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Security officer helping student with dead car battery
Security office helping student in car with directions

Crime Prevention & Safety Tips

Be Safety Conscious – Don't be a Victim of Crime

Personal Safety Tips:

Do not hesitate to call security if something doesn't feel right. Trust your instincts.

If you are on campus working after hours, keep your office doors locked and notify Safety and Security. Officers will periodically check on you and will arrange an escort to your vehicle, if desired.

Do not carry unnecessary valuables.
(Jewelry, cash, apparel, etc. is an attraction to a would be thief. If confronted by any individual(s) demanding your property, turn over any items they demand. Your well being is more valuable than personal property.)

Walk in groups of two or more. There is safety in numbers.
(If no other person will accompany you, call Security (865.694.6649) for an officer to escort you.)

Vehicle Safety Tips:

Do not leave valuable in your vehicle in plain view.
(CD's, your purse or wallet, anything of value. This in an invitation to potential thieves.)

Make sure your windows are rolled up and the doors locked.

Make sure you have the right key ready, in your hand, when you get to your vehicle.

If you see anything suspicious, call security at 865.694.6649.

S. T. O. P.

(Security Tips for Office Personnel)

  1. Lock your office whenever you leave, even if you will only be gone for a minute.
  2. Keep your purse, wallet and other valuables in a secure location such as a locked desk or filling cabinet. It only takes a few seconds for a theft to take place.
  3. Do not bring excessive amounts of cash to work.
  4. Do not leave cash unattended or in the office, especially overnight or over a weekend. Desks and filling cabinets are not secure enough.
  5. Protect your property by marking your valuables with a unique identifier.
  6. If you are entrusted with a key to a specific area, never lend it to anyone and keep it secured. Report it immediately if it is missing or stolen.
  7. If you receive an annoying or obscene phone call, HANG UP. Write down the time of the call, what the caller said, and note any background noises you heard. Call Safety and Security immediately.
  8. Report any suspicious person loitering in you area to security immediately. Be alert to strangers in you office area.
  9. Report the loss or theft of keys, equipment, or valuables immediately to Safety and Security. All crimes no matter how minor they may seem, should be reported.