment at PSTCC is flat for fall semester. New student enrollment is up 10% over fall of 2004. The Hope Scholarship will most likely not be funded at current levels in the future because of incorrect projections of income vs. outflow. Dr. Bruns stated that there has never been an official policy in place for the review of department head status. There was a verbal agreement some years ago to “shake it up” every three or four years but faculty at that time resisted the idea because they were happy with their department heads. Departments who want a review can petition Dr. Bruns at any time. As a result of this report the following was adopted: Faculty Senate strongly encourages all faculty to complete a department head review annually. The president asked senators to poll their departments before the next meeting to get a feel for the desire or lack thereof to implementing     a ( + )  ( - ) grading scale. It was reported from the offices of Records and Student Affairs that a Dean’s list for part time students was not recommended because it would involve too much work for the office personnel. After some discussion about the importance of this the following recommendation was stated to be sent back to Learning Council: The Faculty Senate requests that a Dean’s List for part time students be implemented at PSTCC to underscore Foundations of Excellence and to improve positive retention.


IV.              Committee Reports:

a.       Adjunct Faculty: New adjunct member of Faculty Senate – Matt Thompson, History instructor.

b.      RODP/Online Courses: Paul Ramp reported that interest in pursuing academic honesty in on-line courses is waning within the PSTCC committee. Dave Vinson reported that the state wide committee of which he is a member is still functioning.

c.       Student Scholarships: The 2006 book sale falls to the Natural and Behavioral Sciences Department.

d.      Rules: Paul Ramp will serve as chair for this committee as Parliamentarian for the Senate

e.       Evaluation: Faculty need to save documentation for promotion/tenure and for annual reviews by department heads.

f.        Summer Issues: This committee was put on hold until further need is established.

g.       Nominating Committee: Needs to function in the spring semester to fill officer positions needed. Bill Brewer, recording secretary will serve as chair of this committee.

h.       Faculty Forums: This committee will be dropped due to lack of interest.


V.  Unfinished Business: Peggy Wilson and Karen Queener addressed the concerns about faculty disability issues. Peggy stated that a process is in place as outlined in the employee handbook as to dealing with disability accommodations, requests etc. Each situation is considered on its own merit. A faculty member’s performance may be deemed an undue hardship on the college by the president. If the faculty member’s job performance is in question then TBR guidelines for dealing with the issue are followed. Alternatives are considered as to whether a faculty member could perform another function at the college. Peggy suggested that emotional and mental health issues are difficult to identify and discern whether they are covered under ADA.  Karen and Peggy encouraged questions and concerns from individual faculty members to be directed to their respective offices.