Faculty Senate Minutes

Meeting – October 24, 2007

Division Street, Room 140

3:30 p.m.

I.  Call to Order 


Meeting was called to order by Mark Fuentes at 3:30 p.m. Senators in attendance: Wanda Scarbro, Mary Monroe-Ellis, Mark Fuentes, Nina McPherson, Ken Swayne, Donnie Thomas, Dave Vinson, Denise Reed, Mae Jean King, Sami Ghezawi, Susan Thomas, Lawana Day, Charles Miller, Anita Maddox, Anne Kinggard, Caroline Best, Daryl Thomas, Judy Fethe, Cathy Clay, Yolanda Sankey, Garry Pennycuff, Kathy Byrd, Jane Stribling, Jonathan Morrell.  Guest present:  David Walton.


II. Suspension of Rules – Wanda Scarbro


Motion was made by Wanda Scarbro to suspend the rules so that Dave Walton, Director of Facilities, could discuss the college’s new smoking policy.  The motion was unanimously passed.


III. Report about new smoking policy from Director of Facilities– Dave Walton


Dave Walton provided some background and answered questions about the college’s new no smoking policy.  Although it is a controversial issue, similar policies are being implemented at a lot of colleges now.  President Edwards did not want to purchase some type of shelter for smokers’ use.  The selection of authorized smoking locations was discussed.  The safety of people crossing streets to get to a smoking area was also considered by the administration in the location decision.  Faculty expressed concern about the inequity of spaces and the parity of distances to get to smoking locations.  One of the smoking areas is beside the Goins and ERC buildings rather than a location closer to the classroom buildings.  Questions were raised about the prohibition of smoking even in private vehicles since people have been admonished by security about that occurrence.  Mr. Walton said that this policy was in an early draft but should have been removed from the final policy.  He will discuss its removal with the appropriate individuals. Mr. Walton was asked about the consequences of disregarding the policy.  Vice presidents will handle personnel problems in their respective areas, and student complaints will be forwarded to Mike North.  Mr. Walton said that security officers have been trained about the policy and how to approach people who are violating the policy.  If people do not provide identification when requested by security, city or county police will be called, and trespass warrants can be filed.  All things considered, implementation of the no smoking policy has gone very smoothly.


IV. Approval of Minutes – Mark Fuentes


Minutes of the September 19, 2007, meeting were approved with one change.  Section VII. Unfinished Business, Summer Issues, should read “two 4-week and one 8-week session will be offered” instead of one 10-week session.


V.  Officer Reports


Secretary – Nina McPherson had no report.


Communications – Ken Swayne


Ken reported that FSENATE-L is the listserv that contains all full-time and adjunct faculty.  This is the listserv that he will use to distribute minutes and other communications.


TBR Representative – Dave Vinson

Dave reported that his notes about the TBR faculty forum held July 13 will be posted to the FSENATE-L listserv tomorrow, Oct. 25.  He appreciated the help he received from Kathy Byrd in compiling his notes.  A TBR Sub council is scheduled for Friday, Oct. 26.


President – Wanda Scarbro

Dr. Wise met with Division St. faculty and staff on Oct. 4 to discuss several issues; Division St. summer usage and parking problems being the main items of discussion.  In addition to wanting the Division St. campus open for summer classes, faculty would also like easier access in the summer even if classes are not offered on the campus.  If faculty are going to teach in the summer, it is cumbersome to take all of the course materials they will need out of their offices at the end of spring term.  It is very difficult to get back into the building during the summer to retrieve other materials.  Air conditioning zones are alternated throughout the building which has caused computer problems.  However, it does not appear that re-opening is a possibility at this time.  Faculty were also concerned about the lack of parking.  There have been neighborhood complaints also.  The college would like to purchase land in the area for additional parking.


A new textbook committee met on Oct. 8 in response to TBR’s mandate that each college have such a committee now.  The college’s current textbook policy will be revised to reflect TBR’s desire to minimize costs including the way bundled products are selected.  Textbook options to accommodate disabled students are also a consideration.  A draft of the proposed policy will be available soon.


The observation form used for evaluation of online faculty, although not officially voted upon by faculty senate yet, needs to be placed in the pipeline for approval by the president’s staff.  Donnie Thomas moved to accept the policy as written and forward it to Learning Council.  The motion was passed unanimously.


