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Office Systems Technology at PSTCC

The OST program at Pellissippi State offers to itsstudents the Office Proficiency Assessment and Certification (OPAC), developedby International Association of Administrative Professionals. The OPAC exam is a performance-based computer-administered exam and is given to each OST graduate to measure the success of our training in keyboarding, word processing, language arts, records management,and financial applications. The exam is a nationally validated measurement of office skills. The OST program is the only program in the state with a nationally validated certifiable test measuring its graduates each semester on performance in the field.

Students take the OPAC exam as a part of a one-hour course,OST 2010--Office Proficiency Assessment Certification Review, during their final semester. Businesses in the area recognizethis certification and are anxious to hire students who complete the certificationrequirements.

The following modules are covered in the certification exam and must be passed at 75-100 percent competency:

    MODULE I--Keyboarding and WordProcessing
    • Keyboarding--Typing speed and accuracy. Candidates may type from hard copy or from on-screen text.
    • Editing/Formatting from a Rough Draft--This test measures the candidate's ability to perform the following functions using WordPerfect or Word: bold, copy, hard page break, move, block indent, delete, hard return, print, center, underline insert, and spell check.
    • Retrieving in Paragraphs and Formatting a Letter-- The candidate must select the appropriate pre-sorted paragraphs, retrieve them, and format a letter per instructions.
    • Transcribing from Machine Dictation--The candidate must accurately transcribe a letter from a supplied cassette tape.
    • Composing Minutes from Handwritten Notes--Using supplied handwritten notes, the candidate must compose and format minutes of a meeting, according to a specific guide provided.
    • Advanced Editing/Formatting from Rough Draft--This test measures the candidate's ability to perform the following advanced functions in a specific wordprocessing program: decimal tab, headers/footers, hard page break, pagination, double underline, global search/replace, left justified tab, right justified tab, spell check, subscript, superscript.

    MODULE 2--Language Arts and Records Management
    • Language Arts 1--The candidate proofreads a document, correcting errors in the following areas: grammar, punctuation, number usage, spelling, possessive, capitalization, and abbreviation.
    • Language Arts 2--This module contains the same type of documents as above, providing a second sample of data that can be used to assess the language arts skills of the candidates.
    • Alphabetic Filing--Candidate must index records for alphabetic filing and determine the correct filing order.
    • Numeric Filing--Candidate must determine the correct consecutive filing order for numeric records.

    MODULE 3--Financial Recordkeeping and Applications
    • Bank Reconciliation--Using basic mathematic skills, the candidate must prepare a bank reconciliation.
    • Bank Deposit--The candidate must prepare the record deposit slips and checks.
    • Petty Cash--The candidate must maintain a petty cash fund.
    • Spreadsheets--This test measures the candidate's ability to perform the following functions in Lotus 1-2-3 for Windows: edit, delete, formulas, print, insert, and save.
    • Database--Measures skills in common database maintenance including inserting, editing, sorting, and deleting data.
    • Basic Math--Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are tested.

    MODULE 4--Data Entry (Optional)

    • 10-Key--Measures speed and accuracy in entering numerica data on the keypad. The candidate must prepare a bank reconciliation.
    • Data Entry--Vendor--Measures speed and accuracy in entering alpha and numeric data.
    • Data Entry--Inventory--Measures speed and accuracy in entering stock items and quantities.
    • Data Entry--Invoice--Measures speed and accuracy in entering customers and items ordered including quantities.

    MODULE 5--Terminology (Required for HCOA majors)

    • Medical Termonology--Tests medical terminology using multiple choice test format.

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