Faculty Senate


November 18, 2009, 3:30 p.m.          Pellissippi Campus        Faculty/Staff Dining Room



I.          Call to Order: Tom Gaddis


The meeting was called to order by Tom Gaddis. Members in attendance: Mark Fuentes (President), Wanda Scarbro (Past President), Donn King (Parliamentarian), Mae Jean King (BCT), Joe Zitka (BCT), Rick Barber (BCT), Ken Swayne (EMT), Trent Eades (English), Lawana Day (English), Sydney Gingrow (English), Anita Maddox (LA), David Keys (LA), Linda Streebeck (Math), Meg Moss (Math), Ann Preston (Math), Ron Bridges (NBS), Michael Lusk (NBS), Brad Rose (NBS), Jean Jackson (Library Services), Trish Roller (Transitional Studies), Tom Gaddis (Business Officer/Division Street), Ashey Boone (Blount County), Jane Stribling (Magnolia Avenue), William Gwin (Adjunct Faculty). Guests: Bob Stern, Mary Monroe Ellis


II.        Approval of Minutes: Tom Gaddis


            Senate approved amendment of the previous minutes to correct typos as follows:

            Under section III. Officer Reports: President:

§ From Learning Council, first bulleted item, second sentence should read: Send any suggestions to your department head.

§ From President’s Staff: The second sentence should read: The new message boards have…


The minutes were approved as amended.


III.       Officer Reports:

                  Secretary: Jean Jackson – No Report


                  Communications: Ken Swayne

Ken has redesigned faculty-l to accommodate requests for a listserv that reaches both full-time and adjunct faculty.


                  TBR Representative: Dave Vinson

President Fuentes reported that Dave is attending a meeting at TBR that will include further discussion of the A100 Guidelines. There is currently nothing to add to the reports that Dave sent out via email regarding the A100 Guidelines and budget matters following the October TBR Sub-Council meeting.











                  President: Mark Fuentes

§ A100 Guidelines: These are still draft, nothing is final. Pellissippi State is in a better position to be in compliance than many other schools due to the work done in establishing the Transitional Studies Department.

§ To clarify the item regarding flu shots from last month’s meeting, there were efforts to schedule shots at site locations. Not enough people signed up to schedule at Division Street.

§ Dr. Mark Milliron is here consulting on various college projects including the QEP and the Five-Year Strategic Plan. Faculty members have asked to see the college’s P.O. or contract with Dr. Milliron as there is a desire to know the source of the funding and the amount of payment. Ron Kesterson indicated that Faculty Senate would need to submit a formal request in order to view the document.


Sydney Gingrow made a motion that a letter asking to see the P.O. paying Dr. Milliron be sent to Ron Kesterson. Ken Swayne seconded. The motion was approved.

§ We are still looking for a number to propose as a cap for web courses. Wanda Scarbro is reviewing a lot of statistics from Sharon Yarbrough.

§ Suggestions for the QEP may be sent to President Fuentes, submitted via email to the QEP committee chair (qep@pstcc.edu), or submitted via the blog (http://blogs.pstcc.edu/qep/).

§ Adjunct Issues:

--Since it was previously determined that adjunct faculty are not eligible for fee waivers due to state regulation, it has been asked if they can audit classes. The answer is also no, due to the same regulation. However, President Fuentes was told that it is acceptable for a faculty member interested in a course to sit in with the permission of the instructor and provided that a seat is not taken from a student.

--There was also a question as to why adjunct faculty must pay technology access, student activity, and other fees when registering for a class though they do not use the services. These fees are required of all student enrolled for credit or audit.

§ Administration is working on a process for providing faculty at all campus locations with access to locked bins for the disposal of sensitive material.

§ President Fuentes spoke to Jerry Bryan regarding a rumor that IT plans to limit the number of pages that students, faculty, and staff may print each year. Mr. Bryan said that there is concern with the waste in student printing that has been noted in computer labs. Students print volumes of pages that they never pick up. Funds from Technology Access Fees cannot be used to pay for paper and toner used in computer labs or the library so it comes from the college budget. IT does plan to monitor the number of pages printed by students in some computer labs and in the library in the spring in order to gather data on student printing. No limitations or fees are currently planned.

§ From Learning Council: Austin Peay has a custom program within Banner that identifies students having academic problems and makes it possible to produce a report that might be useful in facilitating early intervention and assistance. Is this something that Faculty Senate wants to investigate and recommend for Pellissippi State?


Anita Maddox made a motion, seconded by Ashley Boone, that President Fuentes gather additional information for review. The motion was approved.

§ Classes meeting on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving will follow the regular Wednesday meeting schedule. This is a change in practice from the past several years, when classes meeting that day followed the Monday schedule.

