Faculty Senate


September 15, 2010, 3:30 p.m.          Pellissippi Campus          Faculty/Staff Dining Room



Suspension of Rules


The rules were suspended so that Dr. Anthony Wise, Vice President of Learning, could discuss various issues. Before the question & answer session, Dr. Wise stated that we are past the 14th day and have more than 11,000 students. Dr. Wise discussed several issues in response to questions –


There is no news regarding the bonus.


He understands the space needs for the faculty book sale but essentially there is no space. The college continues to look for expansion to a new campus at Strawberry Plains. A new location would provide additional classrooms and space so that some administrative office could be moved; but, we still have to raise the money. If we do not acquire this facility, it will be 20-25 years before we might get an additional building.


A number of  Pellissippi State faculty and staff  have joined a union. Dr. Wise does not foresee a problem in having this organization gain recognition as an affiliated organization on campus as long as policy is followed. He suggested that representatives make an appointment with Dr. Edwards to begin the process.


The official 14th day enrollment is 11,049. This is an increase of about 7.5% over last year.


The new A-100 Guidelines will require changes in procedures and planning for Developmental Studies.


There is concern that two weeks into the semester some students still do not have textbooks because they are waiting for a financial aid award. If students do not apply for financial aid until mid-August, this does not allow time for the application to be processed and the award ready by the start of the semester. In the future, faculty might look at the types of textbooks required. There are more options in format available now. The bookstore began a rental process for some titles this year that may work for some students. The questioner asking if the bookstore’s contract is published somewhere was referred to Policies.


There were various questions related to the budget and the change in funding formula. Stimulus funding ends June 30, 2011 and the new funding formula will be phased in beginning in July 2011. The shortfall when stimulus runs out is expected to be about $2.5 million. There is a different matrix for funding the 2- and 4-year schools, but both are based on completion rates. The formula is different from school to school because the aim was to get the funding for next year as close as possible to this year’s funding for each school. It is troubling that the formula allows no dollars based on numbers of students and no recognition of the community colleges’ missions of community service and support of life-long learning. There is a component for successful transfer. THEC is supposed to track this for state schools and articulation agreements will require that private schools give us those statistics.










  1. Call to Order: Tom Gaddis


The meeting was called to order by Tom Gaddis. Members in attendance: Ron Bridges (President Elect), Dave Vinson (TBR Rep), Donn King (Parliamentarian), Rick Barber (BCT), Deanne Michaelson (BCT), Joe Zitka (BCT), Sami Ghezawi (EMT), Ken Swayne (EMT), Lawana Day (English), Trent Eades (English), Sydney Gingrow (English), Marilyn Harper (LA), Mike Rose (LA), Ann Preston (Math), Bob Stern (Math), Linda Streebeck (Math), Joan Jackson (NBS), Michael Lusk (NBS), Brad Rose (NBS), Kimberly Wilks (Nursing), Jean Jackson (Library Services), Trish Roller (Transitional Studies), Pam Smith (Transitional Studies), Tom Gaddis (Business Officer/Division Street), Ashley Boone (Blount County), Jane Stribling (Magnolia Avenue), William Gwin (Adjunct Faculty). Guests in attendance: Cameron Brooks, Kathy Byrd, Annie Gray, Toni McDaniel, David McIlwaine, Mary Monroe Ellis, Keith Norris, Pat Zingg



  1. Approval of Minutes: Tom Gaddis


The minutes of the July 14 meeting were approved without objection.



  1.  Officer Reports:

                  Secretary: Jean Jackson – No Report


                  Communications: Ken Swayne

                  The Faculty Senate web site has been updated.


                  TBR Representative: Dave Vinson

Faculty Subcouncil will be meeting during the third week in October. Send Dave any topics that you want him to place on the agenda.


                  President: Ron Bridges reported on behalf of President Mark Fuentes

·         Due to time constraints for this meeting, Cameron Brooks, the representative from the United Campus Workers, who was invited to speak today will instead be invited to speak at the October meeting.

·         Volunteers are still needed for the balloon festival. Faculty and staff volunteers are especially needed to work at the gates where money is collected. Staff member will receive release time for hours worked. Faculty members do not receive release time. Faculty members are being asked to volunteer for 2-hour shifts. The festival is the largest fund raiser for the college.

·         A Federal Reserve executive will speak here on October 5.

·         President Fuentes sent a letter to Jamie Woodson, State senator from Knox County and a member of the Senate Education Committee, as a first step in opening a dialog with legislators. He has not yet received a reply.

·         Parking is still a problem. We will ask that the parking lot near the portables be designated for faculty use.

