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Frequently Asked Questions
About the OST Program

  1. Are certain courses offered only once during the year? If so, which courses and when?

  2. Can I get a good job after finishing my degree or certificate?

  3. What sort of salary can I expect to make?

  4. How many students finish this program each year?

  5. Can people who earn the CPS rating receive credit for passing the exam?

  6. Can I receive certification for any of the training that I receive?

  7. Can I test out of any courses if I feel I already have the competencies?

  8. Can I receive credit for any courses that I took in high school?

  9. Do you offer short-term certificate programs in addition to the AAS two-year degree?

  10. Can I get information from syllabi on what is taught and what skill level will be attained in an OST course?

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Office Systems Technology
Pellissippi State Technical Community College
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