Faculty Senate


October 21, 2009, 3:30 PM; Division Street Campus; DV 220




I.          Call to Order                                                 Tom Gaddis


The meeting was called to order by Tom Gaddis. Members in attendance: Mark Fuentes (President), Wanda Scarbro (Past President), Dave Vinson (TBR Rep), Donn King (Parliamentarian), Mae Jean King (BCT), Joe Zitka (BCT), Trent Eades (English), Lawana Day (English), Sydney Gingrow (English),  Marilyn Harper (LA), Linda Streebeck (Math), Meg Moss (Math), Ron Bridges (NBS), Brad Rose (NBS), Jean Jackson (Library Services), Trish Roller (Transitional Studies), Tom Gaddis (Business Officer/Division Street), Ashey Boone (Blount County), Jane Stribling (Magnolia Avenue), William Gwin (Adjunct Faculty). Guest: Bob Stern


II.        Approval of Minutes : Tom Gaddis

            The previous minutes were approved without objection.


III.       Officer Reports:

                  Secretary: Jean Jackson – No Report


                  Communications: Ken Swayne – No Report


                  TBR Representative: Dave Vinson

Dave will be attending the subcouncil meeting on Friday. Presentation of the A-100 Guidelines is an agenda item. Dave has not yet seen the official document but he will summarize after the meeting. Reorganization is on the agenda as a discussion item.


                  President: Mark Fuentes

§ President Fuentes announced a new Text-A-Librarian service available for library reference assistance. Text requests may be sent to 66746 and the message should begin with “pslib.” This information is available on the Library’s web page.

§ Attendance was good for the ACT prep class held October 10.

§ Deadline for submission of grades is 4:30 p.m. on the Friday following the last day of exams (this semester that is December 18). President Fuentes will discuss the email usually sent out that lists faculty members who have not submitted grades with Melanie Paradise soon.

§ From Learning Council:

o   Dr. Short at TBR is looking for ways to streamline and simplify processes. Send any suggestions to your department heat.

o   Please copy Don Amos when submitting textbook lists to the bookstore. This will allow some time for Services for Students With Disabilities to get texts for those who need an alternative format.

o   Windows 7 is scheduled for release this week. According to Jerry Bryan, the College is planning to upgrade to Windows 7 in fall 2010. Check software used for your classes for compatibility.

§ At the September meeting, Faculty Senate approved a motion to support the Tennessee Community College Faculty Senates’ Position on Reorganization of Higher Education in Tennessee and Response to the TUFS Position Paper. This document has now been approved by the faculty of all the community colleges and it will be sent forward to the governor and the legislature. The AAUP is helping with this process. So far, there has been no information from the governor’s office regarding reorganization.

§ My Pellissippi is currently listing tentative course offerings for spring and summer semesters. Keep in mind that these are tentative.

§ Several faculty members who have received phishing emails and contacted Helpdesk to discuss the messages approached President Fuentes concerned because the information they received from Helpdesk included that those who respond to such messages would have their email accounts suspended. He discussed Information Services’ policy regarding response to phishing emails with Jerry Bryan. Helpdesk regularly sends reminders to all users that the college will never ask for such information to be submitted via email and asking users not to reply to these messages. In the past those who have replied have had their accounts suspended during the cleaning process. In one case, the same faculty member replied to a phishing email for a second time and the account was indefinitely suspended. While Information Technology Services is able to block many such messages from reaching users, it is not technically possible to catch them all. They will keep adding additional safeguards in an effort to minimize the messages.

§ The change in adjunct faculty participation in the nomination and voting process for the outstanding faculty awards that senate voted to support last month will be effective for the awards process this year.

§ The issue of providing locked bins for disposal of sensitive materials that was discussed last month is being reviewed by administration.

§ From President’s Staff: In regard to the discussion about the collective hosting of Banner, Pellissippi plans to host our own. The new message board have been approved and installation is scheduled.

§ Promotion/Tenure Notebooks: President Fuentes had a lot of response from those wanting to submit notebooks electronically. It is being reviewed.

