Faculty Senate Minutes

Meeting-December 7, 2005

3:30 p.m. Magnolia Campus


I.                    Meeting was called to order with the following senators present: Mary Monroe-Ellis, Bill Brewer, Ashley Boone, Anne Kinggard, Kathy Byrd, Lawana Day, Maggie Jenkins, Rick Patton, Bob Stern, Paul Ramp, Garry Pennycuff, Dave Vinson, David Gilbert, Judy Fethe, Wanda Scarbro, Patricia Zingg.

II.                 Minutes from the November 2, 2005 meeting were approved as read.

III.               Officer Reports:

a.       Secretary: none

b.      Communications Officer: The Faculty Senate web site is still undergoing needed changes.

c.       TBR Representative: none

d.      President: Mary Monroe-Ellis reported that in Learning Council Dr. Bruns addressed the suggestion of any calendar changes by stating that the catalogue calendar has to be followed by all TBR institutions. He also stated that the five column models will be forthcoming in all departments soon. The suggestion was made that the December meeting of the Faculty Senate not be the last week of classes and that it be scheduled at the Hardin Valley Campus in future years.


IV.              Committee Reports:

a.       Adjunct Faculty: none

b.      Student Scholarships: none

c.       Rules: none

d.      Evaluation: Refer to recent e-mails from Wanda Scarbro

e.       Nominating Committee: Will function in the spring semester

f.        Promotion/Tenure: Everything is in place and functioning for the upcoming promotion and tenure proceedings.

g.       High Performance Teaching: none

h.       Calendar Committee: Garry Pennycuff asked for reports from the various departments as to whether they wanted to make changes to the class schedules. Departments polled reported as follows: Liberal Arts majority voted no; Natural Science 2 no votes; English majority voted no; Math- no strong opinion either way; Engineering and Media Technologies- no comments. After a lengthy discussion the vote was taken and defeated to request any class schedule changes be made.


V.                 Unfinished Business: The Wednesday that becomes a Monday in the fall semester will be moved to the Wednesday before Thanksgiving break as requested.


Deadline for the last day a student may enter a class (specifically an on-line course): A date will not be published but after the 14 day of the semester if a student has not entered the class, he or she must report to the appropriate department head who will initiate a drop from the class except in extreme situations.


VI.              New Business:

The state of Tennessee has adopted the TBR Student Bill of Rights which is actually Pellissippi States Student Bill of Rights just a point of interest!


Foundations of Excellence Update: We received high marks from the evaluation team who came and audited our progress. The administration is optimistic about the end results of this effort.


VII.            Announcements: none


VIII.         Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 4:29 p.m.