Faculty Senate Minutes

Meeting – September 19, 2007

3:30 p.m.

I.  Call to Order 


Meeting was called to order by Mark Fuentes at 3:30 p.m. Senators in attendance: Wanda Scarbro, Don Thomas, Mark Fuentes, Anne Kinggard, Charles Miller, Cathy Clay, Ken Swayne, Lawana Day, Kathy Byrd, Dave Vinson, Susan Thomas, Marilyn Harper, Yolanda Sankey, H.L. Ford, Jane Stribling, Mary Monroe-Ellis, Caroline Best, Daryl Thomas, Allen Farvin, Mae Jean King.  Guest present:  Sydney Gingrow.


II. Suspension of Rules – Wanda Scarbro


Motion was made by Wanda Scarbro to suspend the rules so that Dr. Anthony Wise Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs could respond to faculty concerns; motion was unanimously passed.


III. Report of Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs about faculty concerns and questions from the floor – Anthony Wise


President Scarbro had submitted emails, without the writers’ names, of faculty concerns to Dr. Wise.  He was invited to come to this meeting to share/discuss his responses.  He categorized the concerns into four broad categories – technology, dual enrollment and career technology, site campuses, advising.


The college implemented several technological changes during summer 2007 that have major impacts on faculty.  A new course management system, Desire to Learn (D2L), was installed, Microsoft Office 2007 was installed in student computer labs and in several offices, and the Banner administrative software is still being installed.  Faculty using the D2L software are concerned about their student perceptions since technical issues with the system have resulted in problems for students.  Dr. Wise said that we can’t administer the faculty perception in the D2L system right now anyhow and that the earliest use of it would be Spring 2008.  Microsoft 2003 software is not compatible with Office 2007, which has caused problems for faculty trying to update course materials. 


Dr. Wise expects the dual enrollment opportunities to continue to increase.  One reason for the expected increase is due to the opening of the new Hardin Valley Academy.  The college has already had a meeting with its new principal to discuss possibilities for the high school students to complete more college level courses before their high school graduation.  This dual enrollment will provide more opportunities for the college’s career tech programs also.  Ideas about these possibilities should be given to Kathy Byrd.


The software load issue in the Division Street campus ERC has been resolved.  Parking is still a major issue, but there is not a quick solution to the problem.  The college’s master plan includes the acquisition of additional land as it becomes available around the campus.  The identification of land for a new campus in Blount County is still being discussed.  The issue should be addressed at the state’s building commission meeting in October.  Plans are to open a new Blount County campus in fall 2010. 


Advising procedures/plans will be revisited again this year.  Faculty expressed concerns about having to use Banner for fall advising and not having a screen similar to screen 105 in Banner.  A mock registration will be held Nov. 6 through the 8th and everyone is invited to participate.  Notification of students about dropped classes continues to be a challenge.  Possible solutions discussed were the development of a web page with a listing of cancelled classes or having staff in the Communication Center call students. 


Dr. Wise also entertained questions from the floor.  Lisa Bogaty expressed concern about business students not being able to take an EXCEL course due to the 60 hour limitation mandated by TBR.  The business students are required to know EXCEL before they transfer to UTK.


IV. Approval of Minutes – Mark Fuentes


Minutes of the July 18, 2007, meeting were approved with one change.  In section V. Unfinished Business b., the title of the award was changed from “Teacher of the Year” to the correct name of the award, “Outstanding Full-time Faculty.”   


V.  Officer Reports


Secretary – Nina McPherson had no report.


Communications – Ken Swayne


Ken is working on an updated listserv for full and part time faculty.


TBR Representative – Dave Vinson had no report.


President – Wanda Scarbro


President Scarbro expressed appreciation for Dr. Wise’s willingness to listen to faculty concerns.


Report on her meeting with Dr. Wise:


Dr. Edwards is still leaning towards accepting the JD degree as a terminal degree, but only if the professor is teaching in that field.  The decision should come within the next few weeks.


Full-time retired faculty working part time will not be paid at the full-time overload rate as opposed to the adjunct rate.  Dr. Edwards felt that it was not appropriate to use the overload rate for full-time faculty who were essentially working only part time.  The difference is only about $7 per hour, and at the highest level, the adjunct rate would actually be more.


