Faculty Senate Minutes

Meeting October 5, 2005

3:30 p.m.


I.                    Meeting was called to order by Jonathan Lamb at 3:31 p.m. The following senators were present: Mary Monroe-Ellis, Bill Brewer, Bob Stern, Rick Patton, Paul Ramp, Anne Swantzlander, Rick Bower, Kathy Byrd, Lawana Day, Sydney Gingrow, Wanda Scarbro, Ashley Boone, Katherine Harper, Liz McCowan, Matt Thompson, Carol Brenner, Judy Fethe, Jonathan Lamb, Anne Kinggard, Dave Vinson, Garry Pennycuff, David Gilbert, Maggie Jenkins, Ken Swayne, Pat Zingg. Non Senators present: Donnie Thomas.

II.                 Minutes from the September 7, 2005 meeting were approved as read.

III.               Officer Reports:

a.       Secretary: none

b.      Communications Officer Faculty Senate web page updates are ongoing.

c.       TBR Representative: Dave Vinson reported that the TBR sub council meets Friday October 14. Senators should let him know of any issues that need to be presented for consideration. Dave will check with the sub council to asses whether any action has been taken to centralize on- line courses within the TBR system. Dave stated that Audrey Williams is working on the web C.T. revisions committee. Please direct any ideas/concerns to Audrey.

d.      President: Mary Monroe-Ellis reported the following: October pay checks should reflect pay raises. Campus time can be used for off-campus personal appointments etc. if made up at a later date.


IV.              Committee Reports:

a.       Adjunct Faculty: none

b.      Student Scholarship: none

c.       Rules: none

d.      Evaluation: Wanda Scarbro reported that there are some concerns that the current process for classroom evaluations of instructors by Department Heads is not appropriate for the evaluation of instruction for on -line courses. The Evaluation Committee will be meeting to evaluate the document and procedure and will make suggestions for changes.

e.       Nominating Committee: Bill Brewer reported that this committee will function in the spring semester.

f.        Promotion Tenure: none

g.       High Performance Teaching: none


V.                 Unfinished Business: After some discussion of the process for Department Head evaluation it was reinforced that the Faculty Senate should strongly encourage the faculty to submit an evaluation of their Department Head annually to Dr. Bruns.

Mary Monroe-Ellis will meet with Karen Queener to clarify the process for faculty who need accommodations for disability/illness.

Senators reported that the majority of faculty responding to the issue of moving to a plus/minus grading scale was not in favor of the scale.


VI.              Paul Ramp made the motion that the Senate adopt the following rule: At least one member of each standing committee must be a member of the Senate. Motion passed.

There was discussion on the need for a policy on the last day to enter a class, specifically for on -line courses. The Senate will send this concern to the Curriculum Committee for review.

The Senate will ask Dr. Bruns to look into relaxing the rule that full time faculty must be present on campus five days each week even if there is a day when no classes are scheduled for the instructor. This concern stems from the current gas price situation.

The Faculty Senate needs to revisit the need for schedule revisions to accommodate certain programs that are having difficulty scheduling labs etc. at time that are convenient for students. Garry Pennycuff will chair a committee to review this and make suggestions for changes. Representative from each department are needed for this committee.