High School Courses Could Earn You College Credit

Did you know that if you successfully complete certain high school computer courses that you can articulate those courses to Pellissippi State and receive college credit? Articulation is a planned process that allows high school students who have achieved an "A" or "B" in specific courses the opportunity to receive postsecondary course credit for the competency-based skills they have achieved at the high school level. Advanced standing will be validated by Pellissippi State.

Here is what you need to do!

  1. Make an "A" or "B" in our high school computer course.
  2. Obtain an Articulation Application Form from your high school and have your high school teacher verify that you can   perform each competency in the course at the 80 percent or above accuracy level.
  3. Have your high school teacher and the principal sign the form.
  4. Sign a release form for your high school transcript.
  5. Sign the articulation form stating your intent to articulate in a program that allows articulation.
  6. Take the ACT test and pass with a composite score of 19 or above.

  7.                                    OR
    Take the AAPP test administrated by Pellissippi State and be placed in college-level reading and English courses based on scores obtained on the AAPP.
  8. Submit all paperwork to the Tech Prep Articulation Office at Pellissippi State.
The OST program currently articulates the following courses if the above criteria are met: If you or your friends or relatives meet the above criteria and are willing to complete the paperwork process, you can save yourself some time and money by receiving college credit for certain courses you have successfully completed while still in high school.