At the October 9 Learning Council meeting, Dr. Edwards announced a new organizational structure for the college.  A new Vice President of Student Success and Enrollment Services will be hired through a publicized external and internal search.  Responsibilities will include student judicial affairs, director of the site campuses and supervision of two assistant vice presidents, Assistant Vice President for Student Success (counseling, TRIO, Student Life and Recreation) and Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Services.  Another new Assistant Vice President of Learning position, responsible for articulation, advising, curriculum changes will be created under the Vice President of Academic Affairs; this position will also have an internal and external search.  Department Head job titles will change to Dean, without any extra compensation.  A Dean of Transitional Studies position will also be appointed to provide support services for developmental students.  Faculty with appropriate credentials could teach in the Transitional Studies department as well as another academic department.  Six new tech positions for Banner activities are also being created. 


Concerns about the Magnolia Ave. campus bookstore were discussed with Ron Kesterson.  The bookstore is open for three weeks at the beginning of the semester and during book buy back days at the end of the semester.  Historically, business has been very slow at other times, without enough business to cover the cost of personnel salary to keep it open.  Items can be delivered through the courier service if requested in a timely manner.  The bookstore provides bluebooks and Harbrace English folders at no cost to students in the front office.  People are encouraged to discuss other bookstore concerns to Ron Kesterson, Linda King, or Richard McCrary. 


At the October 23 Learning Council meeting, the impact of the opening of the new Hardin Valley Academy on traffic was discussed.  The possibility of changing start times for classes was discussed.  This topic was moved to the New Business section of the Faculty Senate agenda.


The possibility for discussion of changing the college’s name was discussed with Dr. Wise.  He said this is not a viable concern at this time.


President Scarbro discussed the oversight of appointing a Nominating Committee at the first Faculty Senate meeting for the year.  Anne Kinggard, Mary-Monroe Ellis, and Donnie Thomas volunteered to be on the committee.


Letters from student recipients of the Faculty Senate scholarships were read.  Students were very appreciative and conveyed the impact on their lives the scholarships will have.


VI. Committee Reports


Adjunct Faculty – Jonathan Morrell/Jesse Wilkerson had no report.


Student Scholarships – Sami Ghezawi reported that the planned renovations of the Pellissippi Campus student lounge does not have a start date yet so the book sale is still scheduled for that location; drop off locations for materials have not been finalized yet.


Rules – Don Thomas had no report


Nominating Committee – Nina McPherson had no report; Anne Kinggard, Mary Monroe-Ellis, and Donnie Thomas volunteered to be committee members.


Promotion/Tenure – Anne Kinggard reported that plans are proceeding; faculty who are eligible have been notified.  Anne reported that faculty packets will be available in the conference room in the Bagwell Building, which is opened with a DF12 key and that the room can be accessed on the weekends.  Susan Thomas volunteered to replace Lisa Satterfield as a committee member.


Faculty Emeritus – Mark Fuentes reported that he had had a brief meeting with President Edwards but that there was still work to be done.


VII. Unfinished Business


There was no unfinished business.



VIII. New Business


Calendar for summer terms:  President Scarbro reported that Dennis Adams at the last Learning Council meeting asked for input on whether the college should change class starting times because of concerns about heavy traffic in the area when Hardin Valley Academy opens in 2008.  A decision needs to be made soon because of printing schedules and Banner coming online.  Several options were discussed.  President Scarbro will email all faculty the options and ask that they give their input to their respective Senator(s).


After a poll of Learning Council members, Dr. Wise announced at the Oct. 23 Learning Council meeting that the summer session 2008 has been altered.  The second session will begin June 26 and run through July 24, which provides two dead days between the four-week sessions for grading and correct placement of students in second session courses.


 President Scarbro also reported that the AHEAD program will follow its own schedule of five week terms.


Delivery of In-service:  Donnie Thomas moved to table this discussion until the next Faculty Senate meeting because of time considerations.  Motion was passed with a vote of 16 yeas, 4 no’s, and 1 abstention.


Advising Issues:   President Scarbro discussed with Dr. Wise the possibility of an ad hoc committee to review advising procedures.  Dr. Wise felt that if Banner works correctly, many current issues will go away.  Hopefully, a lot of new student advising will be handled by staff during the summer, and returning students will continue to be advised by faculty.  President Scarbro had also talked to Cheryl Slayden about some questions concerning the amount of time faculty must advise in the summer, but Cheryl said that the amount of time required has not changed recently.  Some faculty voiced concern about completing advising hours during the summer, and then, their classes do not make.  If faculty notify her, Cheryl said that they can receive credit for those hours for their fall advising hours.  The issue of faculty teaching in June but having to advise during July is still a concern.


IX. Discussion


Efficacy of online courses in general:  Donnie Thomas moved to table this discussion until the next Faculty Senate meeting because of time considerations.  Motion passed with a vote of 18yeas, and 3 nos.



X.  Announcements


Next meeting will be on Wednesday, November 28th, at 3:30 PM in the Faculty-Staff Dining Room at the Pellissippi Campus.


XI. Adjournment


The meeting adjourned at 5:10 PM.