·         Information Services has added software to the computers in the open labs, library, and site campus ERCs in order to collect data on the number of prints being made in these areas. The number is currently set at 300 for each account but this is not a limit, as the student can continue to print freely when this number of prints is reached. Faculty members are adding more resources to web pages and D2L courses. The data may help us consider what we are requiring students to print and what they may be printing just because it is there.

·         Bob Stern was asked to report on the CDC’s discussion of the new requirements of the Higher Education Reauthorization Act. The CDC discussed the requirements of the law relating to textbooks and changes needed for the college to comply. After the CDC meeting, Judy Gosch sent an email to the committee summarizing pertinent parts of the law. The discussion will continue in CDC and Bob will continue to update the Senate.

·         The Open/Annual Enrollment/Transfer Period for medical insurance is September 15-October 15.  There is some concern regarding the lack of details available about the new plans. Effective 2011-12, temporary full-time faculty will no longer receive benefits.

·         During fall in-service, some new techniques for faculty development  (Conversation Café and Unservice) were tried. Ron welcomes feedback. There are plans to continue the Conversation Café throughout the year. More information will follow.

·         Anyone who has suggestions for improving success rates, for certificates, etc., send them  up through your departmental dean.

·         The current attendance policy requiring students to be present for a minimum of 75% of their scheduled class and laboratory meetings in order to receive credit for a course was introduced for discussion. The merits of keeping, modifying, and eliminating the policy were discussed.


Dave Vinson made the following motion, which was approved after further discussion:


Faculty Senate recommends that the current attendance policy be retained with the provision that individual instructors may use their discretion to make allowances when circumstances warrant.


·         Learning Council is looking at the requirements for conferring degrees. Specifically, the council is considering lowering the residency requirement to 15 credit hours. Currently the last 20 credit hours preceding graduation with an associate’s degree must be completed at Pellissippi State. 


Ron Bridges made the following motion and it was approved:


Faculty Senate recommends that the requirement for minimum residence be changed to the last 15 credit hours preceding graduation with an associate’s degree must be completed at Pellissippi State.



IV.  Committee Reports:

                  Adjunct Faculty: William Gwin – No report.


                  Is there additional adjunct office space? There is assigned space in the library.


                  Student Scholarships: Bob Stern – No report.


                  Rules: Donn King – No report.


                  Nominating Committee: Jean Jackson – No report


                  Promotion/Tenure: Jane Stribling – No report


                  Faculty Development: Ron Bridges – No report.


                  Faculty Lecture Series: Trent Eades

The lecture schedule is available. Edward Francisco will open the series next week. Anyone willing to coordinate scheduling of lectures at site locations may contact Trent.


V.    Unfinished Business:

Academic Freedom and Responsibility Policy –

Learning Council agreed to wait until Faculty Senate discusses proposed changes to this policy. Discussion on the policy is tabled and will be taken up during the October meeting.


VI.  New Business:

 Sydney Gingrow presented the following resolution:


Whereas, At least 20 faculty and other employees of Pellissippi State Community College are members of United Campus Workers, an organization with at least 1100 members statewide that seeks to serve the interests of Tennessee higher education employees; and


Whereas, PSCC campus groups have use of Pellissippi facilities in order to hold meetings and conduct other activities;


Whereas, PSCC recognizes a variety of groups devoted to a wide range of interests, including politics, honor societies, social justice, disc golf, and video gaming; and


Whereas, Individual members of the Faculty Senate may be either for or against joining any particular group, but the Faculty Senate as a whole respects the rights of individuals to form and join campus groups as they wish; Therefore be it


Resolved, That the Faculty Senate requests that PSCC recognize as an “affiliated group or organization” the Pellissippi Chapter of the United Campus Workers, as per TBR Policy 3:02:02:00.


As background for presentation of this resolution, it was stated that organizers from this group have encountered problems both at this campus and at Division Street Campus. Representatives have been asked to leave campus. The group also properly requested display space at the Benefits Fair and was denied. This unprecedented treatment led to this resolution of support for this specific group. During discussion it was also stated that this is a step toward formalizing the procedure for formation of faculty and staff organizations so that all groups are treated fairly. There is a policy but the procedure is not clear cut.


Ron Bridges moved that this issue be postponed until the October meeting to allow further discussion and to allow senators to solicit input from their departments. After discussion, the motion to postpone was defeated.


The question was called on the original resolution and the resolution was approved.


VII.          Announcements –

The next meeting is scheduled October 20, 2010, 3:30 p.m. at the Division Street Campus – room TBD.



VIII.       Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 5:05 p.m.