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Tornado Procedures

In the event of a tornado at your location, please seek shelter within the building. Please keep in mind that every building is different and that some will provide better shelter than others. Modular buildings will not provide any shelter and you should immediately seek shelter in the nearest main building on your campus.

When seeking shelter from a tornado, keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Ideally the lowest level possible is the safest. However in some buildings it may not be possible to move large numbers of people quickly to lower floors. In this case seek the best possible shelter based on the points below.
  • The largest danger from tornados comes from flying debris. With this in mind, seek shelter in areas that place as many walls between you and the outside as possible.
  • Be sure to close doors to provide additional protection. Avoid areas with windows, and areas with large free span roofs, such as auditoriums.
  • Once you reach a safe area, crouch as low as possible, looking down, and covering your head with your arms or even a book or other object. If possible, crouch beneath a table, desk, or other sturdy cover.
  • Interior restrooms are a good location for shelter.
  • If caught outside, lie flat in a ditch, ravine, or other low area and cover your head.

For additional information on tornados and what to do when they occur, go to