Preregistration dates:  November 3-14
Appointment sign up: Beginning October 27
Advisor assignment: Check Student Services on Web Site 
Courses offered ONLY during Spring Semester 2004:
OST 2015 Office Integration
OST 2360 Business Communications
OST 2600 Access
OST 2945 Medical Coding II
OST 2950 Health Care Insurance Survey
Courses offered over WEB Spring Semester 2004:
ACC 2110 Principles of Accounting I
BIOL 1110 General Biology I
BIOL 1120 General Biology II
ECN 2010 Principles of Economics
ENGL 1010 English I
ENGL 2950 Business and Technical Writing
MGT 2000 Principles of Management
MKT 2420 Customer Service
MATH 1010 Fundamentals of Math
MATH 1530 Elementary Probablility & Statistics
OST 1001 Word I CBT
OST 1002 Word II CBT
OST 1003 Excel I CBT
OST 1004 Excel II CBT
OST 1005 Microsoft Word
OST 1006 PowerPoint CBT
OST 1007 Access I CBT
OST 1008 Access II CBT
OST 1010 Outlook CBT
OST 1100 Keyboarding I
OST 1105 Keyboarding II
OST 2010 Office Proficiency Assessment
OST 2120 Keyboarding III
OST 2600 Access
OST 2621 Excel
OST 2801/02/03 Web Design I, II, III
OST 2910 Medical Terminology I
Why Preregister?
Preregistration is REQUIRED for the following reasons:
  • Getting the classes you need at the times you want
  • Staying on track with your program
  • Getting the best advice on your program
  • Maintaining a professional relationship with your advisor


    STUDENTS: Please be sure that your major is correct. 
    To check your major:

    Go to PS Web
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     Change of major forms are in the Records Office, if this information is not correct.