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Instructor assisting student at computer.
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Credit by Examination Procedures

1.  Student accesses Request to take Credit by Exam by clicking on the appropriate academic department.

2.  Student completes form and submits to the department dean.

3.  Department dean reviews request, approves or denies request, and informs student of decision.

4.  If request is approved, dean gives student instructions for paying fee at Cashier’s office and for taking test.

5.  Student pays fee and takes test.

6.  Test is returned to department office and evaluated by a committee of department faculty.

7.  Dean sends exam and completed Credit by Exam form to vice president of Academic Affairs, who approves or 
     denies granting of credit and sends packet to Records office.

8.  Records office verifies that student has paid $25 fee for course, records credit, and notifies student.