§ There has been significant interest on the part of faculty in submitting promotion-tenure notebooks in electronic format. It was reported that Cleveland State Community College has tried a couple of different methods of electronic submission – creating folders for each department and having documents scanned and saved to the folder, and also by saving documents to CD for submission. Using D2L might also be a viable alternative. Both Dr. Wise and Dr. Edwards are supportive if the faculty wants to pursue this. There were still concerns about privacy and about making electronic submission a requirement for everyone.


Brad Rose made the following motion, seconded by Meg Moss:

Faculty Senate supports a one-year pilot period (with the option of extending the trial period), during which faculty members will be offered the alternative of submitting promotion-tenure packets in electronic format.


The motion was approved.

§ At the request of some faculty at Magnolia Avenue Campus, President Fuentes inquired about the possibility of removing the old lockers at that location. The lockers are welded shut. Removing the lockers is cost prohibitive. It was noted that the Testing Center here offers lockers that student can use for storage of items that cannot be taken into the testing area. Testing has suggested that some of the lockers at Magnolia could be opened for the same use at that campus. President Fuentes will check.

§ Administration is working on the new Five-Year Strategic Plan. The assumptions of the plan are as follows:

·         There will be no new state funds

·         For Tennessee to compete in the global economy, there is a need in the state to have more of its citizens with post secondary education

·         The post secondary education will be focused in high need areas

·         Students need exposure to cultural and educational diversity

·         Greater use of technology

·         New approaches to instruction for optimal results; equal opportunity to education; and assistance with the transition to college


The educational priorities for the college are:

·         Student success (persistence, graduation, and retention focus)

·         Access to education

·         Quality of education

·         Resourcefulness and efficiency


§ There has been a problem with fee assessment in Banner this week. They are working on it.

§ There are 6 more class meeting days before Thanksgiving and after Thanksgiving there are 12 more class meeting days and 4 days of finals. Grades are due Friday, December 18 by 4:30 p.m. The Records Office cannot process grades until all the grades for every student in every class have been submitted. Processing grades takes a minimum of 2 days. The staff will be working late every day once grades are all submitted to get everything processed before the college closes for the break. A delay in submission of grades also affects financial aid, academic standing, academic probation, and the sending of official transcripts.


IV.       Committee Reports:

                  Adjunct Faculty: Jonathan Morrell/William Gwin – No Report


                  Student Scholarships: David Key

                  More books are needed.


                  Rules: Donn King – No Report


                  Nominating Committee: Jean Jackson

The first announcement that nominations are now open for the office of President-Elect of the faculty has gone out to faculty via FULLTIME-L. Ken Swayne also placed the announcement on the Faculty Senate web page.


                  Promotion/Tenure: Mae Jean King

The committee is looking for a room to house the promotion-tenure notebooks during the review period. The new location will be announced.


                  Faculty Development: Ron Bridges

Trent Eades’ subcommittee is moving forward with plans for the lecture series. The Faculty Development committee will orchestrate presentations during Adjunct Faculty Inservice in January.


                  Faculty Bill of Rights Ad Hoc: Anita Maddox – No Report


                  Budget Ad Hoc: Wanda Scarbro – No Report


V.        Unfinished Business:

            Transitional Studies Department Representation –

President Fuentes has investigated the possible effects of the new A100 Guidelines on this department and the opinion is that the Guidelines will not affect the number of full time faculty positions in the department. During the October meeting of Faculty Senate, action on the following motion was postponed until the November meeting:


Resolved, That the Transitional Studies Department be allowed to elect a second representative to Faculty Senate.


During discussion several points were made, including

§ Why do this now since the Constitution already has a provision for increasing representation for this department when the number of assigned faculty becomes comparable to the other academic departments?

§ Having only one representative leaves the department unrepresented at senate meeting when the representative cannot attend. This is also true for the other area with one representative, Library Services.

§ A change in the number of representatives might require amendment of the Constitution as this is specifically addressed in the Constitution.


Joe Zitka moved that the question of the change in representation for Transitional Studies be referred to the Rules Committee. The motion was seconded by multiple voices. The motion was approved.


VI.       New Business:

Promotion / Tenure Notebooks: This item was addressed during the president’s report.


Textbooks:  Joe Zitka asked that President Fuentes look into the possibility of PSCC getting something like Textbook Express so that students can see the textbooks needed when they register and look at their schedules.


Fee Waivers/Fees for Adjunct Faculty: Trent Eades asked about the feasibility of getting the rules regarding fee waivers and fees required changed at the state level. It was noted that this would require an act of the Tennessee Legislature. Trent Eades is looking into the issue of how to appeal to TBR for a change in the requirements regarding payment of fees by adjuncts.


VII.     Announcements:

Next meeting: January 27, 2010 – 3:30pm – Magnolia Avenue Campus (Room TBD)

            Ideas for the QEP may be emailed to David Keys.

Rules Committee members should see Donn King after this meeting to arrange a committee meeting.


VIII.    Adjourned at 4:40 p.m.