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Classroom Assessments


QEP Pre-Activity Report (PDF)

QEP Post-Activity Report (PDF)

QEP Pre-Activity Report-Word Document (.doc)

QEP Post-Activity Report-Word Document (.doc) [You will need to click "Enable Editing" at the top of the form.]

The forms above can be filled in and saved to your computer then submitted to the QEP office as an email attachment :

For pdf forms, choose to print as Adobe pdf under the printer dropdown list to save to your computer.

To download the current version of Adobe Reader, click here: 

Spring 2015 QEP participation acknowledgment and form submission deadlines:

  • January 23:    Send an email which acknowledges your participation in the QEP activities.
  • February 13:  Submit the Pre-Activity Report form to the QEP office.
  • April 24:         Submit the Post-Activity Report form to the QEP office.


QEP Student Engagement Survey (PDF)

  • This form is for printing only.