§ Trent Eades proposed a faculty lecture series. Development of such a series might appropriately fall within the function of the Faculty Development Committee. Trent will join the Faculty Development Committee and incorporate the Lecture Series Committee as a sub-committee of Faculty Development Committee.

§ The Employee Development Committee asked for input on a couple of items related to the “Outstanding” awards:

o   Having all employees vote for all awards rather than the current practice:

Joe Zitka made a motion, seconded by Ashley Boone, to allow all employees to vote for nominees in all categories. The motion passed.

o   Information displayed on the ballot about each nominee:  Trent Eades made a motion, seconded by Lawana Day, that the information written by the nominator be included on the ballot. The motion passed.

§ Web load hours have been much discussed. Dr Wise is in favor of balancing load hours but he has asked this body for a suggested “number” as a cap for web courses. There are issues that make it difficult to suggest one number that is both suitable and agreeable across the curriculum. Wanda Scarbro noted that a lot of information and statistics were previously gathered on this issue that might be useful in reaching a median. Wanda agreed to head a committee to look into web load hours and suggest a cap.

§ 75% attendance rule. President Fuentes was asked to discuss the need for keeping this rule in view of the request to employ flexibility this year in dealing with absences due to illness. The origin of the rule is uncertain. Many faculty members have more stringent attendance rules. Senate takes no position at this time.

IV.       Committee Reports:

                  Adjunct Faculty: Jonathan Morrell/William Gwin – No Report


                  Student Scholarships: David Key – No Report


                  Rules: Donn King – No Report


                  Nominating Committee: Jean Jackson

The committee is reviewing text for the announcement that nominations are open for the office of President Elect. The first announcement will go out by the end of the month. Nominations will be open until the first senate meeting of spring semester.


                  Promotion/Tenure: Mae Jean King

The calendar has been sent to Dr. Wise for approval and hopefully it will go to the departmental deans by the end of the week.


                  Faculty Development: Ron Bridges

-Trent Eades has joined the committee and will create a sub-committee for the faculty lecture series.

-The faculty survey is being finalized by the Institutional Effectiveness, Research and Planning Office.


                  Faculty Bill of Rights Ad Hoc: Anita Maddox – No Report


                  Budget Ad Hoc: Wanda Scarbro – No Report.


V.        Unfinished Business:

                  Constitution Changes

A motion is on the floor from the September meeting that the proposed amendments and editorial changes to the Faculty Senate Constitution be adopted.


The motion was approved. The changes will be effective immediately.


VI.       New Business:

                  Mileage Reimbursement for Adjuncts

Trent Eades made a motion, seconded by Sydney Gingrow, that the following resolution be approved:


      WHEREAS, Deans at Pellissippi State Community College have reported that it is difficult to recruit adjunct faculty to teach dual-enrollment courses; and


      WHEREAS, One major reason for this difficulty in recruiting is that adjunct faculty are not reimbursed for mileage as their fulltime counterparts are; and


      WHEREAS, The cost of reimbursing adjunct faculty teaching dual-enrollment for appropriate mileage is relatively low; Therefore be it


      RESOLVED, That the Faculty Senate of Pellissippi State Community College recommends that adjunct faculty teaching dual-enrollment courses be reimbursed for mileage according to the same guidelines by which fulltime faculty are reimbursed for mileage.



                  The motion was approved.


Nominations for Faculty Awards – This item was dealt with during the President’s report.


                  Transitional Studies Department Representation

President Fuentes moved that the Transitional Studies Department be allowed to elect a second representative to Faculty Senate. This is a growing department that is expected to have at least 15 faculty members by fall. There was a question about what would happen should the number of faculty decline.


Dave Vinson moved (seconded by Joe Zitka) that action on the motion be postponed until the November meeting as the new A-100 Guidelines may affect the number of math modules. The motion to postpone was approved.


                  Flu Shots

It was noted that there were no opportunities scheduled for flu shots at the site campuses.


VII.     Announcements:

Next meeting: November 18, 2009 – 3:30 p.m. – Pellissippi Campus, Faculty/Staff Dining Room


VIII.    Adjourned at 4:40 p.m.