Student communicating with female staff member through assistive technology
A male student communicating via sign language to a female staff member
Dog guiding a visually impaired student

Captioning in YouTube

Here are tips for captioning your YouTube Videos 

If you have located a video on YouTube that you wish to use, but there is no caption, it is a good practice to email the author and ask if they plan to caption it.  If there is no response, then go ahead and caption it yourself. 

You may also find that there appear to be captions.  It is good practice to play the video, and watch the captions to be sure they are accurate.  If they are not, then make the corrections and publish the video to your channel.

  1. Log in to your YouTube account
  2. Select My Channel
  3. Be sure you have uploaded videos to your account.  If you have not, you will find the Upload button in the upper right corner.
  4. Select Video (next to Home) under your user name.  You can also select Video Manager to see the videos.  Note: Be sure to not select Video Editor unless you wish to format the captions.
  5. Select the video you wish to caption
  6. A ribbon of tools will be directly below the video.  Select the caption button in the ribbon for editing. A new window will open with your video screen showing.
  7. Click Add new subtitles or CC.  If there are subtitles already in the video, a prompt may come up and ask to overwrite them. Select No.  The subtitles will then appear. 
  8. Listen to the audio portion while reading the captions.  Fix any mistakes in the text
  9. Click English to advance to the next screen
  10. A new window will open.  If you have a script created for your video, you can upload the file. If you wish to type everything as you listen, Select Transcribe and set timings.  You will see a window for typing everything that is spoken in the video
  11. When you have finished editing and adding captions, publish the video in order to synchronize the timing and the captions.  This will take some time.  When the video is published and captioned, CC will show under the title of the video in your channel library