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Records Frequently Asked Questions

What is my PNumber?

Your PNumber is your unique college identification number. It consists of the letter "P" followed by 8 digits. You should use this number in all correspondence or contact with Pellissippi State. If you don’t know or don’t remember your PNumber, you can recover it by providing your Social Security Number.


How do I request my transcript?

More information on how to request a transcript can be found here.


How do I change my name?

Student name changes must be made in writing to the Records Office with appropriate legal documentation. We require two pieces of documentation (and do not accept any substitutions or exceptions): a valid Social Security card with the new name and one of the following — a driver’s license with the new name, a court ordered name change, a marriage certificate, a divorce decree, a valid passport with the new name, or resident alien papers. Divorce decrees are accepted only if they state you are returning to the use of your maiden name.


How do I pay fees?

Pay fees through the Cashier.


How do I change my address?

Update your address in myPellissippi: simply click “Change” underneath your mailing address. If you do not have access to myPellissippi, call 865.694.6400 and request a Change in Personal Data form.


How do I register for classes?

Register for classes in myPellissippi. Most students must complete advising before they can register for classes. Visit the Advising site for your personalized advising checklist.  


How do I drop or add a class?

Drop or add a class in myPellissippi or by visiting the Records Office. Remember that dropping or adding a class can have repercussions on financial aid. Students may only drop or add classes before specific deadlines each semester.


How do I get my classes back if they have been expunged?

If you missed a fee deadline or confirmation deadline, your schedule was deleted, or expunged. You may re-register for classes in myPellissippi. You are then responsible for paying your fees and confirming your schedule by the next designated deadline, or risk having your schedule deleted again.


What is the difference between dropping a course or withdrawing from a course?

The only difference is when the request is submitted.

Courses are dropped during the drop/add period (usually the first week of classes). If you drop a class, it won’t appear on your official transcript or affect your GPA. However, dropping a class can have repercussions on financial aid.

If you leave a class later in the semester, you withdraw. You can withdraw with or without a “W” grade depending upon how far you are into the semester. Withdrawn classes appear on your official transcript but still aren’t calculated into your GPA.

If you simply stop attending class, you haven’t dropped or withdrawn. You will earn an “I” for the class, which stands for “Incomplete.” Incomplete classes appear on your official transcript and can affect your GPA.

In extenuating circumstances, a student can petition to withdraw from a class after the deadline.


How do I register to audit a class?

Students who audit a class attend class with no intention of earning a grade or college credit. Students are expected to attend class, but are not required to complete assignments or take exams. Audit classes don’t count toward enrollment hours in regard to financial aid, but audited classes cost the same in tuition as classes taken for college credit.

If you wish to audit a class, you must fill out the appropriate paperwork in person in the Records Office.


How do I know if I have a hold on my account?

If you have a hold on your account, a notice will appear in “Your Alerts” when you log into myPellissippi. A hold can prevent you from registering for classes, receiving financial aid or requesting a transcript. Holds can be placed on your account for a number of reasons, typically for an unmet requirement.


How do I find open sections of a course?

When you’re registering for classes, you can check the availability of courses you wish to take in myPellissippi. Under “Registration,” click on “Class Search.” Open sections of a class will have an open check box you can select. Closed selections will not have a check box, but will be marked with “C” for “closed.”


How do I view my class schedule?

View your schedule in myPellissippi in “Your Schedule” under “Registration.”


How do I find my grades?

View your grades in myPellissippi at any time. If you need a printed copy of your grades, you can request a copy of your transcripts, also through myPellissippi or from the Records Office.


How do I change my major?

You can change your major in myPellissippi. Simply select “Change” beneath your major where it is listed near the top of the page. Remember to check with your advisor before you change your major, to avoid any academic or financial consequences of changing.


How do I apply to graduate?

Apply to graduate in myPellissippi  in “Apply to Graduate/Graduation Status” under “Your Records.”


How do I sign up for my graduation exit exam?

You can apply for a graduation exit exam in myPellissippi, but you must meet with an advisor first to get the password to register for the exam.


How do I find out what courses will transfer to Pellissippi State?

Pellissippi State might award you transfer credits if you’re transferring here from another regionally accredited college or university. Talk to an advisor about transferring credits.


What is Academic Fresh Start, and how do I apply?

Academic Fresh Start is a plan of forgiveness that allows students who have previously attended college unsuccessfully to make a clean start when they return to college. Eligible students can start college without being penalized for past unsatisfactory grades. Students must meet certain criteria to qualify. A student can earn Academic Fresh Start only once. Apply online.


How do I get a letter stating proof of enrollment?

You may verify your enrollment in myPellissippi, through a partnership with the National Student Clearinghouse. Under “Your Records” click “Enrollment Verification.” You will be routed to the National Student Clearinghouse website, where you can verify enrollment for each semester or for all semesters.

Former students may request a proof of enrollment letter here.

Verification for each term is available about a month after the start date of classes.

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