Faculty Senate Minutes

Meeting November 8, 2006

3:30 p.m.



I.                    Meeting was called to order by Jonathan Lamb at 3:30 p.m. Senators in attendance: Ashley Boone, Rick Bower, Carol Brenner, Bill Brewer, Lawana Day, Judy Fethe, Mark Fuentes, Ramzi Ghezawi, David Gilbert, Sydney Gingrow, Katherine Harper, Maggie Jenkins, Anne Kinggard, Jonathan Lamb, Mary Monroe-Ellis, Jonathan Morell, Rick Patton, Garry Pennycuff, Paul Ramp, Wanda Scarbro, Bob Stern, Anne Swartzlander, Donnie Thomas, Dave Vinson, Pat Zingg.

II.                 Minutes were approved.

III.               Officer Reports:

a.       Secretary: none

b.      Communications Officer: none

c.       TBR Representative:

- Letter distributed with the results of the informal polling of faculty for input for

the interim Academic VP.

- Sub council: Teleconference about tuition cap vs. students continuing to pay by hour over 12 hours. Driven by Banner requirements. There is cost involved to be paid by the institutions for a software fix to allow an hour cap. A report is being prepared to be sent to faculty via email.

d.      President:

- From learning council, there was discussion about changing the calendar to start the Thursday before Martin Luther King Jr. Day instead of the Tuesday after.

- Pellissippi purchased adjacent land on Hardin Valley after the state had condemned the property.

IV.              Committee Reports:

a.       Adjunct Faculty: Information was shared on what other TBR institutions do concerning adjunct pay. Discussion on adjunct pay will be tabled until spring. There is concern about where adjuncts can meet with their students for help outside of class. They cannot tutor in the large shared office areas or reserve the study rooms in the ERC, so there was discussion on possible options.

b.      Student Scholarships: none

c.       Rules: There was discussion on how input can be obtained by the Senate when it is needed before the Faculty Senate has a meeting.

d.      Nominating Committee: none

e.       Promotion/Tenure: The first meeting with department reps will be on Friday, November 10. Policies and procedures have been updated.

f.        Calendar Committee: none

V.                 Unfinished Business:

a.       Faculty Emeritus:

Mark Fuentes will send out a request for volunteers to serve on a committee to revise the faculty emeritus policy.

b.      Web course maximum enrollment:

There was discussion if the faculty senate should make a statement with concerns over no cap on web enrollment. It was decided that we would wait and see how this went in spring and see if this needs to be revisited.


VI.              Rules were briefly suspended since we had a guest, Charles Miller:

Concerns were discussed involving college public relations and marketing. Things are being sent incorrectly or not in a timely manner. For example, press releases being sent out the day before a production. Marketing seems to be the main concern. This department has gone through reorganization. The faculty senate President will discuss this with Dr. Bruns and faculty senate will revisit at the next meeting.

VII.            Unfinished Business Continued:

a.       Noise from PAC: This is being seriously addressed. Changes include guidelines for amps, bookings during finals, exploring bass levels, etc. Contracts are being amended.

VIII.         New Business:

a.       VP Selection: Interim Academic VP will be announced by the end of the week, the person has been selected. There will be a national search. The procedures will be emailed. Everyone at Pellissippi will be able to look at the packets. There will be faculty involvement on the search committee.

b.      Flex benefit: The flex benefit is now through the old vendor.

c.       Allocation of Space: There will be changes in the ERC including office space being taken for testing, computer labs being redirected. Office space at the Pellissippi Campus is getting tight, especially with the anticipation of 10 new faculty positions in the upcoming year.

IX.              The next meeting will be at the Pellissippi Campus on November 29.

X.                 The meeting was adjourned at 4:45 p.m.