Faculty Senate


November 17, 2010, 3:30 PM

Pellissippi Campus

Faculty/Staff Dining Room



I. Call to Order: Tom Gaddis

The meeting was called to order by Tom Gaddis.


Members in attendance: Mark Fuentes (President), Ron Bridges (President Elect), Dave Vinson (TBR Rep), Donn King (Parliamentarian), Rick Barber (BCT), Deanne Michaelson (BCT), Joe Zitka (BCT), Sami Ghezawi (EMT), Ken Swayne (EMT), Lawana Day (English), Trent Eades (English), Sydney Gingrow (English), Marilyn Harper (LA), Anita Maddox (LA), Mike Rose (LA), Bob Stern (Math), Linda Streebeck (Math), Joan Jackson (NBS), Brad Rose (NBS), Kimberly Wilks (Nursing), Jean Jackson (Library Services), Pam Smith (Transitional Studies), Amy Tankersley (Transitional Studies), Tom Gaddis (Business Officer/Division Street), William Gwin (Adjunct Faculty).


Guest: Sara Salyers


Suspension of Rules

The rules were suspended to allow Dr. Anthony Wise, Vice President of Learning, to update Senate on several issues.

         Work is progressing on the universal articulation agreements mandated by the Complete College Tennessee Act of 2010. Fourteen to nineteen agreements have been approved by most administrative units with the exception of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Until they are approved by UTK, we will use our current articulation agreements. There will be around 40 universal articulation agreements. Colleges will still have the ability to negotiate individual agreements in subject areas not covered by a universal agreement.

         Pellissippi State has applied for $8.5 million in federal funds through the Community College Special Capital Outlay Program for the purchase of the site for the proposed East Campus. If this funding is not forthcoming, the College still plans to pursue the purchase of the site.

         Enrollment for spring is currently 15-20% ahead of this time last year.

         The new funding formula will be used for the next budget cycle. It is a concern of community college presidents that money from community colleges will pass to universities. Allocation of funds is still being discussed. Presidents are asking that funding allocations for community colleges and universities be separated so that we are only competing with other community colleges for available funds. A shortfall of $5 million is expected next year. Some of the loss will be offset by increases in tuition and fees. The University of Tennessee is pressing for employee pay increases.


II. Approval of Minutes: Tom Gaddis

The minutes of the October 20 meeting were approved without objection.


III. Officer Reports:

Secretary: Jean Jackson No report


Communications: Ken Swayne No report


TBR Representative: Dave Vinson


Dave Vinson sent documents and notes relating to the work of the UT/TBR Articulation Council to faculty via email yesterday. The official articulation agreements will become effective fall 2011.


Dave is working on a report from the October 22 Faculty Subcouncil meeting and he will distribute it soon.


President: Mark Fuentes


         The college is reviewing the Signals program. It would be added to Banner to help track student progress. The program would require a significant investment and might entail a lot of additional work. There will be a demo in the spring.

         Jim Simpson from Florida State College at Jacksonville reviewed college data and programs. He suggested actions including elimination of the graduation fee, looking at hidden prerequisites, and discussing certificate programs that might impact the graduation rate.

         The mission statement has been revised.

         Dr. Edwards sent the draft of the Academic Freedom Policy to TBR Legal for review. TBR Legal sent it to the board for review.

         Action on the status of the United Campus Workers union is also in the hands of TBR. Apparently other schools have asked TBR for guidance.


IV. Committee Reports:

Adjunct Faculty: William Gwin No report


Student Scholarships: Bob Stern

The problem of book storage for the sale was again discussed. The faculty lounge in the McWherter Building may be used for book storage. Suggestions for other means of fundraising for student scholarships are welcome. The book sale has tentatively been scheduled for March 16-17 at Pellissippi Campus. Sales at site location will be held on the usual dates before spring break.


Rules: Donn King No report


Nominating Committee: Jean Jackson No report


Promotion/Tenure: Jane Stribling

Calendars have been distributed and the process is underway.


Faculty Development: Ron Bridges

The next webinar scheduled for this semester, 23 Practical Strategies to Help New Faculty Thrive, will be on Monday, November 22, from 1:00-2:30 p.m. in AL 206.

Encourage new faculty to attend. Discussion after the program is often useful.


A webinar on service learning has also been scheduled. President Fuentes will send further information via email. The idea of producing a webinar from here may be explored.