Adjunct faculty received a 3% raise and are now paid at the following rates:

            Associate’s $485 to $500

            Bachelor’s $520 to $535

            Master’s  $545 to $560

            Ph.D $575 to $590


Four faculty offices in the ERC will be available; a lottery system will be used for assignments

The temporary portable office building has not arrived and no date was given to its expected arrival date



VI. Committee Reports


Adjunct Faculty – Jonathan Morrell/Jesse Wilkerson had no report.


Student Scholarships – Sue Anne Lewis, Diana Morrow, Vida Hashemian


Ken Swayne reported for the three co-chairs; MC 127 has been identified as the book storage room; book drop offs have been identified


Rules – Don Thomas


Donnie sent out some parliamentary information that the senate will follow in future meetings.


Nominating Committee – Nina McPherson had no report.


Promotion/Tenure – Anne Kinggard


Lisa Satterfield had to drop off of the committee because she is applying for a promotion this year; Anne asked for a new volunteer because this year is the last one that Anne and Teresa Fulcher are eligible committee members and a new person needs to learn the process before next year


Faculty Emeritus – Mark Fuentes had no report.


VII. Unfinished Business


Summer Issues:


5-week versus 4-week: The 5-week sessions will be dropped; two 4-week sessions and one 10-week session will be offered.  The 5-week courses did not increase enrollment as expected and the number of course offerings have declined.  A question about the effect of dropping the 4-week classes on the AHEAD program was raised; President Scarbro will follow-up with Dr. Wise about this concern. 


The 21 student rule in summer will be continued.  No one has been able to determine exactly how that number was decided upon, but President Scarbro will continue to investigate.  Essentially, the summer budget for teaching is quite high, and it is difficult to justify paying a full-time professor’s salary for a small number of students when an adjunct pay rate is much lower.  The 21 student rule is viewed as sort of a middle ground when considering the overall numbers of students per professors.


Reopening the Division Street campus is still not being considered a possibility by the college administration and will be discussed more fully during an October meeting with Dr. Wise and the Division Street faculty and staff.


VIII. New Business


Disability concerns with textbook adoptions: Recommendations for new text books in audio format will continue to be requested but some publishers do not provide this service; some faculty volunteered their time to record a textbook for a hearing impaired student.


Online faculty evaluation form will be addressed in the future.


IX. Discussion


Parliamentarian Don Thomas reminded attendees that no actions can be taken on discussion items except that motions can be made and voted on to move discussion items to New Business for the next Faculty Senate meeting.  Discussion is limited to five minutes per person and that all who wish to speak on an item can do so before someone is recognized for the second time.


There was more discussion about textbooks with ADA accessibilities.  Reading and writing faculty met to discuss new textbooks and eliminated one textbook immediately from consideration because there was not an audio version.  The art department also has problems finding appropriate textbooks.


A question was raised if the administration would consider conducting Fall 2008 faculty inservice activities via the web.  A motion was made and passed to add this topic to New Business for the next Faculty Senate meeting on October 24, 2007.


Discussion about the calendar for the summer terms included concerns about the ending and beginning dates of the 4-week terms.  As currently scheduled, there are no days between the end of the first 4-week term and the second 4-week term.  This spacing does not provide enough time for grading and posting of grades.  The current calendar also does not provide sufficient time for students who have already registered for the second 4-week term to make adjustments in their schedules if needed.  A motion was made and passed to add this topic to New Business for the next Faculty Senate meeting on October 24, 2007.


A problem with the Magnolia Avenue campus bookstore was discussed.  The bookstore was not open the day that financial aid checks were disbursed.  This caused many problems for students, especially those who do not have transportation to other campuses.  President Scarbro will discuss this matter with Ron Kesterson.


The amount of time faculty have to sign up for advising during the summer was discussed.  Faculty have to sign for time slots before class cancellations are decided upon and are still responsible for those time slots even if their classes have been cancelled.  Credit for that advising time is not carried forward.  A motion was made and passed to add advising issues, including the possibility of organizing a subcommittee, to study advising policies and procedures to New Business for the next Faculty Senate meeting on October 24, 2007.


There was discussion about changing the name of the college.  Possibilities discussed were Pellissippi College, Pellissippi State College, Pellissippi State Community College. 


X.  Announcements


Dr. Paula Short, TBR Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, has been invited again to come to a Faculty Senate meeting; the date of the meeting has not been confirmed yet.


Next meeting will be at 3:30 at the Division Street Campus.


XI. Adjournment


The meeting adjourned at 4:20 PM.