Faculty Senate Minutes

November 19, 2008-3:30 PM, Pellissippi Campus

I.          Call to Order

Meeting was called to order by Tom Gaddis.   Senators in attendance:  Martha Merrill (BCT), Denise Reed (BCT), Mae Jean King (BCT), Ken Swayne (EMT), Sami Ghezawi (EMT), David Gilbert (EMT), Lawana Day (English), Trish Roller (English), Sharon Reedy (English), David Key (LA), Charles Miller (LA), Anita Maddox (LA, Daryl Thomas (Math), Brad Rose (NBS), Nina McPherson (Library Services), Caroline Best (Transitional Studies), Tom Gaddis (Business Officer), Jane Stribling (Magnolia Avenue), Mark Fuentes (BCT, President Elect), David Vinson (Math, TBR Rep). 


II.        Approval of Minutes – Tom Gaddis

            Minutes were approved after one correction was made to Section V. Officer Reports.        Wording concerning degree audit in the last paragraph was changed to read:  Degree            audit in Banner will be available prior to priority registration in Spring 2009.


III.       Officer Reports

            Secretary: Nina McPherson – no report


Communications:  Ken Swayne

The new constitution has been added to the Faculty Senate Website.


TBR Representative:  Dave Vinson

            Dave attended the Faculty Sub-Council meeting three weeks ago and will email minutes   before the Thanksgiving holiday.


            President:  Wanda Scarbro

            President Scarbro did email to President Edwards the Faculty Senate motion passed at the           October meeting concerning the continued use of trained security personnel for all   campuses.  She has not received any response from President Edwards.


President Scarbro received an email from an adjunct faculty member concerning the staff lounge on the third floor of the McWherter building.  She was concerned that that was the only place she could meet with her students outside of class.  She was also concerned that the environment of the room is not very conducive to faculty work.  She inquired whether computers and printers could be installed in the room.  President Scarbro did discuss this idea with Dr. Wise, and since McWherter has one adjunct faculty office space and some in the Alexander Building, no changes will be made to the staff lounge at this time. Budget constraints also played a part in not being able to provide additional adjunct office space.


President Scarbro received an email from a faculty member who wanted to be able to withdraw students from the class roll if they did not show up for class for an extended period of time.  President Scarbro did discuss this request with Dr. Wise who felt that this would be too complicated to intervene.  Students might have circumstances that could be adversely affected by this action, such as insurance requirements.  Faculty can ask success coordinators to follow-up with students who are not attending classes.


The Faculty Emeritus policy was passed at a Learning Council meeting.  It was on the agenda for a President’s Staff meeting.  Although in previous preliminary discussions with President    Edwards, he did not think a definition of “distinguished service” with specifics was necessary, he had reservations about its present wording so the President’s Staff did not vote on the policy.  Faculty Senate does not want to change the policy to include a lot of specificity since it is not required in the promotion/tenure policy.  President Scarbro will discuss this matter further with President Edwards.


President Scarbro discussed the possibility of reinstating a computer literacy course requirement for students.  Dr. Wise felt that such a course could not be supported at this time due to budget trouble and a prospective tuition increase.


President Scarbro has received an email that the FLAG courses will now be offered on all of the campuses.  She inquired how these additional courses would be paid for and was told that existing resources would be used.  Students might provide assistance.  The courses would be treated almost like independent courses for the students.


            IV.       Committee Reports

            Adjunct Faculty:  Jonathan Morrell – No report


Student Scholarships:  Trish Roller

Rooms 225 A and B in the Goins Building will be used for storage space for the book       sale; an F12 lock is installed on the door so that faculty can access the rooms.  Janet      Hardin will be sending an email out soon that will contain more specifics.  Boxes with        lids should be used to store books so that stacking is easier.  The Student Lounge in the            Goins Building will be finished in time for the book sale.  Dates of the book sale on the       Pellissippi Campus are March 25 and 26, 8am to 6pm.  Please let Trish know if you have   book shelves that can be used for the sale; she would like to set the books up in          something similar to a bookstore rather than just arranging them on tables.        Approximately 120 volunteer hours are open for volunteers to staff the sale.  Trish has             met with Ron Kesterson about book buyers.  Book buyers can buy books at the sale; they             cannot go to faculty offices and buy desk copies.


