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Credit for Life Experience

Credit for life experience may be granted for courses for which credit cannot feasibly be granted by other means, such as credit by examination or transfer credit.  A student may submit a request to petition for credit for life experience to the appropriate academic dean (or designee), who must approve the petition.


Student prints Credit for Life Experience form, completes the petition section of the form and schedules an appointment with the appropriate academic dean (or designee)

  • Business & Computer Technologies, 694-6495
  • Engineering & Media Technologies, 539-7084
  • English, 539-7327
  • Liberal Arts, 694-6464
  • Mathematics, 694-6410
  • Nursing, 981-5350
  • Natural & Behavioral Sciences, 694-6695
  1. If the dean (or designee) grants approval for the student to proceed, he or she appoints a faculty committee of at least two members, who schedule a meeting with the student to discuss instructions and guidelines for the   documentation of the experience to be included.
  2. Up completion, the student schedules an interview with the faculty committee to explain or clarify the experience.
  3. The faculty committee reviews the documentation, completes the approval form and forwards it, along with the compiled documentation, to the dean for review.
  4. Upon approval, the dean forwards the form and materials to the vice president of academic affairs for review.  If the request for credit is denied, the dean (or designee) contacts the student.
  5. Upon approval, the vice president of academic affairs forwards the form to Records for implementation of the credit and returns the documentation to the department office.  Records forwards a copy of the completed form to the department office and files the original form, and notifies the student that credit has been recorded.