Faculty Lecture Series: Trent Eades

The semester's last regular lecture in the series was presented last week by Teresa Fulcher to a packed house. A lecture co-sponsored by the Common Academic Experience, Gnosis, and The Faculty Lecture Series -- "Searching for the Sublime," will be presented by Trent Eades at 3:30 p.m., Dec. 10, in the Goins Building Auditorium. There have been some technical problems with the closed-circuit feed to the overflow location (Cafeteria Annex) this year. The PAC is not as easy to schedule but a couple of lectures have been scheduled in the PAC next year.


V. Discussion:

Fac_Staff Listserv

The listserv will continue to be moderated. For a message to be distributed it has to be related to college business and be relevant to everyone on the list including student workers. If formal guidelines for use of the list are requested, it will become formal policy. That is not a desired outcome. Faculty Senate will not ask for formal guidelines but will continue to object to list moderation.


Student Perceptions

There is concern about the non-secured and non-standardized process for handling the student perceptions survey. This year boxes were left unmonitored in a hallway overnight. The difference in format of the survey that is offered for online completion by the Transitional Studies Department might contribute to an inequity in results. It was noted that Transitional Studies is piloting the online completion of the survey this year, as an online survey is being considered for future use across the college. No motion was made but instead President Fuentes was asked to discuss the matter at Learning Council. He will report results of the discussion.


Lead Teachers

In at least one department, lead teacher have responsibility for supervising and scheduling adjuncts. Is this an issue in other departments? It does not appear to be wide-spread. Send any suggestion to President Fuentes.


Adjunct Representation

Adjunct faculty are entitled to two representatives to Senate. Sara Salyers came to this meeting to get an understanding of how adjunct representatives are elected and to express the sense of alienation that adjuncts often feel. In the past it has been difficult to get adjunct representatives because they volunteer their time to attend Senate meeting and they tend to have other jobs and obligations that make attendance difficult. Adjunct faculty seats on Senate have usually been filled by soliciting volunteers from among adjuncts. There was concern expressed that one of the current adjunct faculty senators has been unable to attend many meeting. President Fuentes will seek input from adjuncts regarding the election process to fill future vacancies.





VI. Unfinished Business:

There is no unfinished business.


VII. New Business:


Conversion of Library Space to Offices


As background, in August, administration informed Library Services that approximately 25 spaces for temporary adjunct faculty offices would be set up in the second floor, quiet study area of the library using existing library furniture. Also after fall semester, it was intended that another library area on the second floor would be permanently converted to offices for adjunct faculty. Jean Jackson moved that a resolution from Library Services be approved. After discussion and amendment, the resolution was approved as follows:

Whereas, At a time when more emphasis is being placed on student success and retention, the administration of Pellissippi State Community College has made a firm and non-negotiable decision to permanently convert to office space a part of the Library that includes open study space, three very heavily used study rooms for student group collaboration and supplemental instruction activities, and access to parts of the print collection supporting academic research;


Whereas, This decision comes at a time of growing enrollment when the need for physical space for student scholarship continues to increase;


Whereas, Administrative disregard for classroom-related academic support of students and accessibility of print resources is further demonstrated by their dictum that this space be vacated and ready for the remodeling project in the midst of an academic year so that the project can get underway during the Christmas break/semester interim; and


Whereas, It seems to be of negligible concern to administration that approximately 38,000 volumes (approximately 14.25 tons of books) would need to be moved in order to keep the materials most logically shelved so that students can find them and that movement of this kind is disruptive to service during an academic year, or that the subject areas affected support major parts of our curricular offerings (philosophy, history, business, social sciences, political science, law, education, music, art, and language and literature); Therefore be it


Resolved, That the faculty of Pellissippi State Community College support our library colleagues in expressing our absolute sorrow and disgust at this decision which takes away needed student space and forces us to provide less service, and at the evident lack of administrative regard for support of student needs that the decision embodies; and


Resolved, that we strongly urge the administration to consider alternative and equitable space elsewhere for adjunct faculty offices.






Adjunct Faculty Representation

Joe Zitka moved that adjunct faculty representative, Jonathan Morrell, be recalled from Faculty Senate due to non-attendance according to the terms of the Faculty Senate Constitution. The motion was approved.


President Fuentes will communicate this decision and will solicit nominations from adjunct faculty to fill this vacancy for the remainder of the term.


VIII. Announcements

The next meeting is scheduled for January 26, 2011 at 3:30 p.m. at the Magnolia Avenue Campus, room TBA.


IX. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 5:20.