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All ServiceCorps forms are now located in MyPellissippi in the "Links" section.  

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A Great Way to Serve Your Community is Through Service-Learning. What is Service-Learning?

Service-Learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities.

In academic Service-Learning, students do not earn credit for the service. Students earn credit for the learning that takes place as a result. Service-Learning differs from volunteering, internships, or student teaching experiences because the service is tied to the course learning outcomes through reflection.

Service-Learning vs. Volunteering

  • Service-Learning 1) involves structured reflection on your experiences, and 2) is connected to skills you are learning in a college course
  • Volunteering is simply going out as an individual or as a group and giving your time/talent to a non-profit organization without intentionally connecting the volunteer experience to something you are doing for class credit. However, if you are a tnAchieves student, you will do some reflecting on your volunteer community service experiences when you report on your hours.

Service-Learning at Pellissippi State

Service-Learning helps develop a core aspect of our college's mission: "to provide opportunities for life, civic and cultural enrichment." Our Pellissippi administration supports Service-Learning and PSCC students volunteering through our community partners, not only for its educational value, but also for its role in creating socially responsible citizens.The college believes that students, faculty, community partners, and our East Tennessee community at large gain from the mutually beneficial relationship fostered through Service-Learning.

It is important to note that Service-Learning is not a required component of students' education. Instructors decide whether or not to incorporate Service-Learning into a class.

The Service-Learning Difference

  • Picking up trash as part of a clean-up event is Service.

  • Studying water samples under a microscope is Learning.

  • Collecting and analyzing water samples, documenting results, and presenting findings to a local pollution control agency, all while successfully fulfilling course learning outcomes specifically tied to the activity is Service-Learning.

 Culinary and Hospitality 

These Pellissippi State Culinary Arts students completed an award-winning Service-Learning project for the national meeting of Special Spaces, an organization that constructs dream bedrooms for terminally ill children.