Course Load vs. Work Load

Are you finding yourself overloaded by the middle of each semester? When you register for classes, do you find that you register for more classes than you can complete by the end of the semester? Keep in mind as you register for classes each semester that it is a good idea to consider your course load vs. your work load. While attending college, you should allow yourself enough adequate assignment preparation and study time. For every three-hour class that you register for, you should allow at least six hours of out of class time per week to complete homework, assignments, readings, and studying.

Most college students today must juggle both classes and working. Compare your Load Index (course load vs. work load) to these ratios that are recommended to allow adequate assignment preparation and study time while attending college.

Course Load 681012141618
Work Load 25201510500

Everyone likes to have fun so remember to leave sometime each week so that you can enjoy your favorite activities. If you find that you have not been successful in college, it may be because you are overloading yourself. Even if it takes you a few extra semesters to graduate, taking less courses per semester or cutting your work hours could be the key to your success!