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College Lingo

Helpful acronyms and abbreviations
  • BL-Blount County Campus
  • DV-Division Street Campus
  • HV-Hardin Valley Campus
  • MA-Magnolia Avenue Campus
  • ST-Strawberry Plains Campus
Days of the week:
  • MWF - Monday and Wednesday and Friday
  • TR - Tuesday and Thursday

Helpful Terms:

  • Adjunct Faculty - Part-time instructors. 

  • Associate Degree - The degree received after completing a two-year program. 

  • Audit - To take a course without credit. 

  • Baccalaureate or Bachelor's Degree - The degree received after completing a four-year program. 

  • MyPellissippi - a portal that will give you access to a variety of services and information including
    • Student Academic and Course information
    • Advising and Records
    • Course Registration
    • Event calendars
    • Campus information and announcements.
  • D2L (Desire to Learn) - The "e-learning" program used in all classroom and Distance Education courses at Pellissippi.  D2L enables many classroom related activities, including email, access to course documents, and access to class-related websites. 

  • Certificate - A credential awarded by the college or university to recognize the completion of curriculum other than one leading to a degree or diploma. 

  • Closed sections - A section or course that has been filled completely. 

  • Commencement - The graduation ceremonies held at the end of a semester. 

  • FAFSA: Free Application for Federal Student Aid - A form that may be used by students applying for federal and other types of financial aid. Forms are available in the Financial Aid Office.  

  • Major - A subject or career field that serves as the focus of study in a degree program. 

  • Minor - A secondary concentration in a specific subject or career field. 

  • Orientation - A vital part of the college experience with activities designed to help new students adjust and familiarize themselves with the college. 

  • Prerequisites - Courses that must taken prior to enrolling in an advanced course. 

  • Probation - A notation posed to a student's transcripts for any fall and spring term in which the cumulative GPA falls below appropriate levels. See catalog for details.

  • Syllabus - A course outline of the topics and assignments expected to be covered. 

  • Transcript - A record of all courses taken, credits earned, and grades received. 

  • Transfer - Acceptance by a new college of the credits earned in a previous college. 

  • Tuition - The fees charged for academic instruction.