            Rules:  Charles Miller

            The constitutional changes were legally adopted at the last Faculty Senate meeting.


            Nominating Committee:  Nina McPherson – No report


            Promotion/Tenure:  Mae Jean King

            An email has been sent to all departmental representatives with the calendar.




            Faculty Bill of Rights Ad Hoc: Anita Maddox –

            A committee meeting will be held the last week of the semester where assignments will     be made.


            Computer Literacy Ad Hoc – Mae Jean King

Due to President Scarbro’s report earlier in the meeting concerning her discussion with Dr. Wise about the lack of money for such a computer literacy course, no report was made.  Ms. King said that the committee would continue to discuss the issue to see if existing courses might be used to ensure more literacy.



V.        Discussion

            Budget issues

            President Scarbro has had discussions with Dr. Wise about the college’s budget.  The        outlook is very grim. Reversions will happen again in January and perhaps May.      Nothing is definite but there are a lot of rumors.  Some of the rumors are:  1% pay cut across the board, furlough during spring semester which might require employees to pay        for all of the benefits they receive, faculty would be required to teach one additional             course without pay, charging for the use of personal equipment in offices such as   refrigerators and heaters, faculty paid at adjunct rate rather than 1/32d of their salary for        summer teaching, reduce community outreach activities.  Some of the TBR presidents         have been meeting with TBR legal counsel to discuss the board’s Financial Exigency      policy, Policy 5:02:06:00; http://www.tbr.state.tn.us/policies/default.aspx?id=1492 is the   url address for that policy.  All of the TBR presidents are supposed to be working on a           reduction strategy.  Dave Vinson has heard rumors about what some of the other TBR            colleges are contemplating, but nothing concrete has been announced by any of the      colleges.


            EDC nominations

            Judy Fethe discussed employee awards with President Scarbro.  Senators are encouraged to make nominations for the awards.  The nomination forms are online.  The award ceremony is scheduled for April 23.


VI.       Unfinished Business

            Ratification of motion – President Scarbro

            The motion to adopt the proposed constitutional changes was legally approved at the last Faculty Senate meeting so no further action was required.


            Calendar issues (summer, every day be the day it is, exam week) – President Scarbro

A college wide committee to develop academic calendars was proposed in an email.  Dr. Wise does not think such a committee is necessary because a mechanism is already in place for faculty input.  He thinks that the academic deans receive this input from their faculty, and that information is then shared in Learning Council.  Faculty Senators did not totally agree with this sentiment and were asked to send emails to President Scarbro concerning the whole calendar issue.




            After access info – President Scarbro

President Scarbro took comments that had been submitted to her to the Learning Council meeting when this matter was discussed.  Both Dr. Wise and David Walton said this policy was not the first step to a total closure of the campus after hours, although they would not guarantee that that option would never happen.  The proposed policy was passed by Learning Council and will be discussed at the President’s Staff meeting.


            Professional standards (dress code)

Although Faculty Senators felt a proposed professional standard would reinforce a climate of fear, no action was taken at this time.  (A motion concerning this matter is included in Section VII. New Business below.)  Although the policy will not impact faculty, it will    impact clerical and technical support personnel and administrators.  Some issues that will be included in the policy will be a definition of suitable dress such as the appropriateness of jeans, appropriate shoe wear, office décor, and format of emails. 


VIII.    New Business

            Anita Maddox made a motion, seconded by Brad Rose, to develop a statement that would           be supportive of the clerical and technical support personnel and administrators          concerning the proposed professional standards.  The statement will be presented for final     approval at the Faculty Senate meeting in January 2009.


X.        Announcements-Next meeting-Wednesday, January 28, 2009, at 3:30 PM at the Magnolia Avenue Campus


XI.       Adjournment

            Meeting adjourned at 4:55pm