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Our very own monthly newsletter informing Pellissippi students, faculty, staff, and our Community Partners about service-learning, current volunteer opportunities, and other ways Pellissippi State Community College is connecting coursework to meaningful service in the community.

Spotlight on Students

Gladys Nance

Gladys Nance, one of Dr. Annie Gray's English Composition students, has incorporated her service experience into writing assignments. Until recently,she was an army medic in Afghanistan. As a student, Nance chose to provide assistance to homeless people through Lost Sheep Ministries:

"Service-Learning has shown me the true values of life. It is important for all of us to play our part right in order to make a difference and insure that no one goes without the necessary things to survive."

"This service has drastically changed my views on judging those individuals that are unable to provide for themselves. There is always a reason why those individuals are in that predicament... Everyone deserves a second chance at life."

-- Gladys Nance

Laura Ann Haney, one of H.L. Ford's English Composition students, says this about her Service-Learning experiences at Rocky Hill Elementary and Loudon County Habitat for Humanity:

"I feel service-learning is a great learning experience.  It gave me greater perspective about my community and a more hands-on way of learning.  I feel that it helps equip you for a future career. . . and it made me more aware that I have a great responsibility in serving the community where I live."    

--Laura Ann Haney